Brainstorming BB10: Improving the Pictures app

By Bla1ze on 17 Jun 2013 09:37 am EDT

Recently I was asked on Twitter for one thing that I absolutely dislike about the BlackBerry Z10. At the time I said the display because, truth be told, I really do want a BlackBerry device with a bigger display. Some time in the near future, that won't be a problem. However the question itself prompted me to think of other things I dislike and the only thing I really came up with isn't bound to simply the BlackBerry Z10 but rather a BlackBerry 10 issue. That issue is the pictures app. 

I don't take a lot of photos with my device, and more often than not, I'm taking photos of the devices instead, but when I do take photos I'd like to be able to access them quickly and easily for sharing on Twitter, Facebook or uploading them to Flickr or whatever. That's one area where I think BlackBerry 10 could certainly improve. The pictures app right now while making use of the sharing menu, having a built-in editor, slideshow option, allowing for output to TV, and organization of albums still feels slightly off and not really productive.

Often times, I go looking for a picture and seemingly can never really find what I'm look for and because of that I tend to use the File Manager app more for dealing with pictures than the actual pictures app itself. I think the majority of my issues come from the fact there are three tabs to choose from: Recent, Camera and Albums. Maybe it's just me but I always end up going to the Recent tab, not finding what I'm really looking for and getting a bit frustrated. The Recent tab only loads 32 images and the area below that only shows you recently viewed images, because of that it tends to look a bit cluttered up and then you end up seeing duplicates of stuff you're already looked at from the top section.

If you want to see all of your images you have to flip over to the Camera tab. In there, you'll find images organized by month and there really isn't a 'cap' on how many it can hold / you can view in any one month. It's a nicer way to look at it all but depending on how your brain works, you might not even think to actually look there because you may already be frustrated from looking at the Recent tab, not finding what you needed and have moved on to the File Manager app.

I don't think I'm alone here either because after having spoken with several people on the CrackBerry team, this is typically what happens to them as well. Plus, in general conversation with a BlackBerry employee shortly after the BlackBerry 10 launch, I recall them having issues with finding their pictures as well and remarking about the viewing limit in the Recent tab.

So, how do I think it should be fixed? Well, there are a number of ways I can think of. A reorganization of the tabs would be one way. Another would be the removal of the Recent tab altogether as there wasn't really a need to even see it and that way you get to see all the images available to you that you wish to take action on. Those are all really simple fixes but we all know that BlackBerry has the power of TAT behind them and can come up with something more intriguing.

How about the ability to tag photos with people's names, events or make use of the geotagging feature already implemented? Add in a search feature so that I can search out tagged photos. For example, if I want to find a photo of Kevin and it's been tagged, I can just search for Kevin and it pulls in all his tagged photos or if I want to search for all photos taken at BlackBerry Live or in Orlando, Florida, I can search for those things.

Wrap it all up in a beautiful TAT UI that we've seen numerous demos of. Maybe even have it optionally scrub images for faces and link them to contacts, making all those photos easily found through their contact entry. Even the ability to create albums on the device would be a good start, considering it seems the only way to make an album that I'm aware of is to use BlackBerry Link.

These are just some quick ideas from my brain. How do you guys feel about the pictures app? Can you relate to some of the issues I noted? If so, what are some improvements you all would suggest be implemented into the app?

I certainly wouldn't go so far as to call the pictures app basic, it really does have a ton of options in there, but again I don't really feel productive using it and feel it could be improved to provide a better experience. If I can't have a better pictures app to use, can someone at the very least please stop the Android apps from caching images into my pictures library? I'd certainly settle on that.

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Brainstorming BB10: Improving the Pictures app


love it! Great ideas Bla1ze

But I completely agree! I find myself using the File Manager to do things like add albums and such. I do use the third tab which sorts it by all of my custom made albums, so it's not too difficult to find things, but ONLY having the ability to manage albums through the file manager SUCKS.. We need more functionality within the photo app, and atleast as seen in some of 10.2, they are giving more functionality in being able to reogranize and edit music settings within the music app, so hopefully this is on their "To-Do list".

I too find myself using "recent" and then getting frustrated at times, forgetting that there are other options, I agree that it should default on i'd say "Date", but I don't think they should remove "recent" but should instead replace it with just a "recently viewed" tab, as often I'll show a picture to a friend or something when I see them, and then show the same picture to a different friend/family member shortly after, which is when the "recently viewed" tab is very convenient. It's just redundant having a recent pictures AND recently viewed tab together, as the recent pictures tab essentially just the date tab, which should be the default one.

I agree with the other ideas though, it would be cool to be able to tag and such for easier access, though I don't really find myself using the browser's "tag" feature for bookmarks much, but this is a bit different and I would probably use it more.

Also, they should use TAT and just make a tab that is just a fun viewing mode like what's displayed in the video! Sure that one is a little bit bubblegum for how the current OS looks, but this is where they can utilize TAT and show off the phone's power a little bit! Please BlackBerry, take a few risks with TAT, you bought them for a reason!

PS. Bla1ze, you can make albums VIA the File Manager, you don't have to use BBLink. Just navigate to your photos folder on your SD card or Phone, and just create a new folder, rename it, and place some pictures in it. It gives you an album view in the last tab once having done that, here is a picture of it:

ALSO - If you make subfolders within the folders, it then breaks up the pictures within an album, sorting them beautifully by category alphabetically. Takes some time to set up, but I have everything organized SOOO nicely now, so easy to find things.. Just need to allow the user ability to organize it that way by not having to navigate over to the File Manager. Here is inside of an album in action: (Notice the three headings that it sorts the images by?)

EDIT: BLA1ZE, HOPEFULLY YOU READ THIS BOTTOM PART ABOUT THE "PS." as I think it'd be very useful to do a writeup showing how to make albums and sub-albums to organize pictures VIA the file manager. The functionality is there within the photos app to have albums and sub albums within an album, just allowing the user to know about it is the difficult part as not many people know about it. I was surprised to see the sub-albums work upon trying to put folders within my folders, but it did and organizes things BEAUTIFULLY now (:

Double EDIT: Wrote up a forum post here -

I would also like to add that, if it is sorted by date, it should be by default descending order, or the latest on top.

A big fat Amen to that! What the heck have they thought about sorting it the other way around?

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A big fat double AMEN to both of these comments. EVERY TIME I go into the file manager app to find a picture, I have to cycle through sort, name, sort descending. Feels like a very tedious process.

The funny thing is BlackBerry already had it figured out quite nicely on OS 7. There I was very happy with their photo app. I also liked that they displayed the date on each picture. And I could view the properties of each file. All that is now only available in file manager view. So the file manager at the moment is the better photo viewer if you only could swipe through opened images and had not to go in and out of each image. And if the files were sorted top to bottom with the recent shot pics at the top.

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Yeah, I mean they are working on bettering it all. You can check out a video of the very early stages of 10.2 and you can see that in photos, they added the ability to view and edit properties and a few other things. Baby steps, but they are trying.

Video here for reference:

Fantastic article Flip. Now I can actually use the photos app to find / send pictures. It's way too random /cluttered as shipped. Articles like this make CB awesome!

Can you please help me. If you notice that in the Pictures app. you can also see the Videos you have downloaded or shot using the BB Camera. Now i dont want that to be seen in there as i always use the Video App.Is there a way to Turn it off please .


Can you please help me. If you notice that in the Pictures app. you can also see the Videos you have downloaded or shot using the BB Camera. Now i dont want that to be seen in there as i always use the Video App.Is there a way to Turn it off please .


Oh no! I don't agree....
BB got TAT and all we really got to see were few beautiful demos.
As long as KVAD is independent, they actually do care about the Photo Studio.

I agree. But even using the file manager becomes confusing, looking for photos. Looking under photos and realize you are searching the sd and not the device. A simpler app would eliminate this as well.

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I've found myself in the same predicament. I couldn't find the picture I was looking for. There is definitely room for improvement.

Most definitely agree! Need to be addressed immediately as I do take lots of pics. Thank you Blaze!

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I don't use the pictures app because I don't use the camera on my Q10 as I've a Nikon F3.
Agree with Bla1ze's suggestions though.

Posted from the tap-dancing mouse :rotfl:

#unleashTAT with @gehr going to Sweden to work with TAT this summer, hopefully we'll see great things.

Pictures, music, contacts, all have the sane issue -theyre nothing fantastic. It's time for some TAT.

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100% Agree.

Also I'm really wondering why TAT ui hasn't been all over BlackBerry 10!? (more so than it is already)

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it was like Blaze was reading my mind. It took me a bit too see the recent tab was a complete waste, thanks for the tip on the file manager. I know BlackBerry Curve can fix this. Hopefully soon.

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MORE OF THESE TYPES OF ARTICLES PLEASE. Cannot agree with you more. Next stop, revamping the music and video apps as well...

If BB10 carries UI like that in the video that was made in 2011.. i think BB10 won't be number #3.. it will be #1.. but why is it just a concept? What's wrong here? Where is TAT and all their job? When chrome n ios 7 give a 3D browser paging.. we only have a 2D text paging.. what is wrong here??

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I also wonder why TAT isn't more involved. In fact, to me, they should be completely in charge of all UI experiences. Especially after the great things they have demoed which were only "concepts" (allegedly). I don't struggle as much with the pictures app but I do not do much with pictures on my phone. The media player on the other hand....don't get me started. lol

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A picture manager would be a great enhancement.

From your article:
"If you want to see all of your images you have to flip over to the Camera tab. In there, you'll find images organized by month and there really isn't a 'cap' on how many it can hold / you can view in any one month."

Is this a 10.1 thing? Don't seem to be able to access a month view in 10.0.

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AGREED.... I believe the Photo App AND the Music App could use a COMPLETE overhaul. There's a lot more potential with this OS. Have to show it off. Current layout looks so very simple.

Yup couldn't agree more. Just yesterday I was trying to my mother some pics from my phone but I hit the recent tab, where bunch of xxx pics sent from my BBM and whatsapp were there lol. I fumbled tried to get out of there and I was not able to find the pics I had taken, until I went to the camera. The recent tab is useless.

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Good comments from all above! I agree 100%. I would also not miss the 'recent' section, I would prefer to just open the whole folder.

CB10 App, Z10

I agree as well. I am absolutely disappointed in the way the photos app works.

What if I need to take/download pictures that are of a sensitive nature? Then anytime I open the pictures app it shows them right in the front as recently viewed. (if there is currently a way to turn this off, someone please let me know)

I am also seeing pictures that I don't really want to see: for example, it loads ANY jpgs that might be sitting in my music album folders. And it loads up random photos from my Dropbox. This ish is keeping me unorganized.

I preferred the old bbOs pic management much more than this, as crude as it may have been.

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Bla1ze I agree with just about everything you said so I'm not going to repeat you, I will make 2 suggestions where we may not see 100% eye2eye.

Don't get rid of the recent tab. I use that a lot, & I know a number of other people do too. However as mentioned above by Flip4Bytes, having "Recently Added" & "Recently Viewed" is a bit redundant. I often have the same pictures in both sections.

File Manager integration should definitely be included in all their apps. For me it's most missed in the Pictures & Music apps.

As for your face-scrubbing idea....In a way I like it, I can see it as being VERY useful, but it's privacy implications scare the crap out of me. IF they were to implement something like that, I would hope they would consider that a lot of people may not be comfortable with this, and at the very least have it as an option that is disabled by default.

This is slightly off topic, but as I understand it, BBRY's photo editor has it's roots in JayCut which RIM purchased 2 years ago. JayCut did BOTH Picture & Video editing...when is BBRY going to bring a video editor to BB10? That would be very useful when using Story Maker.

Really? hmm Thx, I never noticed that B4 & I even looked for it lol
Thx for letting me know :)

I guess then if I still want to say something about the video editor, I could say, they need filters & the ability to edit it's audio file ;)

Though for me what I was looking for B4 was to be able to edit when it started & ended & this I can do so, for me it's everything I need :)

I know this has nothing to do with the subject but when is BlackBerry get Instagram? BlackBerry will be the best smartphone once it gets Instagram

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Not happening anytime soon. Just side load it using the new method or wait for the 4.2.2 jelly bean runtime update

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I Love the idea for tags in photos!! they have tags in the browser! lets implement that into the photos app! would be an amazing feature and make the use of photos app better! Would be great when I take a photo it can detect a face and then if the face is in the database, the phone itself will say "is this John?" and you just click yes or something and then it automatically puts a tag on it!

It would be nice if the pictures I take with the device are stored in the "photos" folder instead of in the "camera" folder on my sd card. It's really annoying to look for a picture in my Pictures album under the albums tab, only to have to go back to the camera tab to see it. Also, I have 1 phantom album called "Pictures", and another album (Photos folder on sd card) is called "Pictures Pictures". The "Pictures" album shows a count of 5 photos in it, but when I click on the album I see no photos, and if I long press and delete the album it will not delete...idk what's going on. The "Pictures Pictures" album shows all photos from the "photos" folder on my SD card.

I don't normally keep pictures on my phone, as I don't like the clutter. It's usually point, shoot, edit, upload, and delete.

That being said; navigating the picture app is marginally more enjoyable than having bamboo shoots inserted beneath your fingernails.

The recent tab is useless, especially for people like myself that don't keep many pictures. All it accomplishes is making the clutter appear twice- as most of the photos have been added and viewed within a week. That may be just me, though. I'm a little bit twitchy.

Also, I'd like the option of saving an edited photo over the original rather than the current save-as-copy method. It's more than likely that if I'm editing a photo, I didn't care much for the original. Now I've got two again (three, if I'm looking at the recent page *twitch*).

Other than that, the UI serves it's purpose-however disjointed it may feel. Something sleeker would be welcome.

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Good point with the Save-As-Copy.
I do both, Usually I like to keep the original, but not always, it would be nice to be able to have the option to replace the original.

I disagree in that in needs a complete overhaul as I like the look and feel. Flip4bytes was right in saying having recently added and recently viewed is kind of redundant as per his/her example. All pictures taken with the camera are easily found within the camera tab. I like knowing where my picture files are which is why I like using the file manager to move my pictures into albums on my sd card and my box account. The tags idea is pretty neat, not sure I'd use it but some might. Sounds to me like Bla1ze would like the iphoto app on his blackberry which would be great for him but not so great for me. Just my thoughts.

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I completely agree, it is my least favourite part of my z10, I much preferred the working system of my 9800.
I would be happier if you could set the picture app to open on the albums, within there I gave all my photos organised and can usually find shots relatively easy. I would love improvements on the picture app please..

How about an easier method to share pics when in BBM or TEXT. I hate having to go through all the folders to find a picture I'm looking for.

I´m missing the properties/details of photos.
On my 9900 there was on the bottom the filename and the date of the photo. And a sign if the photo was geotagged, so I could directly jump to Maps to see where it was made (menu - show on map).

Also missing the "view - List" / "view - Thumbnails" selection.

Agree 100%! Pictures are such a big component of what we use our devices for, not sure why BlackBerry didn't put more time into the app!

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Totally agree! I was just hit with this issue yesterday. I have to say that on this front my old SII was better. I like that it had a Gallery and you could access all image files through it. I downloaded some pictures from an email yesterday and it took forever to find them. Plus, if you access images through File Manager you can scroll through them. I chalk it up to this still being a relatively new OS and BB is still working on getting more finesse in it. I'm glad they seem to be listening to feedback.

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What about fixing the 'other data' issue?..

Kind Regards, C0008DDD1 TechCraze Featured Channel Check It Out!

Great article blaze! Agreed totally. Not only is it a bit confusing on the device. When transferring pics from my mac to the Q, it is a real pain to do. And truth be told, I have no wish to sync 3562 pics from laptop onto my SD crd in the device, so manualy adding is the only way it seems.

W/my Q10 - CB10

Totally agree. Right from the start I missed the simplicity of OS7 picture app. For as well thought out as other native apps are on BB10, this seemed a bit of an afterthought for some reason.

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I agree to remove the recent tab. It's useless. All new photos display in the Camera tab.

What about screen shot photos. I hate going through the file manager.

My quickest way yet is open the Camera and it's the last picture. I wish they were included in the camera tab of photos.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I would add that Mav's previous comment on pictures taken staying in the Camera folder is a major pain. All pics regardless of origin should come to 1 big folder called "Pictures", then if you wish to sort/make folders you can do so. Looks like i'll have to check out the thread regarding making folders in BB10 on CB.

W/my Q10 - CB10

I have to agree with most of what you pointed out. I hate the cached photos from Android apps. I hate that the photo editor has to open outside of the pictures app, it's an annoying extra step that I feel doesn't need to happen. And I definitely would like to be able to make albums and have it NOT be like ios where the photos will be in the new album as well as the original. No duplicates please. I kind of like the section of recently SEEN pictures underneath the recently TAKEN pictures, it could be placed somewjere else, but I kind of like it.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

"... can someone at the very least please stop the Android apps from caching images into my pictures library?" +1 to that Bla1ze! Worse thing is, the thumbnails of those cached images stay even when the actual images are already deleted.

Oh I just remembered something else I would like to be able to add. Say I'm DL'n an image (12345.jpg) and I want to rename it to "Bambi.jpg" I have to put in the ".jpg" They should have it like Windows where the Save-As is jpg so no matter what you put as the file name, the extension will stay the's just a small annoyance.

I can not stand the fact that I can't move or rename pics from the the photo app. Drive me crazy.

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+1 Would love the ability to take a picture.. open the side menu (where you have the share option) and be able to do a "Save As" allowing me to choose a name and location for the save.

See my suggestion below. An option to "View In File Manager" or "Open Containing Folder" would be so useful in so many apps where we launch commonly shared files.

I just wish the camera app didn't totally screw up my pics. Had a great photo of my daughter's dance group from their first recital and the z10 keeps scrambling my pics. 2nd device N 2nd sd card. So annoying. Wish I could attach a photo here so you all can see

via CB10 on my phenomenal AT&T Z10

hmm strange issue. I've never had it on my Q10....never heard of it either.
Are you on 10.0 or 10.1? If 10.1, have you had the issue since you updated to 10.1?

Completely agree.. music app needs to change too it's layed out the same way.. i remember when I first got my z10 I couldn't find all my songs because it was burried in the "playlists" tab

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I have seen a 10.2 leak video alpha build on pictures and music app much improved.Nice little tweaks.

Great ideas. Completely forgot about that TAT photo viewer. I wonder why that has not been released. I'd pay for it.

I don't like that once you get past one subfolder the picture viewer lumps all the pics from the subfolders together in one view. I sync hundreds of pictures from many subfolders on my computer to the SD Card, and when I view them, it doesn't allow me to drill down by folder. Once I am past the first level folder, all the pictures show up in one long stream (grouped by subfolder). It makes it cumbersome to navigate when you have a lot of pics.

I was thinking of this before two days, I also didn't recommend my wife to get this phone because of this issue, it is too confusing to take a picture and share it in Z10.

Well put Bla1ze, thanks for mentioning it.

??? It's super easy to take a picture & share. All you do is tap the share tab & then select what medium you want to use to share it with. The problem comes the next day when you want to look at the pictures that you took.

By Zoom in I assume you mean the Crop.
& what you mean by Zoom Out?
Do you mean increase the canvas size?
What would you need that for?
Whenever I'm doing something that complex I'm using Adobe.

I agree that the recent tab is a pain. I also don't get why videos are mixed in with pics in the camera tab. The is a video app so why bother putting them there too?

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Totally agree with this post! Pictures need to be better organised. Once a picture is taken and you want to upload it, you should be able to click on share and see all your pics from the most recent to the last one, not based on where it is! Also, what ever happened to the gorgeous TAT picture app that was referenced in this post? BlackBerry really need to keep up with the game and start building their own kick ass apps with cascades to outdo the competition. Last thing they need is to fall behind the competition once again!

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My biggest fattest gripe with pictures is the multiple image selection option. Why darken all the pictures out as soon as I want to mass select /delete images. Surely leave them all bright until I see the ones I want and select them.

I can handle the slight shrinking of them to allow for the side menu, but making them harder to see is a really stupid move. They have that option around the wrong way.

Posted from my Q10

Just to jump on the bandwagon, I agree 100% with everything Bla1ze said! I've been frustrated as to why my pictures don't logically appear in "Photos" as I assumed they would, and why I end up using file manager to locate a picture I took 2 minutes ago. And WHY wouldn't they be sorted so the newest photos are on TOP, where I can find them easier than scrolling all the way down???

All I want is my photos to be stored on the memory card, and for them (or the folder I put them in) to appear when I click the "Photos" app. No muss, no hassle.

The tagging idea is really cool! :D thumbs up for that!! I hope they have it on 10.2.
I don't have any suggestions but I do have a complaint. When I tap the right most picture to bring out the menu and slide my thumb to the right the menu slides back and closes. The menu does not slide out properly. I would like this to be resolved.

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It's not my favourite app either. I hate the recent tab and don't use it. I hate having to go the file manager to organize my pictures, so right now, it's a mess. That's one of the first things they should fix, allow you to create albums and move photos between albums

On a side note, I noticed with 10.2 that you are forced to crop a photo when setting as wallpaper. I hate that. I am photographer. I already cropped my pictures the way I want them.

when viewing your picture, save by using a screen shot....then it will already be the proper size for the screen...i do this all the time.....then rename the picture and move it into a separate folder where i keep all of my wallpaper. Kind of a pain, but works well.

All of this talk about getting confused about being in recent photos and not knowing where your pictures are, because you haven't clicked on the camera tab, sounds a lot like the reviews that said the z10 was too confusing because of the difficult navigation. If you want to view pictures taken with the camera, you click the camera tab. It's difficult, but it can be done. As far as getting rid of the recent tab, why? If I look for a picture in a folder, I may want to go back and see it again without searching again. As far as the recently added, it's not just camera pictures. It's pictures that you have edited in photo apps as well. Instead of getting mad about it, just learn how to use it. Everything will be happier.

The improvements I would like to see are the "view on map" option returning, and the ability to copy/move into another folder directly from the pictures app. I would also like to be able to tag photos. I may be the odd one out, but I haven't used the tag feature yet implemented in the browser or remember. I'm sure some people have.

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"View on Map" you mean the ability to see exactly where that picture was taken?
That would be cool if I was able to load BB Maps & pin-point the location the picture was taken. I can't see any reason I would need this feature (besides novelty), but I'm sure some could use it.

You could do it with the older outdated blackberry devices, just not the newest updated ones. It's nice for outdoor spots that can't be navigated to on a map. Take a picture of a cool waterfall, and find it again by viewing on map and navigating there. It doesn't have to be a novelty feature. Sounds like a cheesy example but it's just one. I guess you could always take the time to right down the way you got there, but since it's possible, it can be used. I assume it's going to be included in the future because geotagging is already being saved with pictures if you have it turned on.

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Agree, and I remember that TAT demo and other demos from them not implemented. I think they should make those demos into real apps for the OS, the ones I can recall are, that picture gallery on the photo, the multimedia gallery spinning wall, the weather app, the contacts time line, they where great demos, just need to make them happen for the real world.

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Great ideas on enhancing the pictures app. Especially being able to tag people and search for those tagged pics. I'd also add the ability to actually view the photo information (name, size and location) from the app itself

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I think it's crap. I don't need to see my recent viewed. And a lot of my pics I don't want other people to see so when I show pics I gotta make sure I open the pics alone before showing.

And one more thing I hate is having to close the pic to view videos and etc. It's a pain having to minimize to just open another window

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I agree all the way. Picture app has android caching all its pictures there is terrible. Please stop this. I also would like to create albums to organize pictures. I have downloaded an app called Gallery that is a little simpler to use. It's from BlackBerry World.

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So does anyone else have trouble sharing photos via Facebook or Twitter? When I try to upload pictures it will only upload pictures that were saved on my device, not my SD card. I don't even have an option to choose from the two. Very annoying.

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THe picture app is horrible.. I take pictures all the time and it saves to my media card, but the photo app lists 30 photos under any of the recent etc tabs. I look in file manager and i have over 550 pictures that the app doesn't see.

Trying to find a screen shot on my phone has taken me 20 minutes already and i finally plugged the phone into my computer and found it in under a minute.

TL;DR Photo apps is horrendous and useless for view photos on your phone.

It should be easy to create albums and put pictures in them from the pictures app. I like the above mentioned solution where File Manager sub folders automatically become albums, but functionality should be in the Pictures app itself.

Secondly, and more generally, there should be an option in the sidebar to open File Manager to the location of a selected file - a "Open Containing Folder" or "View In File Manager" option.

Also the ability to pull albums from Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, etc would be nice.

You have struck a nerve there! I have been so annoyed with the picture app - I can never find the picture I want!

The picture app on OS7 was simple, but certainly seemed to work much better. There are some very easy quick wins to be gained if BlackBerry wants to improve this!

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Good read, I agree. Pictures app is pretty cool, just needs better organization of photos. Good article.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Get rid of the three bottom tabs at the bottom and just have 'Albums' and add Camera and Recent and Recently Viewed as a separate 'album'.

The one thing that annoyed me about the Pictures app was that I was honestly expecting it t be like the above demo of the app by TAT from long ago. I hope they realise that things like this will help them claw back market share.

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I was just recently thinking the picture app in os 7 was better than what we currently have on 10. Can't tell you how many times I go looking for a picture and can't find it

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It needs improvement, I took about 200 photos at my daughter's Graduation last month. I can see them in recent viewed but when I select one. Picture not there, memory card was the issue. Took a few hours going through them b4 I figured what was wrong and I only have about 30 photos of the whole event. Looked like BB would've used most of the old tricks to start BB10 but no they went this way. Love the Z10 just not liking the media choices they stuck us with.

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As you mentioned... ANDROID cache!!! driiiives me nuts! it's too much.. simple solution? An ignore folder option for the picture app. Pop into File Manager and long hold on the cache folder... select Ignore Folder.. wouldn't that be nice??? :D I know Kevin has posted before about other uses for such an option. ;)

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I too find myself very frustrated with the Picture app. One big disappointment beside looking for the picture I want, I can't rename the darn picture. I have to resort to using File Manager.

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So why don't blackberry fix the Damn sound alert notification for email and text while on a call. Every other phone in the world has this feature. The Z10 and Q10 do not have this feature which is totally unexceptable. If I complain enough, and more and more Z10 and Q10 owners realize that this feature is missing from there device, and miss important text or email, and stop encouraging potential customers to try the phones then it might get fixed.

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So why don't blackberry fix the Damn sound alert notification for email and text while on a call. Every other phone in the world has this feature. The Z10 and Q10 do not have this feature which is totally unexceptable. If I complain enough, and more and more Z10 and Q10 owners realize that this feature is missing from there device, and miss important text or email, and stop encouraging potential customers to try the phones then it might get fixed.

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I use file manager to view pics, because it is limited when in camera mode or viewing via Pictutes-"recently added album" which should be the natural choice, but am truly annoyed that it limits scrolling to a small selection of pics. The alternative is viewing through File Manager; however, one cannot scroll through images when viewing in this manner. You must go back and forth or in and out just doesn't feel right.

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I'll second Bla1ze's observation. I've been frustrated by not finding my recent screen shot or photo in the photo app's recent tab and resorted to the File Manager app.

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Same criticism applies to the music player. Just use the date or alphabet already, BlackBerry.

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I agree with the tagging a name to a pic to quickly search for it would be a great feature. Also I've had problems renaming my photos after taking them? Is there a way to do so inside the camera app? Also a built in panarama option would be a nice upgrade to the camera app as well compared to "buying " an app that does the same thing.

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I too find myself very frustrated with the Picture app OS10. I have a huge collection of old historic pictures. Sorted in a number of albums (f.ex year 1901 - 1902 - ...), but with folders beneath them stating specific subjects.
Displaying or navigating in a quick way to one of those folders is just not possible from within the currect picture viewer. It was so efficient on OS 7 with folder view integrated.

The file manager is the only way out for the moment.


Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus here. The pictures app is perhaps the feature I least like in BB10.

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