Brainstorming BB10: Are you using BlackBerry Link, and if so, is it up to snuff?

BlackBerry Link is new but is it good?

By Bla1ze on 10 May 2013 09:46 pm EDT

Before the release of BlackBerry 10 we learned early on BlackBerry would also be revamping their desktop offerings and replacing BlackBerry Desktop Software. The new app was to be called BlackBerry Link and would come with a revamped UI and was meant to be more user friendly than the aging BlackBerry Desktop Software solution, as well it was built to offer some additional features like remote desktop.

When it arrived folks were quick to notice it lacking some of the more advanced options that were previously offered. Advanced options that made the experience a whole lot better and for some, were essential to their usage of BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry Desktop Software was by no means perfect. It was horrendously slow at times and was often hit or miss on just what exactly it was doing but it had things people liked and used all the time.

To its credit, BlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Link several times now and has promised that a lot of the missing features will return. Number one on that list is the USB sync with Outlook for contacts and calendar appointments, which has caused a lot of folks some grief with it currently being missing. Still, like BlackBerry Desktop Software, it's often times slow and makes you wonder if it's doing what it's actually saying it's doing. Honestly, I avoid using it and I don't seem to be the only one.

If I feel that way then that makes me wonder you all think of BlackBerry Link? Do you even use it? There seems to be no shortage of folks having issues with the software in the CrackBerry forums but like a good friend tells yells at me 'Don't come to me with problems unless you have solutions to offer as well' - so this is me, reaching out to the community for solutions to the problems.

Are you having issues with BlackBerry Link? How could BlackBerry Link be improved aside from getting more hands on love from whomever is putting the software together? From my experience no desktop syncing solution works flawlessly, even iTunes is terrible by my terms, but there is a happy medium to be found there somewhere.

BlackBerry Link just needs some more love and attention; a return to beta testing the releases beforehand would also be appreciated. I'm not sure the numbers behind the results there but surely, it must have helped with catching a few bugs on occasion when they were rolling out new releases with BlackBerry Desktop Software.


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Brainstorming BB10: Are you using BlackBerry Link, and if so, is it up to snuff?



My BlackBerry Link has been crashing lately and I've only been able to do a backup once. After that, it keeps saying there was a problem doing a back up. I wish they'd fix these issues and introduce significantly more options

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I've only been able to back up twice and now it won't back up no more. It doesn't give me the option. Just gives me the option to restore or disconnect. And I think that just happened after this last BlackBerry Link update. Hope they fix this problem.

I have been unable to do a full backup at all. It always fails. No idea why. Very frustrating. Tried all the work arounds and what not. Would like to install a leak, but need to be able to take a full backup before going there.

Man I miss DM!

Do you have the 10.1 update yet? I was very upset and worried that I had no back up as I was unable to do a full backup ( failed every time when attempting to back up my application data) tried all the obvious battery pull, uninstall and reinstalling link tried removing side loaded apps and all ported apps. Then after receiving the, ,10.1 update boom! Full backups thank god. So if you don't have the update yet hang tight fellow CB user and abuser. Cheers

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There is a topic on CB somewhere about this. I had problem with backup as well, had to remove one app and it worked great!

It's way too slow. I do like the wifi sync though. But it almost crashes my computer every time it fires up.....

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It seems to work okay, it is a bit slow. Im going to try to use it more with that 10.1 update ( I hear it's suppose to step things up)

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It would be nice to have a media player built in and to have the ability to download music with it. Kinda like iTunes.

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I agree. I don't care for the non ability to upload and categorize music onto my z10. I miss having more options available on my old os7.

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I have no issues with mine...rarely plug in my phone, always sync wirelessly, and it always works.

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Same. I like the intent, but I don't have patience for it. I need it to work though, as I accumulate more stuff on my Z10. I save everything I can to my flash card. I agree with dosto below - I just hope it improves very soon!

I don't rely on it for anything important, but try to keep it up to date and hope it will improve with time. I currently give it a 6 on a scale of 1-10.

I cannot back up my device. It still tries to switch data from my old device when I connect. It doesn't sync well. The layout is somewhat confusing. I'm not a fan.

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There's no excuse for it being not great after millions of dollars invested in software development over the past few years.

It runs slowly, seems memory intensive? and the UI is just plain weird to me.i use it to check for Os updates that's about it.
It doesn't work on linux OS es either so I have to load it on my work windows computer. I'd rather just transfer files to my zed 10 using drag and drop- its much easier and faster too.

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Wish it had Linux support. Crap windows specific build, wish it was java based or otherwise portable.

I should do another backup one of these days but can't get it to work with my windoze VM running on virtualbox. It worked once but haven't been able to get it working again.

I don't particularly need it other than for backup... can easily copy files to Z10 using mass storage.

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Not going to like I had a hell of a time installing BlackBerry Link. I had to do multiple resets of my laptop and do a clean uninstall several time with Revo un installer just to get it to work. Now that it's up I just use it for backing up my device.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

It hasn't worked since i got my Z10. I have been unable to back up my phone, and this leaves me a bit worried. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, downloading a new file from the website and installing it but nothing works. It seems to be a lot easier to transfer files manually instead of using Link too.

Well, it copied over my multi gigabyte music collection to my phone over wifi and has kept it in sync. I can't complain too much. It seems you can't backup over wifi... that's annoying.

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The one and only time I used it it told me it backed up... like an idiot I trusted and did a wipe of my phone. Backup was nowhere to found when I went looking for it later. Not a trustworthy program.

Posted via CB10 using my BlackBerry Z10

The exact same thing happened to me when i exchanged my z10 for another...spent over an hour on the phone with blackberry support, i even gave them remote access and they couldn't figure out what happened. Although it did create a save file there was nothing in it...they could have saved me the time and headache if they would have said it's a known problem and have no solution for it...

I'm better off using the Box cloud to backup the z10 since it does it automatically.

One thing missing that I definitely want to see is the possibility of a much more selective restore ability. Currently you can just choose apps, settings or media. How about individual databases, like you could on the old software? Ability to restore just one or selected apps would be useful too.

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Agreed. Until then it sucks. I used it to backup and restore my phone it literally took 10 hours. That I will probably never bother with again.

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I really have very little trouble with Link. I would just like to see customizable backups again. We went from 30+ options down to 3. Besides that, I think it brings some welcomed features such as being able to remotely connect to our computers... That's huge in my book :)

It works really well on my home desktop, only because I got an unlocked I5 processor running @ 4.5 GHZ with 16 gigs of memory, runs fine and everything works like it's supposed too, I have it on my net book and it takes over an hour to do a back up, I did try it at my work desktop which is networked to ten CNC machining centers (win xp) and it totally hijacked my network, seemed to think it was in charge! I showed it who the boss was and uninstalled it

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would like finer controls for back ups like we've had with BlackBerry desktop manager. Backing up everything takes way too long and takes up too much memory. Like my last backup is 1.24gb. Just 5 back ups takes up a whole of of hdd space. Also, this can be good for people who would like to clear their phone of junk occasionally, and only restore the things they need. I used to do this a lot when on older BBOS devices.

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I have to use link daily because the camera app on my z10 keeps scaling my images. I have to use link to save my stuff before the pictures become scrambled or erased completely. I find that link works okay I just miss then option to pick what I want to install on the device. When reloaded the software, desktop software used to allow us to pick what apps and languages etc we wanted installed on the device. You also have to go to the switch device section of link just to save your text and contacts. I did a regular backup but lost everything. Link def needs some updating

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I cannot backup my device.. I have tried 10-20 times.. I get an error message about 75% through it.. So irritating...

EDIT: Deleted Six Guns and it worked! WOOHOO Here I come 10.1 (From 10.0.9) :D :D :D

I had the same problem but figured out that the Z10 was going to sleep mode and it won't connect to the computer. Try tapping on the screen to keep it awake during the transfer and it should go through. That being said I'm very frustrated with the Link and other components of this OS.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that out!

EDIT: Deleted Six Guns and it worked! WOOHOO Here I come 10.1 (From 10.0.9) :D :D :D

It can take up to 3 minutes to switch between screens in the app (the whole program becomes unresponsive).

I have a 4 core 2.3 Ghz laptop with 6 GBs of RAM and 400 GB of hard drive space free.

Haven't found a solutions for this unfortunately :/

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I've been cautiously optimistic about Link. It has been getting slowly better with each minor revision.

I like the interface, and backups have been getting more reliable all the time.

One thing I was having trouble with and now seems to be fixed is the ability to change which PC folders sync with the device.

From the awesome virtual keyboard of my Z10

I use link to:

1-sync documents;
2-sync songs;
3-have my SD and device memory mapped;
4- extra images backup (they already auto-sync to Box, but hey, why not).

I don't use it for anything else. I also don't bother having it launching on startup and open at all times.

I honestly hate it. I want to be able to use desktop manager for my Z10. It automatically takes all of the pictures I have on my windows 7 laptop and displays them on the home screen, even the naughty ones. :-/
When I remove the folder from Link, it removes it from my Windows side bar, which the first time it happened I actually thought it had deleted every picture off of my computer. Then I figured out how to get it back. This happens every time I open Link. So I only use it to backup.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I have not been able to organize my pictures properly into folders like I could with my curve and desktop manager

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Hello, I removed some photo folders on blackberry link but then i saw it actually removed them from my pc as well. how did you recover yours?? thanks a lot..

p.s. how is it possible that a tech company keeps getting worse and worse, while everyone else is getting better?:-)

Only problem I have with it is that it is a step (maybe a few steps) down from BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

I like the new interface, but so many options are gone that it is upsetting.

BBX-I Said it

My BlackBerry Link has never done a back up of my Z10. It has never worked properly. Very frustrating.

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Not using it now but it did the trick when I first got the Z. Loaded up my contacts, calendar, and music like a champ.

Posted via CB10

Never could get it working. keeps crashing on win8 right at startup, and can't connect to it on my win7 system...

Posted via CB10

I just used it yesterday)(not for the first time) and it asked me to update Link. I did and backing my device up doesn't work anymore.

Malicye - Posted via CB10

Use it to back up. Way less data on my Z10 than I had on my Bold, but Link seems way slower than DM was on backup. It synced with iTunes twice and has failed to sync ever since. Only saving grace is that the Z10 has ActiveSync, so I don't need Link to sync my Outlook e-mail or calendar.

Installed it to see what it's about and that's about it.

I like to handle all my files over wifi manually, like I did with the playbook.

Being able to browse my shared folders on the pc will be a welcome feature when I get 10.1
Other than that I wish BlackBerry will just make it a feature on the phone and so I don't have to deal with BB LINK.

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Love link...i was always frustrated with is amazing it automatically syncs my phone when I come home it like everything else on Z10

Posted via CB10

It's not amazing but I really have no issues or complaints. If they made it faster with less bugs I would be ecstatic, but thats something I can easily say about every piece of software out there...

It needs more finite database control like Desktop Manager when backing up and restoring data. So, a person can wipe and restore individual databases, like calendar or just contacts. Shouldn't have to explain that much more, for those familiar with the control BDM has regarding this.

Otherwise, I really enjoy using Link for Windows because I unfortunately have to keep a PC around for this reason and Link clearly comes in handy.

What I would love to see is an innovation in tablets where BlackBerry can make a tablet that has all the functionality of a BES / Link and everything an admin or a person coulf possibly want to use it for. I could see this as a great opportunity to eliminate any "middle man" for BlackBerry wireless device management and personal / work computing.

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Also, the innovative tablet would be fully connected to BlackBerry cloud Protect service. Like I said, everything BlackBerry in a tablet.

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The latest version seems to load up and get rolling quicker (W7-4core-4GB).

Early on with my z10 I totally hosed the address book fiddling with multiple (and multiplying) entries so I decided to reinitialize the whole mess. I did a security wipe and BlackBerry Link handed the reload perfectly.

Backup and restore work fine. When I want to move over a file or two I just email them across rather than fool with link.

It did successfully capture my iTunes music library and load that onto sd card.

I'm not asking a lot and it seems to suffice.

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On a W8 machine the wifi link starts up and seems to work gone but on W7 no go. Likely this is a firewall setting on W7 box, my main working system. W8 box is strictly stock and I only set it up as a demo machine.

Posted via CB10

The latest windows version has fixed almost all of the really serious issues, but I have to admit I still can't get the wireless file sharing working. Might just be me though, I haven't spent much time on it. It's not very intuitive, I suppose. Backups, media sync, etc., is all working fine for me now.

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I hate that we can't pick & choose what gets restored(if you can get restore to work). I'm having issues restoring my contacts. It also sucks that bbry stripped BlackBerry Protect.

Rocking my Z10

+1 BlackBerry Protect saved my shorts many times with my previous device. It worked in the background even when I would forget to do regular backups with my desktop manager.
For me, Link is unintuitive and has way too many glitches for me to use it often.
I hope BlackBerry listens and restores both Protect and either Link or Desktop Manager for BB10 to be as functional and dependable as the OS 7 (and prior) versions!!

I would like to use it. It shows promise but it is really slow, though part of that might be my really slow SD card.

Posted via CB10

I only use it to back up my phone. The whole syncing music and video is useless to me

Posted via CB10

Yes, I've been using it, but no, it is not up to snuff. The mac os version is in need of some performance enhancements, and I'd like the black theme the Windows version has.

Posted via CB10

Bb link is horrible only used it to switch over from my torch and its the same stigmatism with bb desktop its slow and used only to transfer or back up

Posted via CB10

It just sits there. Even when it works correctly I'm not certain what it's doing. BlackBerry Desktop was far more transparent and accountable. Please make Link more user friendly. I want to know what is occurring.

Posted via CB10

Dislike using link, the interface is confusing too. I prefer BlackBerry desktop with options to sync data or setting that i want.

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I have never been able to do a backup even though I have installed and re installed Link at least 4 times. Three times by Chrome, once by Explorer. Want to backup before installing Leaked OS but can't. Not sure that a backup I'd necessary but it is advised.

Posted via CB10

I don't know about Windows, but on Mac OS, BlackBerry Link is the worst syncing software I have ever used. It's a complete disaster and completely inexcusable. If I can even get my Z10 to connect, I have to contend with huge bugs (failed backups, failed restores, etc.) and a bad interface. There are a lot of changes I would like to see in BB10, but Link really needs to be fixed.

It sucked when I first switched to bb10 didn't copy all of my contacts etc. BlackBerry has a lot of work to do on link to get it where iTunes is. Not even close. I am a blackberry supporter all the way. It seems to get better with each new version though.

Posted via CB10

I have no issues with BlackBerry link yet.

It works fine for me, but I also do a manual back up of my files just in case the back up does not restore.

I have never used link to restore yet as I just manually retore my files when I need to do so.

I have always manually backed up my files on all my phones and on pc as well.

When I say manually I mean drop and drag files from the device to the pc and back when I want to restore ex: Photos, Music and pratically any folder I back up, drag and drop when device is connected to pc.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Used desktop to sync my BlackBerry with Lotus notes and have lost that with BlackBerry Link. Just want to know if that functionality will return or if I have to find an alternative like syncing to Gmail and then back to the BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Still rockin' Windows XP SP3 pro and installed Link on day 1. Not sure what it does but if it is the thing that runs in the background that makes it so that when I connect the Z10 to the USB on the computer, they form their own private virtual network connection, then I would have to say that by virtue of the fact that I connect the Z10 this way all the time to browse its contents from within the Windows Explorer, I use Link but just for that. I never ever see the GUI.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I have not downloaded the latest version yet but have also had trouble with adjusting what I wish to sync. The old BB was slow but you could configure it much more easily. I too have not been able to do a full backup. Hey. I still love the phone

Posted via CB10

It's OK, but not great. The only program that requires that I reboot my Mac after install or update. Shame.
Media sync is horrible, I just disable it and load my µSD card manually, this way I can choose what I put on my BB.

I really wish there was a Linux version, I could then back up my Z10 on my work machine.

BBLink has been a little hit and miss. Fine on one of my machines and causing blue-screen-of-death on another almost immediately after starting the app with a phone connected to USB.

Latest build seems to have fixed the crashing.

Backup and restore work - if slowly and even wifi sync works reliably.

I wish BBRY had blessed the USB port on the Z10 with USB3 as the transfer speed is rubbish...

Posted on white Z10 via CB10.

WOW, I never thought Someone would dare to ask this question and start this thread. What a disaster!
Blackberry needs to fix the bugs like yesterday before pissing off the loyal fans. I have been using Blackberry for the past 12 years and the new Blackberry link is the worst piece of software they came out with. I am hoping they get the message clearly and come out with the clean and functioning version

For years I've been looking for something as awful as iTunes, I think Link may have surpassed its awfulness (that is totally a word). I've had a rough go with it, either driver complaints, blue screens, or it just not finding my device. Not thrilled, thankfully I don't really need to use it often.

It appears that there are some bugs around VPN (on Windows 7). Maybe it is just the policy with my local VPN software, but not sure. I love the BB Link interface, and the feedback it provides when changing screens, etc. Some of the options are pretty sweet too, like remote access to files. I wish the old tech of the Device Manager was abandoned for some tech that was newer though. BlackBerry 10 deserves better. Maybe for non-business oriented consumers a majority of the features (settings backups and blackberry world sync) can be shoved into a cloud service. A cloud music service and maybe a cloud image service would further eliminate the requirement of BB Link requirement.

Mine won't let me backup my device! It'll get to 97% then an error message pops up. Tried it 3 times, then I gave up

Posted via CB10

I have not use it enough. Regardless it's always slow backing up devices whether it's Z10 or Playbooks. At least now I can back up my Playbooks with no issues.

Link doesn't even update for me. It fails every time. Probably gonna have to reinstall, and I've not even used it really.

It's sloooooow. Interface is clean but some basic features missing like syncing to Outlook if I have to list one. I need Outlook cos I have problems transferring my contacts from my email account to the Z10. It's a complicated process, at least for me. I'm just using an ordinary Gmail account. I'll be glad if someone can teach me how.

This is in contrast to Android. I set up my wife's Note 8 two days back and all I needed to do was enter her email right at the start and most of her important information (contacts, bookmarks, etc) was seamlessly transferred from her S3 to her Note 8 through cloud.

Posted via CB10

You have to simply add CardDEV account of your Gmail. Go to Settings > Account > Add Account > Hit Advanced in the bottom (slide down two fingers over the keyboard) > Select the last option CardDEV > Use your Gmail info and at the server field put

That should bring and sync your cloud contacts.

Live BlackBerry!

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I believe it's the source of my double and triple contacts.

Link should have its own contact manager. My million dollar idea

Posted via CB10

The Outlook Calendar Sync doesn't work if you share calendars with others. Since those calendars ate loaded into your Outlook pst file, all shared calendars get synced to the BB10 as one calendar rendering it useless. This happens whether you have those shared calendars selected or not. I created a Gmail account and use SyncMyCal.

Posted via CB10

Extremely slow. I found desktop to be faster and definetly more feature laden. I don't even perform a back up now. BlackBerry Protect was my backup but even that doesn't backup all data and contents. I just hook to pc and pull all files. As much as I love the new BlackBerry 10 I can't stand the fact two years on development and they couldn't get it right. Updates on everything required. Total shame on BlackBerry

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Have never been able to do a full backup on my Z10 and intermittent detecting of my device - will not back up my application data. Have done all the obvious like uninstall and reinstall,reboots,latest version. My wife's Q10 no problem detected the phone fine and quick full backup. Once again really want to have faith in BlackBerry but don't understand why their communication with us is so piss poor, I count on CB more. Step it up BB.

Posted via CB10

Seems to work ok for me on my 2009 MBP. It is just annoying that you have to reboot your machine after it updates.

Dear blackberry programmers, it's a Mac not a PC!

Posted via CB10

Whether it's ITunes, Kies or BlackBerry Link, I find them all awkward to use on a PC. I'm not sure if the experience is any better on a Mac. Hopefully some day someone will come along with a desktop application that will be easy to use and more importantly fast. Backup with BB Link keeps aborting for me, so is useless. It loads slow and is painfully slow to do just about anything.

Posted via CB10

Could you imagine the reaction if Thor would have released the new BlackBerry last year when they were supposed to?! With all the requests (demands) and such, even with a six month delay, the pressure is huge. It is definitely a testament to the mighty BlackBerry to even want such a mountain to climb, but if your going to play the game you need to give it your all. I sure hope for their sake, that Apple and Samsung don't assume that the masses will tolerate complacency. As long as BlackBerry keeps fighting the good fight, I'll be right behind them.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry was given two years to perfect everything related to BlackBerry OS 10, yet they failed. The list of deficiencies has been enumerated multiple times by numerous BlackBerry users.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

It is a huge let down, what type of business tool is our new bb10 that doesn't allow to sync to your desktop outlook. That is crazy

Posted via CB10

It has never worked properly for me. I am still not able to transfer media to and from my phone to my computer. I also cannot sync or backup my phone. Its just bad.

Backup only worked for the first week with my Z10 and now it provides an error each time I attempt it.

Posted via CB10

After switching to the Samsung Galaxy S4, I have come to a realization BlackBerry is still behind the competition in both hardware and software. When I first got my Z10 I was super excited. Transferring from my 9900 to the Z10 was a breeze. One day I wanted to do a backup of my Z10 manually and it didn't work no matter how many times I tried. After getting my S4 and installing Kies that's when I realized how far behind BlackBerry really is. It not only allowed you to transfer your data from Samsung to Samsung, but also from any OS to it. Did I mention it was a breeze! Sorry BlackBerry, the little details is where you're lacking.

You have to be kidding me...Kies is brutal. I have never wasted so much time on something so bad. Our Samsung Galaxy is a decent phone...not as good as the Z10 for my needs, but Kies is buggy and awful to use.

Posted via CB10

Well it worked pretty good for me the first time and even backed up and installed my iTouch's data as well. Something the BlackBerry software can't even do now as we speak.

Yesterday was the first day that I was able to get both? Updates installed. And it finally did a wi-fi backup without asking me. This remote desktop feature sounds awesome. Will I ever be able to get it to work? I have my doubts.

Posted by my awesome Z10

I actually use it only to make work the Cloud feature present in the 10.1 version. I was used to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, I see BlackBerry Link a very modern UX simple to use. BlackBerry 10 comes to show what you can do without the need of a computer. That is what Heins said at the launch event on January 30th, the true mobile computing. Everything is actually in the cloud accessible seamlessly from your BlackBerry 10. You can sync files, contacts, calendars and so on easily.
Don't know how? Ask here.

If you have a Box / Dropbox account, you can assign a drive letter in your windows, Linux or Mac and make your Media manager whatever it is sync from there.
Don't know how? Ask here.

Another way to watch your content made in your BlackBerry 10 using the network is making use of the DLNA. Every modern TV and all computer is able to access it. If you are more advanced user you can even remotely play any content to any device from your BlackBerry 10.
Don't know how? Ask here.

Live BlackBerry 10! Keep moving.

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The backup doesn't work for me, need to see selected apps to be backed up and restored. Need to have integrated sync with email client.
More is needed.

Posted via CB10

I only used it once, to transfer my stuff from my old curve... that's it..

Even unchecked it from starting up with windows, because this splash screen would stay on for like a full minute ( my pc is a I5 3rd gen cpu with 4 gigs of ram, so i know it's not my laptop that's slow)...

I did one backup on the same day... forgot that.

Posted via CB10

I have never been able to do a backup of my Z10. I have tried on multiple computers with the same result. I get about 30% of the way and then it says backup failed. It makes BlackBerry Link completely useless to me. It has also stopped opening on my desktop computer and remote access process has been crashing too. I wish BlackBerry would just bring out BlackBerry Protect on the Z10 so I could backup my key information and I'd be happy.

Posted via CB10

Bla1ze, I'm sure BBRY beta tests the software, however, software testing is an art, quite different than development. Developers can't test their own code, and if a software test process is in place, those QA (quality assurance) folks it must garner enough support from mgt to allow them to do their job right. I think Thorsten is trying to instill a higher level of quality in the software, and that thought has to permeate every aspect of the company.

BB10 was remarkably stable considering the amount of new code that was written up until December. The test team had to be working OT testing and retesting new stuff till the code freeze date.

So where does that leave us with BB Link? Obviously a different team of developers and testers, but they should operate in much the same way - get it perfect. Perhaps other PMs (project mgrs) do not see their projects in the same light, but they should.

When I compare BB7 with BB10, improvements made in the quality of testing shows, and BB10 is a brand new OS. BBRY cannot ignore BB Link, BES 10, and other essential components that put BlackBerrys to work. Certainly, BB Link isn't as reliable as BB Desktop was. Although it is new, it doesn't have to be unstable.

Selective backup and restore option must come back. I was so happy with contacts only, wlan profile only restore option.

I generally used restore while refreshing my phone so I don't really need whole of application settings and stuff as I would want to set it up manually.

Posted via CB10

It's only great for making backups, it definitely needs the ability to check for updates manually for your phone though...

Posted via CB10

I keep getting a c++ runtime error every time I start it. I've un installed and reinstalled a couple of times, but it still shows the error.

Posted via CB10

Where is the update function? I don't have any way of updating the Z10 software via Link. Only way I can update is on the blackberry website, I cant even update on the phone as my carrier is vodafone and they don't support the blackberry phones in Australia so no updates appear on phone.

While we're talking problems: Fix the voting font size in cb10 pls. It's a hassle to select, not to mention read wth is written. My solution: make the font size bigger?

Posted via CB10

Had to delete it. It downloaded a file on my Mac called "tunmgr.exe" that was using 99-100% of my CPU usage. After I deleted it, that file stuck around. Had to go in and manually delete it. Too many bugs!

I'd like to see a lil more functionality. I really don't get its purpose... I can't do anything with it. It just backs up the phone essentially and jams media on my phone but I can't organize said media with link its pretty weak


I have had no problems. I don't use it to sync calendars. I basically use it to back up my Z10 (nightly) and push media to my Playbook. Only issue I have is it's tricky to manage the folders your pictures go to. I had a folder for my Bold, and now I have one for my Z10 and one for my Playbook. I guess I could manually reset the sync folder...I have found the Link to be fine. my main purpose is backing up my phone, as I don't want to use a cloud-based solution.

Via Z10 & CB10

BlackBerry desktop never could backup my PB. Always had to exclude app data. Now have link and can't backup app data on PB or Z10.

I love BlackBerry but their desktop sw sucks big time.

Not being able to backup sucks.

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Link doesn't seem much improved. It often indicates that it is not responding and runs slow. I was initially excited about the wireless sync...being able to edit documents right on my phone, and then have those changes sync with the same document on my computer...however, twice in 3 weeks, it stops working. Changes I make to the document via my PC will sync, but stops working the other way...FRUSTRATING!

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No Linux support, so I can't use it. But after reading all complaints here, I'm happy guy;-) Anybody interested in multi platform alternative to Link?

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No luck so far in backing up my Z10. Hopefully I don't need to remove every single app to make it work. I'm also not fond of the autosync everything.

My BlackBerry link will not update either the phone or the software, it does it then says it needs to restart my computer then there's an update the it restarts then again then again an endless loop of frustration where I lose control of my laptop and phone while they mass restart..

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It's really slow when doing backups and when I had to restore from my backup it put most of my settings but I had to re download all the apps I had and place them in order again and in the folders like I had before and even change my wallpaper. But the most annoying part was linking contacts again.

I don't know if it was a glitch or if it only does partial restore from your backups. On my iPhone if I ever had to restore it would restore to exactly how I had the phone last backed up.

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I mean yes, most people use exchange if its a work phone. However, I use offline addy book (since all those vcard import doesn't take anything bigger than 512k). my addy book is 30mb (got pics in it)... so I'm kinda stuck with offline synching... and that part doesnt work so that really fails.. bad...

Not really up to snuff. One major thing that is lacking is a selective backup and restore, specifically the ability to backup and restore only SMS, or only contacts, or only say BBM, or combinations thereof. Basically, as I said, selective backup and restore.

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I'm still waiting for the Outlook sync. I would mainly use it for backup and sync. Let's focus on these before we get into organizing music and pictures.

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It used to not connect to my z10 but (i don't know how) it got fixed and it works great since, it's very useful for moving content from computer to BlackBerry and viceversa

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I only use it for syncing my pictures and videos. This works automatically. For putting music on my device, I just use it as a external hard drive. Had so many probs to sync music via BlackBerry link. Furthermore it is not possible to create playlists. Hence, it's totally useless for me when it comes to music.

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Oops...sometimes it will recognise Z10 after toggling usb connection from Autodetect to Connect to Windows or vice versa, and turning off wifi.

Managed to make a backup of PlayBook, but couldn’t restore it when I needed to. So, it hasn't really been working for me, no.

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After 2 months I can finally back up for the first time just now!

Since I got my Z10 I always used the same USB port on my Dell laptop, as it had a lightning icon on it (faster charging). BB link worked fine all apart from being able to back up (it was always greyed out)

I just had a thought, what if I change USB port, and it worked, I can back up for the first time ever! Every USB port on the laptop allows me to back up, apart from the USB port with the lightning icon!

Hope this helps someone else! Let me know if this fixes it for anyone:

I backed up my 9900 and transferred it over to my Z10. I can't backup my Z10 to try a leak though. It fails every single time.

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I have it installed on a number of pcs and it operates differently on each one which is confusing and aggravating. It works best (fast and flawless) on my Surface Pro. pretty well on my home Windows 8 desktop, tolerably slow on my home Windows 7 desktop and demonicly on my Windows 7 work desktop, slowing everything to a crashing stop. Which I can't abide. I can always see and access my Z10 from wherever I am, but the ability to see and share files on other devices changes. It's prevented me from putting it to good use.

I've had a lot of issues with Link. Has caused multiple freezes of my PC when starting up, during syncing it seems to suddenly lose the connection to my phone, even when plugged in, which always results in a blue screen of death. Decided it was easier to write my own syncing software. To be fair though I haven't tried either of the last release builds.

The fact that as yet it cannot connect to the proxy server on my work network renders it pretty redundant for me. I do back ups with it and that is the only function I am using right now so I suppose for that it is working OK.

Clearly it's a balls up. BB what you doing about it?

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I'm on Linux, so..... maybe in the future were is no war and no poverty there will be a Linux client that makes device configuration backup possible, no need for file transfer functionality - Linux native file managers are more than capable of handling file transfers. So make it simple, make only device backup tool.

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I want to be able to download apps from bbworld using link. My LTE is a million times faster than my home internet and I cant freakin download apps 300mb and above directly to my phone.

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I managed to do a back up once. Managed to sync iTunes once. It has never worked for me since, does 5% of a back up and I get the yellow triangle. DM was far superior in this respect. I feel as though a lot of backward steps have been made in particular to BlackBerry link and the bridge.

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blackberry link is terrible have only managed to back up once and lost all my contacts, compared to other ios its very poor!!!!!!!!! wont use it now and with the awful contacts on the z10 that keep doubling up and tripling up contacts and then contacts going missing i'm at the point of saying bye bye blackberry, shame cause z10 is a lovely phone :-(

I like BlackBerry link in theory - much more user friendly than iTunes - but having installed it on my pc it causes a whole load of warning notices every time I start up. Apart from that annoyance it seems ok for me.

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Link works very well for me... especially since the update. File & Music sync is super... very happy with it, though new features are always welcome... it looks like BlackBerry are on it this time...

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Only use it to backup my Z10. Sync is pointless for me. The restore feature is so much better than on Desktop Software. It actually restores everything on your phone including apps etc. The way it should be! Keep the updates coming :)

On Mac the "wifi sync" option cannot be deactivated. Always comes back on. Super annoying and battery consuming!

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Hate the fact that videos have to be in the iTunes library in order to copy across. Also, it should have a built in avi to mp4 converter so I don't have to do manually convert videos to play on video. Actually, the phone should just play the formats it is quote at being able to play!!!!

Link is allways working Ok for me... But not even close to good! I like the new media handling over wlan etc.. But it's lame that some apps stopping the Z10 to make a backup! And from time to time i have to do a "dns flush" to make it starts proper... So please BB add some devs to your team.

And im missing a section for my apps from BBworld... Don't need them on my PC but it would be cool to see my apps in a extra window..

Blackberry Link Needs to improve in ways to sync my mobile with my laptop and other devices like my old BB Desktop software does. calander, contacts, notes and Tasks need to get syncronised with my desktop and laptop.

At first it worked ok, but didn't back up or sync everything and didn't shut down properly.

Now it takes multiple attempts to get thru the process and I'm not sure that I can trust it. It also takes a long time (approaching an hour) to complete a backup.

I try to backup once a week using Link, but it is a whipping.

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Sometimes have to sign in again with BlackBerry ID.

Also not always working well and slow.

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Watchdog error when mounting volume. Can not log on to my BlackBerry ID. Recognizes my handeheld bu will not interact with it. Can not sync Outlook - and media sync is "I do what I want to just now".

Totally useless and has forced me back to my old 9900.

It can't import my old texts and doesn't offer enough granularity when doing backup/restore.
Fix the basics before adding features.

Couldn't bring my old devices data over when I first got the phone (sold my 9900 shortly after so I never got a true device switch) and it can't sync with my Itunes (not sure if it's bb, itunes, or my anti virus). And as of late it fails to backup. Strike 3, your out!

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LINK is horrible. It's too similar to itunes. & next to impossible to organize music the way I want it organized. And it isn't working well on my older pc (if you call 3.5 yrs "old") & it takes a very long time to get everything loaded within LINK after the phone is hooked up.

It is slow but I don't live my life in a rush. I just wait for it to sync up and then I do my thing.

It's horrible. I can't even install the update without an error message, so I can't upgrade. Guess I'll have to remove it and try to do a fresh install. Was this done by a co-op student or something? Garbage. Love my Z10 otherwise.

BlackBerry Link is the worst software I have ever used and the useful features are buried behind a maze. The development team should be terminated and never allowed to work in any software development role ever again.

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What it does, it seems to do well enough. Backup is incredibly slow, layout is not, for me at least, very intuitive, no ability to sync music from folders other than iTunes. On the plus side, it's been stable on my Windows 7 PC and the Wi-Fi iTunes playlist sync is very handy and after getting my first Z10 stolen, the restore was just about flawless.

All I use it for is syncing Outlook contacts and calendar events. I wish we could do away with the need for USB hook up.

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I used Blackberry Desk top every day on my previous 4 Blackberries to sync my Calender, Contacts, and TASKS with Outlook. Now with my Z10 and Link it won't sync tasks, or as they now call it, Remember. I'm VERY disappointed about that and wish they would fix it right away.

I must say that when first released for the Z10 it was almost completely useless for me...way too slow and buggy. I had been syncing my documents, pics, and music using MS Sync Toy which is easy to use, stable, and remains 10 times faster than the latest version of BB link. ..which always makes me wonder what the heck Link is doing with all the time it takes...chasing it's tail I have concluded....simply reporting the size of my synced directories seems a major task for link...and sometimes they never all display still.

That said, successive updates have improved it greatly...but it has still yet to sync properly my 6 gb of documents. still using sync toy for that.

Yesterday I installed which went flawlessly and link connected to my laptop without a hitch...very impressed

So things are get ting better and I look forward to see how the latest link release functions with 10.1 on my beloved Z10.

PS....the UI needs to get way more responsive and better at letting users know what it is doing...anxiety goes up when you wait and wait with no clue as to what is or is not happening.

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Just wish when you back up it separated contacts & calendar as different check box same when restoring.

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Can we have a reliable backup function? I was able to back up once.

I think more clarity on how the sync and media options work would be nice and easy in the meantime.

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I find it not very intuitive, it's very complicated to use, and backup is very very very long, I don't know why but with desktop manager is was very speed. With link it's about 30 minutes each time

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I've had no luck backing up since new... sync seems to work, but whenever I try to do a device back up it freezes at 2% then gives me an error...M really hope they fix this, as i have had to reload my device software twice and it's crappy to have to reload all my contacts, settings and apps...anyone else have this issue?

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I need to use it but am quite disappointed. Somehow, that seems to fit quite well with the overall BB10 experience - great potential but not there yet. Like many I have been waiting for Outlook 2-way sync since day 1. I could care less about the flashy, but largely useless to me, music & file sync. BB Desktop did everything I needed so can we at least have that functionality back please?
Oh yes - why can't I get a wireless connection to work??

My Windows 8 PC BSoDs when I plug my phone in. Not every time, but enough that I avoid it other than trying to do backups and syncs about once a week.

I've got a laptop running Windows 7 Pro and haven't had any significant problems with BlackBerry Link to date. The only issue so far is that since the last updated version was installed it still indicates that an update is available despite the fact that I have run the installation 3 or 4 times. The current version is and I heard it was supposed to be. 37.

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I will like it better when the 10.1 comes out for the Z10 so I can sync my outlook contacts and calendar. I've had trouble backing up and solved it by un checking the " apps backup "

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Has Never worked properly. Loads fine actually sees the Z10 and the data but for some reason the volumes don't mount, therefore the ability to do any back up or moving of files is impossible. Tried everything with no resolutions found from either BRRY support and otherwise.

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I stopped using BlackBerry Link because it is crap. Haven't been able to backup my z10 since February and it's the same for my girlfriend

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BlackBerry Link is way too slow, looks like was designed in 80s and has limited functionality. Really not impressed. If BlackBerry would fix protect to have all functions it used to have then I wouldn't even need link

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I dread the day I have to use it. haven't backed up my phone and I simply don't trust it. hope I never lose my phone.

BB, simply update the DM to work with 10 devices, add the restore/reload OS buttons, the remote desktop functionality from Link and call it a day...

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BlackBerry Link worked fine for me initially but started to have problems syncing with iTunes or Windows Media library.

I've searched all over but could not find any resolution to the problem. There should be a way to manually manage your music library through BlackBerry Link.

Workaround is copy songs over to my z10.

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I've posted about this before. Here I go again.
I have not been able to back up on link. Ever.
I've tried the various suggestions from people on the forums with no luck.

I need this fixed.

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Same as you until I turned off BB wifi option before connecting to Link running on pc. Another poster suggested using airplane mode, too. Anyway, very frustrated until I turned off wifi option during backup/restore operation.

I'm real happy with BlackBerry Link. I've been on office 365 for more than a year now, so the lack or USB sync is not an issue for me.

The addition of the ability to open all my desktop files from anywhere is fantastic, it's fast and easy.

I've tried all the cloud storage services: Dropbox, Skydrive, Box, Cubby, sharepoint. They have their uses but none of them work for me as i have some 300+ gig of info so it's still too expensive to to put everything in the cloud. And only cubby allows me to pick the folders I want in the cloud without having to move them from my own flolder structure. Cubby however is not yet integrated into bb10 so you have to use a website so workable but a bit tedious

Blackberry Link is now running on my home server (Server 2012 Essentials) all my files and folders are at my fingertips from anywhere and always on my server which is properly backedup

I've also found that the backup and restore work very well

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I've only been using it for updating, backing up my phone and syncing music. I only really have issues with music syncing. Unfortunately that's the task that I do most often. I think they should allow more view options such as "date imported" etc so that users can easily create a recently added playlist or other playlists on their own. Right now I have a recently added playlist in itune that is ordered by date imported, but when I look it it through BB Link it just orders the songs by name and gives no option for ordering them by date.

I am willing BlackBerry to succeed, but the highly unintuitive nature of Blackberry Link (Mac version) is not going to help. Sure it worked, but it took me nearly two hours to figure out how. Visually it felt a bit random with a lot of mismatched screens. Can it be so difficult to produce a simple, elegant and intuitive syncing and back-up application? I was also disappointed that Password Keeper is not supported in the back-up which seems ridiculous to me.

I can understand it must be difficult to get this right technically across multiple platforms and operating systems, but there can be absolutely no excuse for producing a confusing and unintuitive interface for what is a pretty basic utility.

Quick Update: it seems Password Keeper is backed-up as part of a broader system back up (according to information in the Link software) but it's not convincingly explained. Any ideas anybody?

I only use to back up my phone and have not been able to back up for two weeks now, due to some error. They need to bring back desktop software to sync outlook contacts and calendar. Not so I have to create a useless email address to be able to sync.

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This is what I expect from BlackBerry Link.
- To transfer files in and out my Z10 at average USB speed (10 Megabytes per second).
- To successfully connect via USB 99.9% of the time.
- To sync properly (again, at average USB speed).

I find link to not be very polished. It hangs. Backup doesn't complete. But the biggest frustration is that they removed lotus notes sync. Part of the BlackBerry experience was the desktop software. To me BlackBerry Link was a step backward and something that I find a significant frustration

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It's working...backups, restores, wifi transfers pix, just great, "as advertised". Even better when full MS Office functionality returns. Don't think I could've gracefully completed the last 2 OS leaks without it. Really can't complain too much where my needs are concerned.

When I ha it it wasn't slow or crashing like many of the complaints. Worked great for me. Only problem now is that I can't install it. I keep getting an error saying the package can't be validated. Yay!

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The fact that I have to use a 3rd party app to back up and restore my contacts after a security wipe is a shame.

You basically have the option to back up everything, or nothing at all. Horrible UX.

BB Link is a joke.. a bad joke actually. Desktop sync is becoming a luxury these days. I miss when that it was a default and well conceived option for any gadget capable of storage personal information. Manufacturers want to make us move to the cloud, even before they can have a reliable cloud service. That sucks!!!

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I've quite enjoyed my Z10 experience, but Link is the one black eye in the experience. As a tool designed to sync between your device and your computer, it fails almost every time to do it right. Among the issues I've seen:

1. PlayBook backups fail partway through.
2. Videos either don't sync to the Z10 or sync 2 or 3 times resulting in the card being full.
3. When I ask for music to be removed from a device, it isn't removed
4. Album art sometimes appears, and sometimes doesn't ... often varying on the same song
5. Contacts don't import at all

I use it with a Mac and honestly, it's atrocious.

Doesn't work for me. When I try to back up it stops and gives me an error message after 10 minutes and 4% done. Also it can't find my music on my PC even though I selected iTunes as my music player.

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Pretty lame as it is. Media handling capabilities are poor to say the least. Thankfully, the phone is awesome and wireless sync means I rarely have to deal with that atrocity known as BlackBerry Link.

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I downloaded the latest update to my mac and tried it again, it works a lot better now.

I mostly just use it for music.

One feature I would love to see is the option to sync directly to the micro sd while it was in a reader. It is much faster that way

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If They Would Fix The Backup And Make It Like How Desktop Manager Was I Think Everyone Would Be Happy Where You Could Choose Just To Restore Your Contacts Instead of 6.7 Gb of Junk Application Data -_-

That screen shot above must be a Q10 running 10.1..
the Z10 doesn't have a Blackberry Link offered in Settings ...
at least not in 10.85...
and since the LINK itself has been upgraded..we are left behind it no comment...
anyone commenting may or may not have you are going to get mish mash answers...

It seems to ignore proxy settings which have been set up in the os, so cant be used behind corporate firewall without puncing a hole through it so it can connect to blackberry, presumably to check for updates etc.

So either obey proxy settings or give an option to configure them

BlackBerry Link, I connect and can't do anything thing, tells me my phone is performing other tasks. Have yet to be able to do a backup or anything else for that matter

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It gave me problems where it would not recognize my phone on my computer at all, would not charge my phone on usb and could not not access my phone through my computer. I had to reinstall link to get everything working again. It's worked fine since then but is extremely slow doing backup and restore. Took an hour to restore when I did it last night

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Yeah, with the latest update for the mac it is better, but heres what sucks. Everything goes through itunes for music and movies! That is annoying for I don't use movies that are compatible with itunes to watch on my phone, I don't use itunes at all! I use clementine for audio on my mac. I collect flac music.

I also don't use mp3 or mp4 for my music. I use ogg vorbis and flac. They sound ten times better and uses less room (well, vorbis does) and itunes won't sync that. I never use it so when I plug my phone into my mac, I use finder and transfer everything myself and I use box to transfer my photos.

Come on blackberry. Just because I am on a mac doesn't mean I am part of the apple ecosystem and walled gardens. Please use something else to transfer movies and music. The phone supports movies with ac3 and support flac and ogg!!!! the program to transfer items to your phone should support that!!!

Can you on windows?

Can't sync my iTunes library. The phone auto disconnect in the middle of the process

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I skipped all the pages just to say I agree with probably 95% of the complaints that are bound to be written before me. ...kinda Sad, i can deal with this but I cannot recommend BlackBerry to my wife and Familie. just gets to complicated and frustrating.

Z10 Rocking

It's basically useless to enterprise. Does not understand environment variables, no silent install, no answer file. Needs manual configuration after install since it doesn't understand our environment variables. It's basically only good for media sync and should be renamed to reflect that.
And worse the enterprise Web DTM in BDS does not have any backup and restore functionality. An enterprise tool with no backup and restore function, go figure, project manager at BlackBerry for WebDTM should be fired.
What a mess on BlackBerry’s part.

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For me the problems started with my BlackBerry desktop manager not recognizing my Torch 9850. Then I just tried to use the Blackberry link to switch my files and Link wouldn't recognize my Torch either so I have not been able to transfer my files to my Z10. Very frustrating. Have un installed and reinstalled and still no luck.
But I do love my BlackBerry Z10!!!!

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