bQuiet - Automate Sound Profile Switching

By Leo Garcia on 22 Sep 2009 10:29 am EDT

When you're running around all day from meeting to meeting and office to office, the last thing you want to remember is to change your BlackBerry profile. We've all been there - sitting in a meeting when your wild ringtone blasts out because you forgot to silence your profiles. Well with bQuiet this task will be much easier. The app allows you to quiet your profiles and will automatically turn them back on after a set amount of time. This means you can kill your alerts with one click, and not have to worry about anything going off. You can choose anywhere from 15 minutes to 10 hours before your profiles return to normal. Knowing your schedule you can just click bQuiet on, and set the length depending on your needs. This can definitely help out in preventing any ringtone embarassment. bQuiet is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99.

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bQuiet - Automate Sound Profile Switching


Realllly useful app. Lots of times when I go to a restaurant for a meeting, or banquet/luncheon, I silence my phone and totally forget to change the profiles. Then I see it 6 hours later and I missed a dozen calls.

Would love to see this be location based too somehow... so you silence your phone (you're in a building), then once you leave/move a certain distance it knows you're back to normal and turns the notifications back on.

Kevin, we have this on Location Profiler app that uses Cell Tower info but it is not was easy to setup as bQuiet. Since each tower location can have many cell ids it is very difficult to get it 100% correct. A better method would use GPS but that is another story ;)

The location thing would be awesome. Put in my office and have it automatically change my profile when it reads I'm at work.

Following my calendar would be really nice. I wish it went to my Work Profile when I was at work, and Vibrate during my commute, and regular at home, and Quiet when I sleep.

I think a little app called Profiler is Better, BUT...
AS all these profile app's go they are useless if you put your device in a holster or case.

I do so the profile never changes.
If I were to carry the device in hand then I would not need this type of app since I would probably remember to change the profile as needed.

I rarely forget to silence my cell in meetings, church, weddings, etc., but I frequently forget to turn my sounds BACK ON. However, the deal-breaker for me is that it doesn't work while phone is holstered.

On my 8130 all I have to do is press on # key and every thing changes to vibrate; very easy and fast.

My biggest praise to the application is how efficient and fast it is to activate.

Menu - bQuiet - scroll time and activate.

I don't holster by blackberry, but do lock the keyboard occasionally. I understand the api limits the profile selection while locked, but the app will buzz me in case it's locked. Either way, the profile gets switched back.

This is a cool idea but u still have to remember to set it to auto change each time. I get emails in the middle of the night and my wife is a light sleeper. Real annoying for her. sometimes I forget to silence my phone. I wish it could set to be recurring everyday at a certain time.