New: Bplay's Animated Snow Globe Theme for BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Dec 2008 03:13 pm EST

T'is the season to be jolly, and dress your BlackBerry in Holiday themes!

Bplay's new animated snowglobe theme rings in at a festively low-priced $1.99 and is guaranteed to put you and your BlackBerry into the holiday spirit! Watch the video about or click the link below more information.

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New: Bplay's Animated Snow Globe Theme for BlackBerry!


I think it would be extremely cool if this them would be released for the Storm with the ability to use the accelerometer. When you shake the phone (like a snow globe)the snow would move around on the screen. Kevin, do you know if this is even possible?

I'm not Kevin, but it has to be possible. My buddy's iPhone did it with a jack o'lantern app. You shook it one direction and the face would change. You shook it another and would make sound effects and change a bunch of colors.
+1 on making this one for the Storm. What the hell, come out with some Storm themes already dammit. This sucks...

Ok I would really like to get this theme but BPlay says you have to have a data plan to install this theme, what gives here?? I dont currently have a data plan but do have access to the internet on the phone. Will be adding a data plan in the near future but right now its a no go. I know I will pay for the data xfered, is this what they are talking about or is the theme active online aka it requires internet data to work ??? Help Please


Pretty nice theme....kind of has some lag (not a lot). clean icons and customizable. i give it a 4 out of 5

Now if only someone who can would run with this for the Storm... using the accelerometer have it shake the globe.

Accelerometer... sounds like something Marvin the Martian is setting out to use against us Silly Earth Creatures.

downloaded it, very cute! i like how the "wifi" symbol moves out of the right to the top left out of the way so you see more of the snowglobe!

Storm themes are not possible at this time. We will work to make this theme and many others available the Storm when RIM has completed their latest version of Theme Builder.

This is the first theme I've ever paid for, and it works on my "old" Pearl (8100), which is getting harder to accomplish as time goes on. There's a very slight lag from icon to icon, but other than that, I think it's very good. Thumbs up!

Bought it, will not work on my 8330... although it's supposed to. :/

Any suggestions?

Bought the snowglobe theme for the 8330 for Sprint. Tried downloading and it said that theme wasn't available for my phone even though before I bought the theme I told it what phone i had and it gave me the available themes.

Just got this and I like it but.It's for the Bold right? The msgs list don't look right... like msgs are partly overlapped...

Got it to work. Emailed the download link to my Yahoo address, copied it, pasted it in the browsers "go to" box, hit enter and it finally downloaded.

Caution, it will lag.. noticeably!

Good luck

I'm not usually one to change my theme for the holidays, but I think this is so cute! And hey- it's Christmas!

Mine's lagging a bit...but I think that's a memory I go to free up some space!

Well worth the $1.99 for some holiday flair on my Curve! I too have noticed a very slight (and intermittent) lag when I scroll between the icons but it is hardly noticeable. I love the snow flakes and the animation does not appear to drain the battery any faster.

I bought the theme about 3 days ago now. I have an 8310 for AT&T. My girlfriend has the 8330 for Verizon. The theme has a little lag but we're able to put up with it. aka it's DOABLE : )

I think it's worth it and just an FYI

If you want to change the wallpaper, it won't work. You can only see the picture on the "full application" home screen and then the snow only falls about 20% down the screen and stops. Otherwise, it's really fun to have : )

The green and white menu colors is tight!

I purchased this theme, and like it so much, I went back and bought it for the other 2 berry addicts in my family. :o) I smile everytime I look at my homescreen. Definitely worth the $1.99. I can hardly wait to see the Valentine's Day theme I hope they come up with.

what would REALLY be cool on this theme...and many more...would be to make it for the storm and use the accelerometer to make it snow when you move the storm around!! and im glad they finally made a theme/wallpaper switcher program. although its only for the storm,i had asked about a program like this last year when i first got my 8830 after coming from a win mo phone that had it. i was told i was crazy and bb would never do something like that. well look at em now boys!! wish i had the storm!

The theme worked until my 8820 was rebooted. It is now frozen, useless, and displaying a "Verifying Security software" message. I read of a similar problem with the snowglobe theme for 8800 on another blog. Any remedies?