Bplay SLASHES Prices on BlackBerry Games and Themes!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2008 12:56 pm EDT

PRICES SLASHED at bplay.com!

w00t!! In what they are dubbing as a Back to School promo, the good folks at bplay.com SLASHED prices across the board this morning on BlackBerry Games and Themes. The even better news is that the new low pricing should hopefully be here for a while, or at least "an extended period of time at minimum" as I was told...

  • All top/licensed game titles are $6.99 (exception: Guitar Hero Backstage Pass)
  • All Magmic games titles are $4.99 or less (a bunch are $2.99!!)
  • All themes are $4.99 or less, with a lot of $2.99 ones available (exception: collegiate themes are still $7.95)

Here's a quick look at some of the price cuts:

Head on over to Bplay.com and take advantage of the savings today! Have any personal favorites? Let the CrackBerry community know your top pics in the comments!

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Bplay SLASHES Prices on BlackBerry Games and Themes!


Only Crash bandagoot is available for the BOLD, nothign else:( I want the horse racing game!

Saw some stuff I was interested in there, but I don't like giving my credit card over the net and they don't take PayPal.