Bplay Release New York Times Crosswords!

The New York Times Crosswords
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2009 11:20 am EST

As much as I love BrickBreaker, after seeing it get named the BlackBerry Game of the Year in our Best of 2008 Cracky Awards, I can't help but want to see another game title take this most-coveted award for 2009. The BlackBerry gaming year is off to an intellectual start with Bplay's latest release, New York Times Crosswords! Here's the official verbage:

Play the same crossword puzzles published daily in The New York Times on your mobile phone. There are also up to 30 classic puzzles bundled in the game.

With The New York Times Crosswords Daily, you can play the same puzzles that are published in the print newspaper. Subscribers get the daily puzzles as well as other features including live leaderboards for solving times. Also includes access to over 4,000 archived puzzles, up to 30 classic puzzles and the latest news headlines from NYTimes.com.

This is a subscription game - it'll cost you $2.99 per month if you want to continue receiving the latest Crosswords daily. Not a bad investment to keep your mind sharp all year long!

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Bplay Release New York Times Crosswords!


i paid the $2.99 and d/l the game.. after deveral minutes it tells me that the TRIAL version is over and to buy the program.. I cant get them to understand that I ALREADY paid and have the receipt. they keep telling me to redownloand it and I do but it dont work.. aqlso , it takesw forever for then to get back to you..

Hi. I am having the same problem w/ the game saying that the trial version is over and I need to purchase if I want to play more. I had accidentally entered the wrong PIN (and assumed that this was the problem), so I sent an email to support to let them know. A week later they finally got back tome and said they would "submit the change" but when I go to the purchase screen to re-download, my purchase isn't even there. It has been charged to my credit card though. Can you tell me if your situation was ever resolved? I'm getting tired of waiting for a response from bplay.

Would not recommend this app until they sort out how to support it. Unlike other games/apps, they do not give you an activation code or let you resend the download link, therefore there is no way to resolve problems with download except by contacting their useless customer service by filling out a form online. No phone!

Like previous posts, my credit card is charged, but the phone doesn't recognize that I subscribed. The link they sent me worked once (was able to redownload) but did still said "trial has expired." Now when I try the link it says download is "no longer available." I contacted their support a week ago with no response and just tried again. Their email says they have a "high volume" and won't get back to you for 5 - 7 days. Wonder how long it's going to take to get a refund.