Bplay Launches Storm Specific Site

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2009 08:48 am EDT

Bplay  Bplay

We just got word that Bplay has launched a Storm specific mobile version of their site. The site is formatted specifically for the Storm, and users are able to browse and purchase all of the Storm-compatible games, themes and ringtones available on the full-featured site. This is definitely a big help since graphic intensive sites like Bplay take quite a while to load on a mobile device, and are extremely difficult to navigate at times in their native form. Head over to Bplay.com from your Storm to check it out.

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Reader comments

Bplay Launches Storm Specific Site


im glad, the storm has always been kind of its own unit when it comes to games/apps since it is touch screen and all... hopefully this will produce some actual quality games for the storm.

As a word of warning to people purchasing Storm games through Bplay: just because the game is listed as Storm compatible, doesn't mean it's particularly Storm-friendly. Many of these games run half-screen with the keyboard at the bottom used to control movement, which is pretty half-assed IMO.

Bplay lists apps for the Storm, but Storm compatible does not make it a Storm app.

MOST of the Storm apps presented on the Bplay site (and all other sites) only use half of Storm's big screen.

I believe Storm users need to unite and say, "Enough is enough! If it wasn't developed for the Storm (360x480 pixels and touchscreen control) then DO NOT call it a Storm app."

Went to "buy" and got an error message that it isn't available for my model & after reading these comments I'm glad!