Bplay Launches Officially Licensed NFL Themes

Bplay NFL!
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Nov 2008 03:48 pm EST

This one is for the Football fans in the house...

Bplay launched NFL themes this week and has them available for all 32 teams!

NFL themes are currently available for the BlackBerry 8100, 8300 and 8800 device families, with Bold support about a month away. I'm pretty sure these are the only officially-licensed NFL themes available for the BlackBerry. You can pick them up for $7.95 a pop (dang those licensing fees!). Ahh, but it's small price to pay to have your BlackBerry dressed in your favorite team's colors!

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Bplay Launches Officially Licensed NFL Themes


It seems to be. I have an 8330 from Sprint with and I haven't had any problems. The link Bplay sent me didn't work, and I emailed customer service late last night and they sent me a working link by lunch today. Good job on them.

The Steelers are the only NFL team that sports their logo on only one side of the helmet. At first, this was a temporary measure because the Steelers weren't sure they would like the look of the logo on an all-gold helmet. They wanted to test them before going all-out.

Equipment manager Jack Hart was instructed to put the logo only on one side of the helmet - the right side. The 1962 Steelers finished 9-5 and became the winningest team in franchise history to date. The team finished second in the Eastern Conference and qualified for the Playoff Bowl. They wanted to do something special for their first postseason game, so they changed the color of their helmets from gold to black, which helped to highlight the new logo.

Because of the interest generated by having the logo on only one side of their helmets and because of their team's new success, the Steelers decided to leave it that way permanently.

Today's helmet reflects the way the logo was originally applied and it has never been changed.


hmm...wonder if they're working on NHL ones? I already have the Handango Sens theme but it's a little shotty...

Might I suggest some NCAA ones? I'd pay for a University of Central Florida one that is completely done up for the storm. Let me know if you need me to get in touch with you to finance this.

Will these be avaible for the storm when it comes out?
cuz i want to rep my team (eagles) on the storm
cuz a badass phone needs to be with a badass team
GO EAGLES!! screw the cardinals, i live in arizona though

Hey Kev, Any chances of BPLAY doing NHL themes???
I would love to have my Bold decked out in my teams colors, The blue and white of the Maple Leafs...That would be kick ass!!
Or do you know of any NHL themes out there kicking around that works with the Bold??

Really wanted one of the nfl logos but after entering the web site and selecting my phone and theme i couldn't figure out how to check out; poor web design in my opinion. the first rule of business is don't say no to money and this seems too hard to figure out.

May someone please get that awesome buccaneers theme available for the tour! Its hard being a bucs fan as it is at least give us a tour theme.