Bplay Introduces UFC Themes... Let's Get it On!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Oct 2008 05:43 pm EDT
Chuck Liddell BJ Penn RUSH George St. Pierre

Rampage Jackson Anderson Silva UFC Girls

Bplay.com, the kings of releasing officially-licensed themes and games for BlackBerry, have just launched a handful of UFC themes for all the mixed martial arts fans out there. The themes are only $4.99, and feature some of the top stars of the UFC, including Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson, BJ Penn, GSP (my hero!), Anderson Silva and there's even a UFC Girls theme featuring cage-side Octagon hotties. Let's Get it Downloaded!!

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Reader comments

Bplay Introduces UFC Themes... Let's Get it On!!!!


Hey i like your icons and your themes. But can you make one for my hero clay guida in an action scene?
Couple of ideas:

-Can you put the UFC logo instead of in the middle can you put it where the time and date is that you have of the themes you already have made and put the time and Date in the middle where the UFC logo is?

-Can you remove the name "blackberry" from this theme also because its an unnecessary cluster of things on the phone.

-When you hit the blackberry button to see all the other icons are they more cool UFC logos and stuff like that? as long as there all different and not the same icons like example: gloves, belt, mouthpiece, whatever and i like the icons in the front up and down like that but if a clay guida wallpaper doesnt work with the icons up and down then across the bottom is fine as well. as long as there are 6 icons its cool..

I have the blackberry tour 9630 v4.7.1.40

Im willing to pay the 4.99 can you message me if you have any questions or are willing to do this theme?

thank you,