Today Only! Bplay $2.99 Premium Blackberry Theme Sale

By Adam Zeis on 1 May 2009 10:53 am EDT

Theme Sale

Been itching to get a hot new premium theme, but just weren't quite ready to spend the cash?  Well for today only you can snag some really sweet premium themes from Bplay for only $2.99.  You can choose from popular themes like Flowberry, Crossbar, Seltzer, Tinker Bell and more.  There are 20 themes on sale until the end of the day today. 

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Bought the explorer theme. I had already gotten the crossbar and flowberry through a gift card way back when, for a total of like $3.


What makes a theme a premium theme?


You get charged for it.


link doesnt work (at least in chrome)


I wanted to purchase two themes, on my MAC on CB it says that the two themes I was looking at are available on Storm 9530. On my device when I went to browse it came up with an error message and said that the themes are not compatible with my storm. ?


Oh of course they run the sale now.... AFTER I've purchased all the ones I like at full price. Figures pfft. Oh well, maybe there's another one I'd want :)



Is the site being overwhelmed? The site is down.


Are the college themes on sale, too?


The sale was over before the Ad was seen.

Please thank the Marketing Geniuses!!

Another sale lost!!!


I don't know, call me crazy but I never really understood why people want to decorate their blackberry. I mean yeah, I guess it's nice to have a new design, but I am pretty happy with the standard ones.

All I care about is something that will work and do what I need it to do while working with real estate clients and posting real estate video.