Bplay $0.99 Game Sale Now Through Friday

By Adam Zeis on 13 Aug 2009 01:51 pm EDT

Bplay running a two day game special now through Friday. Over 20 Magmic games are all on sale for only $0.99. Most are available for all devices. The games are regularly priced from $1.99 to $9.99, but now is your chance to get a hold of some awesome games at the lowest prices yet. You can choose from greats like Brain Up, Phase 10, Texas Hold'em King 3, Cribbage, Daytona USA and more. Head over to CrackBerryBplay.com to check them all out.

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Bplay $0.99 Game Sale Now Through Friday


The problem is, I recieved the email from Bplay, as well. They don't have Big Kahuna Word for the Blackberry Tour.

I would have bought that game at 99 cents.

Another thing I don't understand is why these games don't have a trial, or a test, before you buy the game.

Then again, most of the games probably wouldn't be bought if that was the case.


I picked up a few of these $0.99 games when they did the sale last time. Some were cool, but others, not. Proteus for instance...totally sucks. Big Kahuna Words, kinda fun.

only 2 games for the Tour - WEAK very weak

go down to games and click on MORE GAMES
in the top left section it will display type of games
the bottom option is bargain/sale games and it lists only 2 for the TOUR - Spider Solitaire and Ka-Glom

i took advanage of this... got 3 games for my storm

1. texas hold'em king 3
2. soltiaire legends
3. spades

i happy now :)

where are all the $.99 items? i only see about 9 items in the onsale and those are the same crappy apps that have been there for a while

I know this isn't the place for this, but be careful what you buy from bplay. Their Customer Service is horrible and they don't respond to anything.

If you can't tell, I hold grudges. :-)

99 cents is reasonable even for the simple bplay games.

I got


Plus if you buy 5 you get 20% so these were really all 79 cents.

Not bad, even if I play everything once, it is worth it.

Its easier to go to bplay.com on your phone. I have a storm so not sure if this will work the same on other blackberries.

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click On Sale. This will give you a default listing of games that are 99 cents.
2. You will also want to click each category to see the other games and their prices.