Boy Genius Offers His Thoughts On 9630

BGR Initial Review Impressions!
By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2009 09:16 am EDT

Boy Genius gave everyone a quick video of the BlackBerry 9630 running the other day just to hold everyone over until a more thorough consensus could be made on the device.

After playing with it over the weekend he has come back and posted some initial thoughts on the Niagara. Despite the OS being early beta and even with the lack of WiFi, so far it seems BG is absolutely loving the 9630. Be sure to check it out as some nice details and insight are given in there. Keep in mind this unit is pre-release, so things can still change. And you'll want to keep it locked to for Kevin's follow-up review to his BlackBerry 9630 Hands-On Initial Hardware Impressions which should be coming in the days ahead.

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Boy Genius Offers His Thoughts On 9630


Even though it has no WI-FI, I still can't wait until it's released. Is the no WI-FI issue a marketing strategy? Think about it, if blackberry/RIM made a single phone that had everything everyone wanted, why would they need to make anything else? How can you top a phone that already has everything? I think RIM knows this and are going to come out with a phone in the near future with WI-FI, but will probably be lacking some other key ingredient.

I think it's the service provider more than RIM itself. Just like at&t wanted a BB with both wi-fi and 3G, and they got the Bold. If you think about it also, at&t doesn't require that u get a data plan when u buy a BB. However, Verizon won't sell u one without a plan. So, if this phone already had wi-fi, there wouldn't be a reason for them to make u get a data plan since wi-fi is pretty much everywhere now. Strategy? Sure... I wouldn't blame RIM, though. Just think about all the other carriers who don't force u to get a data plan and their wi-fi capable BB selection. :)

In a way your right. CDMA Blackberries require a data plan. It has to do with the technology, not verizon or sprint. Second, RIM had never made a wifi cdma blackberry. They all have gps however. If im not mistaken there isnt a GSM blackberry with GPS and Wifi, maybe the Bold?

Verizon Wireless also requires you to have a data package with the Samsung Omnia and Samsung Saga, both of which have wi-fi... What's the difference? RIM makes the phone, not Verizon Wireless. Also, find one CDMA Blackberry that has wi-fi... Verizon Wireless is not the only CDMA carrier ( see Sprint, US Cellular, Alltel ( before merger ), .... ) none of these carriers have a CDMA Blackberry with wi-fi.

Logistically speaking, Verizon has no money to lose from having 802.11 in their phones so I have never quite understood why no CDMA BlackBerries have it. I can't speak for Telus or Bell, but in the US VZW forces you with a data plan anyways so as far as I can tell they have nothing but money to save on bandwidth by putting Wi-Fi in their phones.

I vaguely remember the 8300's problem being space inside the phone for so many chips or something like that so I think that's why they only had so many. Clearly space isn't a problem now (as the 8900 has shown us) so whatever is stopping them from putting 802.11 in is beyond me. I don't think at any point anyone implied that 'Wi-Fi in phone = no forced data.'

So, my upgrade on VZW is on April 1st. I really want the 9630, but what if it turns into a "Bold" and doesn't come out until September. ....argh!

I've been eligible for upgrade for a couple of weeks already and I'm sick of my current dumbphone. Unfortunately, I think this won't be out for a while yet because we're seeing no announcements or advertising from Verizon. With the Storm, it seemed like they were pushing it 3 or 4 months before release.

I have to agree with Jayman's post on BGR. It looks a lot like a clickable touchscreen. Look at the evidence, 4.7 OS, Gap around the screen, and in the screen grab of the data settings menu you can see the bigger clickable touch buttons. I'm not holding my breath but it looks pretty convincing.

mann... my tug-of-war among BB upgrades between the 9530 and 9630 was taken another turn. I suppose the wait will be well worth it and patience IS infact a virtue.. for now atleast.

Look for this to be released in July. May is just a dream. A pretty reliable insider that has been dead on for previous Verizon releases (including the Storm) has said July is the expected release.

OMG im so glad i've waited on getting the Storm. Can't wait for the 9630 to come out. I've been rocken my pearl 8130 for a while and was due for an upgrade in Feb 09, but was able to hold off. Love my pearl, but its speed & internal memory is just not enough for all the apps i want. Soooo out with old & in with the NEW when ever it comes out! PLZ let it be late May/June!!!

my verizon contract is up and i really want a new phone. Should i suck it up and wait for the 9630 or just purchase the Bold?

I hope you waited to get this cuz Verizons #1 and yeah AT&T #2 but i hear there customer service sucks a** so why should i pay for bad customer service :-) just my point of view. That would be sooooo awsome if BlackBerry started there own wireless service OMG that would be the best then all the BB's would be available on one service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know about the rest of the Black Berry lovers on here, but the more I see the pics and reviews the more excited I get about my upgrade in May!!! Keep the info coming!!

i want a blackberry so badly, i have bee trying to hold out for the 9630 because i know it will be worth it, but its so hard...when will this be released!?! the suspense is killing me

The 9630 is o.k. but the bb I want is the 8900. Currently the 8900 is only available to T-Mobile customers. Does any one know if AT&T or even Sprint (my current cell phone provider) will get the 8900? I really want that phone ;(