gains 500,000 BlackBerry PlayBook users since launching in September 2011
By Bla1ze on 28 Feb 2012 09:19 am EST

There has been plenty of talk lately surrounding why developers should make their apps available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. While some developers have taken the time to make great apps for the PlayBook, some have not yet done so as they seem to feel the user base is not all that large.

While that may be true to a certain point, realistically now is the best time to develop an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook due to the fact that great apps when they arrive, reach their mass potential among BlackBerry PlayBook owners. Using as an example, they recently noted that since September of 2011 they have now gained 500,000+ users to their platform and now, PlayBook owners make up 16% of their tablet user base.

Call me crazy but if I was running a company, 500,000 new users is something that I would certainly want to have added to my statistics. It might not be a whole lot in the grand scheme of things but at the end of the day, 500,000 people speaking about a good app goes a long way to gaining more users in the long run, even if they are on other platforms.

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Reader comments gains 500,000 BlackBerry PlayBook users since launching in September 2011


i dont use box but i assume that less than 1 in 2 do either - if we can go with that assumption (which may be faulty at best). There may be more than 1 million PB out there in action. (Or 10 guys registering 100 times on the same playbooks.) either way its all gd news!

Yeah NetFlix, 500,000 users. You could almost make up for how many you lost due to your price increase.

500,000 users; that's more then the total number of all Android tablets sold, right :)

You're assuming all PlayBook owners would want or even need Netfix. Box supplies a useful service. Netflix supplies a non-essential service. I've downloaded Box, I have no need for Netflix.

Not everyone uses or downloaded/registered Box either. 1/2 a million is right now a potential number because there are no actual numbers just yet. Kindle, Netflix, Skype, etc can see the numbers as potential customer gain or customer advertisement of their service.

Right now we cannot even make a guess on how many PlayBooks are out there because this "fire sale" is sure to, at the least, skew the predicted forecast when it was $600.

On top of that, if RIM makes it so that a developer can create both phone and tablet apps using the same tools, then Netflix, Kindle, etc needs to get their app on the PB soon, before another company gets the head start so as to keep their stake in customers.

This is especially true for Kindle because there is already Kobo and soon to be that magazine app ( Zinio). It does also effect Netflix and most "popular" apps.

Hmmm, the article says Box SAID they got 500.000 PB user and that they are not 16% of their tablet base.

It is said there. It was said in the slides. So yes, ~500.000 downloaded box and created an account.

Last we checked, the number of PBs out there was around 850.000 (probably more now)

Just getting some of your facts right. I agree with Bla1ze... If I had an app/platform/service/news channel/media store. I'd making all efforts possible to be in every single platform ever, so I could squease every penny out of every possible client.

Besides, people have more than one device and they tend to like it when we help them access their stuff on as many as they can.

The Annoying PlayBook says: HEY! HEY, SUGARSYNC! BOX!

Their app lacks many of great features we have on the web version of the site such as discussions and collaborations. You cant even move files as far as i can remember (someone correct me) and that proves to be an essential part of the cloud.

I recently contacted Box about improving their app and if the numbers are correct above, they would have every reason to. The returned email was a let down,....... Saying that they are not looking to improve the app in the near future at all.

I've been a user since it first came out and I have to say that it's a good app, but needs a little work.

Take BlueBox for example...they have some really cool tools right on the main screen. These are really needed to manage the data, files, etc...

BOX, take a look, would be nice to have a little tools to help manage the accout better!

NetFlix, you could learn something here!! LOL! Get with the program!!


Is this downloads or sign ups? Because I have downloaded the app but I have yet to sign up yet. I'm just curious as to what exactly these numbers mean. Either way, it's a great story for the PlayBook!

I'm interested in if its downloads or sign ups as well, i downloaded it once but i created an account for every email address i own to have various 50gb cloud storage accounts.

By the title of the story, I would guess that would mean who registered with them (the term "users"). Then again, it wouldn't be the first time a company made their numbers sound better than it is. I think it is registered though.

That's an impressive number, although it is a great app(which I do have downloaded and registered for), I still use dropbox, pretty much have invested my cloud storage on that.

For my company it isn't the user base that is the issue, but the poor tools available. Development on play book has been one stumbling block after another. Writing code for our own file chooser for example, when that should be a part of their API, print line debugging, because no JavaScript breakpoints, etc.

I'm quite happy with (correct me if I am wrong, but they dropped the .net for .com, right?).
50GB of storage space to give PlayBook owners for free is really quite generous of them.
I've read reviews/comments of people about here and on other sites.
Yeah, some people might see file size limitations, app limitations, etc. as reasons to complain.
One thing we should all be reminded of is that we should just be thankful for the free service. I think we should be more appreciative and less demanding. Just my two cents worth. Comments sincerely not directed at anyone.


Just downloaded and uploading some files now. Solid start for a free app, however it's not very smooth just yet. Thanks for that 50gb, now I can return the finger to dropbox :)

I tried You can't automatically sync files with a free account so I deleted it.

I am currently using Sugarsync and automatically syncing between my computers and my playbook. I wrote a guide in the forums:

500,000k users is impressive imo. I have downloaded and sign up for but i use drop box all the time. i just love it. i have it on my pc at home, work, my pb. great and useful service.

The fact that i have 50GB on Box and 2Gb on Dropbox is all good. Also Box have a native playbook App! Dropbox doesn't. I can live with the not free desktop sync. Hope Box release it fro free soon.

Tyvm Box & BlackBerry for the 50Gb account and a great App for the playbook!!!!!

Hmmmmmm! I wonder how much money has Rovio made since the company launched its Angry Birds app on the Playbook. In addition, I wonder how many purchases have been made since the launch... Angry Birds have been a top selling app for awhile since its debut on the Playbook. Rovio is probably currently making more money selling the app on the playbook then selling the app on Android or IOS... When are these other companies going to wakeup and stop listening to the dumb analysts! Companies should be looking for opportunities instead of listening to dumb analysts... I have always been taught that you do not discriminate when there is a potential sell because you lose potential customers and revenue.... Therefore, I cannot believe the arrogance of Netflix and some of the other companies that won't launch their apps on the Playbook. They have more potential sells when their is a greater demand due to scarcity.... There are not 500K apps already available for the Playbook.

Hum actually i registered 2 Box account for my playbook.
I had 2 emails and used two box account before having a playbook.

Maybe other people are doing the same as me ?