boxBerry by KD, tab out your homescreen in style - 25 free copies to be won!

By Michael Hepples on 18 Jul 2010 11:32 am EDT

I got a tip on boxBerry the other day via email, and as usual decided to take a peek (seems any time "theme" is in the subject, compulsion kicks in). The "usual" part of the experience stopped immediately when I got to play with the theme. The homescreen looks fairly standard, but the concept hidden in those tabs at the left of the screen blew me away. Clicking each tab causes a new homescreen to open up, sliding the previous tab across the screen and stacking it at the side. Four screens are available, featuring access to a dedicated social media page, "utility" page, and a media page in addition to the standard homescreen with a Hidden Today. The user defined icons stay with you from screen to screen, so there is no pesky navigation to deal with to get to your favorite apps. As always, the theme is visually stunning, with a great use of color and flow from one screen to the next. To take a look at what I'm talking about, you can get a teaser from the Youtube video of the theme in action. Available for a huge array of devices, it's currently on sale for 35% off in the CB store until July 18th.

Contest: We have 25 copies of boxBerry to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.  

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boxBerry by KD, tab out your homescreen in style - 25 free copies to be won!



I'm using one his earlier designs, XCite as my main theme on my Storm. Had it on my old Storm, and when it finally crashed, I put it on my new Storm 2.

Everyone that sees it asks about it, as it doesn't make it look like most blackberry's people see out there. Its cool.

I look forward to the opportunity to try this new one. So, "please, may I have some more!"

Thanks, buckken

I remember helping you get xcite back on your storm 2...hope you are still enjoying it! goodluck on the contest!

This theme looks great. As a theme developper I know the amount of time and work spent to make it. I would love to try it.

I tried making a theme like this once....wound up looking like something off a damn GameBoy hahahaha hit me up with this one please?? ^.^ love you guys =)

I (& my Tour) am applying to win this amazing theme. I swear to be a worthy guardian, spokesperson & advocate for KD's new Work of art.

I've seen lot's of "themes" and wallpapers for Blackberry, but this application is truly impressive! Sure hope I win a copy!

I am always impressed how CB always finds the cool stuff for our BB's. I would love this theme, plus it is available for the the phone I have. Please pick me and if you don't thanks for the tip on a cool theme.

I wish i could find a theme that made me feel like it was worth the download. I always end up going back to the preload theme. Maybe this one could change my mind.

I guess I am throwing my name into the contest. I am new to the BB world and looking for a new theme. Thanks!

This theme will never never make me feel embarrassed to show my iphone and android friends my theme's looking kinda like the xbox 360 concept..and it looks like it works awesome on blackberry.....hopefully can get one....cheers......good job KD TEAM................

Very nice theme. Its innovative and appears to be the first of its kind on a blackberry IIRC. Hope I win as I'm paypal'd out for the time being LOL

Wow! Wow! and more Wow! Someone put in a lot of work to get this running. Would absolutely be a great addition to my 8350i. Again, Wow!

Well I don't know the magic words to get a copy, but here goes
I would like to have a copy. Thanks Rick

The whole idea of how they have brought the tabs into this theme seems pretty awesome..theme is very well done! And that's for the contest crackberry!

Normally, I'm not one for themes (the slowdown is typically enough to keep me at bay), but this one has me intrigued...


Hmmm seems like a very interesting theme, I'd love to try something like this out. Sign me up for this!!
Good luck to you all!

wow this theme looks very unique, would love to be able to try this one out, would completely change the look and feel of the os i rekon

i can come to know from the pictures itself how stunning this theme must be. Kudos to the theme creator !!

would definately love to get my hands on it :D

Now that is a theme I would love to try. I am always hesitant to buy a theme and then find out it's not what I wanted. Please let me have one so I can get over the fear of throwing money away, and learn that themes can be good!

What an exquisite theme. This would look great on my BlackBerry Bold 9700. Maybe it would cheer me up, as AT&T bit off more than they could chew with the iPhone in GENERAL, and the quality of their service has gone way downhill. According to them, they are trying to upgrade their towers, but the towers are NOT accepting the upgrades properly. Sounds great right? AT&T get your act together or give us free service. :)

I have Leather for BB, it is good, but this looks like it would really rock--Nice Nice Work. This is one that if I win, I know others will be Jealous...

I've been wanting this theme since it was first shared while it was in the works. I would love love love to sport this theme! Me likey likey

boxBerry theme & background for QuickLaunch menu- isn't that a perfect match? It totally looks like they were made for each other lol.
This theme not only looks great, but it runs very smoothly. I'd like to be able to customize it more to suit my preferences- the apps on the tabs are not customizable, & several of them I don't use or have installed on my BB. It would be nice if there were a way to delete those unusable apps from the theme, but it's still an awesome theme. Between this theme & the QuickLaunch app, I never have to leave my homescreen to access anything I need! This is the 1st theme I've paid for in a few years, & it's well worth the price.

*QuickLaunch background is from they've got quite a few, but any image that is 180x300 will work perfectly fine.