Box cloud storage integration coming to BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Bla1ze on 1 Oct 2012 02:27 pm EDT

Over the past few years there has been a huge demand for cloud storage solutions and tighter integration with mobile devices. One company offering solutions to not only consumers but enterprise business customers as well has been Box.

While at BlackBerry Jam Americas, Michael Smith, Product Manager at Box spoke about the integration coming to BlackBerry 10 and how the new operating system made it easy for the Box team to get things up and running in a short amount of time.

Check out the video, it's another case of where developers love working with BlackBerry 10.

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Box cloud storage integration coming to BlackBerry 10 smartphones


I would rather have Dropbox - I find that the user interface and integration is better and easier to setup.

Partnerships are looking good and I'm surprised that RIM did not create their own version of iCloud. Also, it looks like the "Send to..." option is being replaced with "Share", I'll miss it a bit to be honest.

I find Dropbox the best in regards to it's interface and ease of use but I only got 2GB on there :(

On Box, I got 50GB... I'm a bit bias at the moment... :)

Box's product manager looks very happy talking about their work with BB10. Great stuff.
Now where do I get a shirt with a splat on it?

LOL .... I was thinking of the exact same thing.
There is something that he knows that we don't

He should also be a spokesman for RIM .... just like Kevin the great is !!!

Long live Kevin !

It's odd that BB would team up with the only cloud provider that has no Linux integration besides a very broken webdav, which is very prone to IOerrors and old fashioned ftp which needs a business account. Not the kind of thing you would expect from a business oriented cloud solution company.

I love Box and the fact that I can easily share files between my laptop, PlayBook, and BB 9900. Plus, 50 GB of free storage isn't anything to shake a stick at...

This is great news, especially because of the 50gb of storage. The only problem I have is the 120mb upload limit on the free account. Overall they really should just bump that up to 1gb for free users, but for blackberry 10 maybe even more. Also as a bb10 user we should also get the box sync app to make sending documents from our desktops seemless (this the second turn off to box, no pc desktop app for free account, only mac).

I agree, but DropBox is the same (with less storage overall). I had a couple 800 MB files I needed to send to someone and both Box and DropBox unfortunately would not let me do it (with the free account). But $15 a month just to send big files on occasion seems a bit much.

Still, I happily use both, and love the 50GB storage allowance with Box.

this isn't true. With dropbox you have an unlimited file size upload and bandwidth upload if you use the desktop application.

Had to go to the browser either way, none of the apps on Playbook gives the option to copy links.

I love Box and the fact that I can easily share files between my laptop, PlayBook, and BlackBerry Torch 9800. Plus, 50 GB of free storage is just great. I was given the Sync app for free, and it's pretty good. I also have a Dropbox account with just 6.75GB of online storage that I rarely use since I love Box and like their UI a lot more. But I'm also happy with Dropbox supporting BB10 and definitely will be giving their app a try.

I agree with the box partnership simply because I also have the 50 gig storage but I hardly have a need to use it since I rarely use my pc... having it on the bb10 I would easily upload my pics on it instead of taking up room on my phone like it is now.

Great news! This is something BlackBerry needs, all the other major mobile software players have competing products integrated into their products, iCloud, GDrive, SkyDrive. I don't personally use Box but there is definitely a need for online cloud storage that Box could fulfill for BlackBerry users. I personally prefer SkyDrive, and I'm happy with SkyDrive support on my PlayBook from third-party apps.