Box and Dropbox for BlackBerry 10 updated with stability and performance improvements

By Bla1ze on 5 Sep 2013 05:45 pm EDT

If you're using either Box or Dropbox on your BlackBerry 10 device, now would be a good time to go ahead and fire up BlackBerry World and check for updates. New versions for both apps have been made available with Box showing as v1.2.0.79 and Dropbox showing as v1.2.0.65. The change log for both is short but it notes stability and performance improvements.

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Box and Dropbox for BlackBerry 10 updated with stability and performance improvements


Agree. For now I need to log in Dropbox or Box by browser to get link before I can share sizable file.

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The Dropbox update keeps coming back, has been for weeks. Z10 STL100-3 on Rogers. As soon as it installs, there it is, available for download again.

I wish we had Dropbox. We get "Connect to Dropbox," which is better than nothing, but still pretty disappointing.

Loving my Q10

What's the difference? I'd rather use the file system app for dropbox than a dedicated app separate from the filesystem. Integration is on of the thing this OS gets really really right.

I do like that feature...I just wish that it had integrated auto photo back-up from the camera like I had on my HTC One X+

Oooooo Dat Z10 seseee

Both box and dropbox have been working fine for me before... oh well, must be getting better :))

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Glad to see support for two great cloud services. I was lucky enough to get 50 GB of space from Box thanks to the PlayBook promotion and it's become a valuable tool. The integration of both services into BlackBerry 10 is seamless, hopefully more cloud providers will come on board once they see how great the Hooks for the OS can are.

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Every time I try and open files in BOX on Z10, it say access denied. It worked up to three weeks ago. Would anyone know how to fix this?

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I really wish that DropBox would have the upload photo and video functionality too, so I could close my Box account.

I'm implementing folder synchronisation bi-directional in PlayCloud for each cloud services.

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One of my favorite apps. I love the deep integration...I'm connected as if the content is on my phone already. MOBILE CLOUD COMPUTING AT ITS BEST!!!!!!

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Talking of apps written by BlackBerry, I've seen no sign if the update for Password Keeper that was mentioned here a number of weeks ago.

For me, it us still showing as version in BlackBerry World.

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These are two totally useless "Apps." they both just send you into your File Manager, which doesn't give you the options that you need. If you're a Dropbox person, side load the android app. It's fantastic.

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I'm getting really impatient with "stability and performance improvements." as a PM, my team uses that to excuse extra billable hours. May as well say, "mucked around with the code for a while," or "re-factoring."

The apps work fine. Give me some new features, and include the "stability and performance" along with the new features.

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Unfortunately I can not download it.BBW is not listed as Estonia.
Although, the Estonian neighbors like Latvia, Russia, Finland is on the list. Ironic!
Would it be possible anywhere else in these programs to download and then install them?
Some sensible suggestion?

Uploading files with Dropbox or Box doesn't seem to work all that well for me(Q10, T-Mobile). I'll grant you that I don't have the best signal in my building at work, but I waited 4.5 hours for it to fail to upload a 50MB video clip. When Box didn't seem to be working, I cancelled it and tried Dropbox. During that time, Speedtest rated my upload speed as 150Kb/sec(this is while the file was uploading), which means... 50MB should upload in about 5-6 minutes. Instead, I waited hours, watching the progress bar crawl forward, my battery level drop like a rock, and still the file isn't sync'd.

Anyone have this issue?

I'll never use the apps again after loosing over 500 songs during a transfer. Where did my songs go? Straight in a cloud of nothing. Wish BlackBerry had their own cloud service

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