Box and Dropbox for BlackBerry 10 updated - Link sharing and sync pausing now enabled

By Bla1ze on 28 Jan 2014 05:41 pm EST

To go along with all the other updates happening, Box and Dropbox for BlackBerry 10 have been updated in BlackBerry World. The updates are small but also important ones especially if you share a lot of files from either of those services. According to the accompanying change logs, you'll find the ability to share links to files as well as the pausing and resuming of file synching. Plus, it has the usual general stability and performance enhancements. Grab them now, if you haven't already.

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Box and Dropbox for BlackBerry 10 updated - Link sharing and sync pausing now enabled


That would've been really something now wouldn't it! I don't thinK any mobile IS has even dreamed nor aspired to have that level of seamless integration!!

But I'm very happy my most two favourite and trusted apps in BlackBerry BB10 have been upgraded to coincide with the public launch.

BlackBerry did a real stand up job today; most impressive.

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

It's Christmas once again for all BlackBerry users, it's been manic all day with upgrade and updates all day, keep it coming 10.2.1.

Z berry are platforms of choice!

Calculator and compass too for whatever reason... just saw when opened up BBW

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Yes... as excited as getting the Os update itself... okay maybe not but it its still up there..

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Probably never, I mean properly updated or god forbid native. BB is not doing BBM for WP so why would MS do Skype for BB

The fact that Skype on BB is sub-par is EXACTLY the reason BBM voice and video should come to Windows Phone (and iOS and Android, for that matter). Be the 'bigger person' and get that userbase! Skype IM is nothing to brag about, and voice/video quality is not that super either. Or are they ramping up to go big with Lync? I had that for a while but don't remember is it is being pushed further...

I'm assuming you need the latest release of 10.2.1 to see these updates?

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Well then I dono because I see no updates after a refresh, reset app world, battery pull, device wipe, hate mail, and a vudo BlackBerry stabbing...

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Lmao I am so feeling that way! It's sickening...come on US carriers.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Then why are some apps not compatible with certain Os versions.
Case in point BBM, received an email for an issue I had with BBM BBRY said my os version was too low for the feature I didn't have.

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Has anyone figured out how to share a link for a file?
Can't find the option either in the apps or file manager.

Via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

Looks like there's an option in the native file manager.. open file manager, switch to Box, long press on a file or folder, click the chain link icon.

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10 :

Thanks! Was just typing out a frustrating comment only to be saved (a facepalming of myself) by your comment.

Very good...was just using earlier today and had to go to the website to share ...enjoying the os update

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I also received an email today about an update to the box app for iPhone and iPad if you download the app and sign in before the 15th of February you get 50GB free. If you know someone that has an iPhone that you could use the extra 40GB is nice.

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Nice to have CrackBerry stay assertive in helping all of us to keep moving with what seems to be a very busy day of news. Except for the AT&T 10.2.1 roll out which will be around September of this year LOL. Only in America are we the first at everything, live fat and sassy, save for a simple BlackBerry update. :(

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I don't mean to be a pain, but shouldn't link sharing have been available from day one? That was a real hassle having to sign in to a computer every time I wanted to share a link. Now if they could just implement mnemonic dialing...

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Did they add the ability for Dropbox to sync pictures and videos from the camera so I can finally ditch Box?

South Korea by now has fastest Internet. They are going to roll out 5g soon.

USA seems to be taking a backseat. Paying more for everything. This place has become playground for the rich. The 1 per centers.

500+ carriers rolling out BlackBerry OS around the world. Americans pay monthly in phone bills = paying loan for a car monthly. Why is U.S phone carriers slow in progress. It is absolutely **$'9:$ up we are last to get BlackBerry OS.

The Bigger issue is income inequality in USA and the Dumb drones that support policy's favor the rich.

Thanks BlackBerry for doing the right thing updating improving all you done in short time for rest of the world. Keep progressing. Please keep the pressure on U.S carriers.


Lead. Do not follow

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Anyone else having trouble with T-Mobile wi-fi calling app with the official 10.2.1 update on a z10?

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The camera function does not work in remember app. Confirmed on 2 different, yet updated Z10's... the capture function works in the app in 10.1...

If you haven't received an update notification from your carrier could not having the latest software effect how smooth your apps run? Because there's been mention a lot late of apps releasing new software updates but because I'm not on 10.2.1 yet I don't see them in blackberry world and some of them are onse I've started having issues with

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Anyone else having an issue accessing Box and Dropbox files. I keep getting a permissions error whenever I open up these two apps.

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Have not received carrier update, and have not received updates for apps in BlackBerry World. Running 1055 leak.

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Updated both, My World keeps saying I have the updates available, over and over again...

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Why still dont show on my bb world these updates!? i dont have the latest version of these 2 apps, is it of not having the new os 10.2.1?