Challenge your friends and earn real-life rewards with Bouncity on your BlackBerry

Bouncity for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2011 09:35 am EDT

Bouncity is a new location based social gaming platform that certainly everyone will compare to foursquare. While it does have some similarities, the differences really set it apart. With Bouncity there is essentially a three step process: Go places, do challenges and get rewards. As you venture out into the real word (which hopefully you do) you'll have to complete challenges are various venues that include checking in, answering questions, taking quizzes, taking photos and more. Along the way you'll earn different rewards in Bouncity which you can turn into real-life goods by allocating your rewards points. There is of course integration with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well. Overall Bouncity is a pretty sweet social game to take on with your friends. If you're a fan of foursquare, Gowalla and the like, this one is definitely worth checking out. Grab the BlackBerry app free from the link below.

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Reader comments

Challenge your friends and earn real-life rewards with Bouncity on your BlackBerry


Ok sso I downloaded the app, I didn't like it, it didn't have a list of places I couldl check in! It has potential but nada :(

chill the f* down you can add places , lets help them to complete the places . It is seldom to see a BB apps that doesnt need restart

if you arent going to try this great apps then dont even freakin post. that sounds like you do not like foursquare personally , but posting in comment makes you look dumb

I must say that this is the slickest application in blackberry that I have seen so far

I love the splash screen so cute :(

it is so easy to integrate to twitter and facebook compare to 4sq where I have to go to website

to Accio comment , it is not necessary for you to do all challenges.

overall 10/10

the downfall is you need to help to add places :( its not much yet but no problem since crowdsourcing will be real fast

I think this bb apps is WAY much better than 4sq and gowalla

wow, I love this app. I've recently been looking for an app similar to 4sq. (4sq isnt working properly anymore for me) I will def. be helping them populate places in my area too! The interface is smooth and snappy, with a pretty cool splash screen. Great Job.

I love this app. The splash screen looks very nice!
I compare this app to 4sq and I prefer this app because this app provides a better User Interface and User Experience. And another reason, the app is developed by Indonesia developer.
Great Job!

I just singed up to bouncity and tried the app but it doesn't let me to add a new place. After I fill the all the blanks, it keeps saying "Retrieving Current Location" but it can't find it. I am a Su on foursquare and 4sq works great in Turkey. But it shows us that bouncity should work hard to be a global player beside foursquare.