bOSX Zen Theme for the BlackBerry

bOSX Zen Theme for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jul 2008 10:58 pm EDT

I'm loving the spree of awesome themed themes that have been popping up in our software store recently... the iVista theme, the PlayStation 3 theme, and now the latest creation from Z Man Designs, the bOSX Zen theme.

It's fitting that the Z Man released this theme on July 11th. After all, it's a big day for Apple and this is a Mac-inspired theme. So if you're one of the many BlackBerry & Mac users out there and are feeling a bit left out on the iPhone launch buzz, look no further than the bOSX theme to provide your Apple fix.

You can find more screenshots and a 'nerdy' photo after the jump, and the images really do tell the tale here - this theme is eye catching, and there's no doubt a lot of effort and attention to detail has been put into it. It's definitely the best execution of an OSX theme I have seen to date. The bOSX Zen theme is vailable from for $7.

More info & purchase the bOSX Zen Theme:

bOSX them for the BlackBerry Screenshots

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bOSX Zen Theme for the BlackBerry


As a long time Mac user (over 15 years now), I can honestly say that this is the first Mac/OS X theme that has actually gotten it right. The entire feel of the theme flows exactly like OS X. All of the other OS X themes out there feel cluttered in comparison.

Finally! I have a OS X theme that is perfect! I have been waiting for this for awhile now (Actually ever since I knew there were themes for Blackberry's).

Thanks Z MAN! This is exactly what I have been looking for. Great job!

This is the best theme I've ever seen. The only way it could be better would be it there were Today version. However, this theme is enough to bring me back to using a Zen theme.

I particularly like the attention to every little detail. My favorite feature is how the "box" that selects the icon on the Applications screen is so prominent that it makes this theme work with both dark and light wallpapers.

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you, for including the 8700 users with this theme. An excellent job all around.

this is a really nice theme. the whole interface is just something amazing. its going to MAKE me step my theme making skills to a whole new level!

Anyone else notice that no matter what kind of message you get.... email, text or BBM they all have the same envelope? Then when you go into the folder and come back out the correct one shows?

I hate that. Have to take this off after the purchase.... that needs to be fixed. When you get a ton of messages that is an issue.

Not to bad job,Icons and shelf should be on the bottom any Mac user would know this.There are other Mac themes out there worth taking a look at(Corey Visto and John at Gadgetbean)both have made a cool Mac based themes.Fix the icon placement and shelf and you would have a better Mac theme.

1 - You can't just put the icons on the bottom on a zen theme.

2 - When you set the dock location in OS X to the right or left, it looks exactly like it does in the bOSX theme.

Any REAL Mac user would know this...

There seems to be quite a lot of dislike for the notification icons. I will put out an update in the very near future to correct the current notification icons. Thanks for all of the support.

wow, how about a few good themes that aren't in the slightest based on apple?- apple sux, the iphone sux, at&t sucks and any theme that looks like mac sux- there are plenty of good themes on this site and none of them are mac-related for sure

That is indeed a valid point that I will need to correct. Thank you for the link. I failed to think through the logo correctly. Thanks again.

ZMan, great job! This theme is amazing. I too like the sub-background behind the zen icons as that usually is a huge issue with other themes, thus limiting your background selection. In your previous post, you mentioned an update. Will buyers be notified of this update or do we need to check back here?

All buyers will be notified of any and all updates, but in case you don't get an update notification, check the forums.

bOSX has been updated to correct (2) issues:
- Apple logo has been removed and replaced with a more fitting logo :)
- Notifications icon has been adjusted and replaced

Thanks again for all of the support!

Is there any way to change the Mailbox option to be All Messages and not just one of my personal e-mail accounts? How do you change those icons??