Borders eReader app coming soon to BlackBerry?

Borders eReader for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 22 Jun 2010 01:33 pm EDT

We're not quite sure how long this one has been in limbo, but it looks like Borders may be bringing their eReader to BlackBerry in the near future. A quick look at their store shows the BlackBerry (and Android) eReader as coming soon. The Kindle app for BlackBerry was released a while back, so not surprising that more would follow. If the Borders eReader takes after is iPhone and desktop brethren it should have most of the same features including search, ability to purchase books, offline reading and more. We'll keep you posted if anything comes of this. Thanks to G.S. for sending this in!

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Borders eReader app coming soon to BlackBerry?


I've just recently started looking into the eReader family of devices. Glad to see there may be more options to check out although I have to admit the Kindle is looking pretty sweet.

I didn't like the kindle app for the BB. I found it lost my pages and it was a pain to use. I read on my BB exclusively now, I haven't read a normal book in a couple of years! I use the ereader that Barnes and Noble has. But I'd like to see a reader with a bookmark hot key and scalable fonts. I've found them with one or the other but not both.

I did like the Kindle App and works fine for me the B&N/ app is slightly better and allows searches and swiping for page turns. But I really dislike the eReader format. It is actually the worst ebook format of all out there.

I've found the best eBook app for BB to be Mobipocket. You can get it from


I find this a little confusing. Borders is already selling the Kobo reader, which sells for about thirty bucks more than the new Libre.

The Kobo app for BlackBerry has been around for quite a while. Kobo books can transfer to a number of other devices, including iPad, B&N Nook, and the Sony readers.

The Borders page says "Powered by Kobo" at the bottom, which leads me to believe the BB app is just a rebranded version of Kobo.

I agree, I know Kobo is working on a new BlackBerry app this app is suppose to support ePUB. If this is true then this is good news.

But I'm a little skeptical and believe the BB app will be nothing more than a re-branded Kobo App. Just like B&N did when it re-branded the app.

This is absolutely correct. Kobo will be the technology, and perhaps the brand name, that Borders uses. Chapters has partnered with Borders to provide them the technology through their subsidiary Kobo. If you look at the picture you can clearly see a Kobo reader such as the ones on sale in Chapters now.

FWIW, as readers go, the Sony units are outstanding and easy to find. I have had a pocket edition PRS-300 since March and love it. It absolutely beats reading on my bb given the size and battery life.

And it only does ONE THING. It doesn't beep. It doesn't bzzzz that you have a new e-mail. It doesn't allow you to look stuff up on the web. It does let you get your gadget fix and calm your ADHD tendencies... :-)

And will any of these e-readers be available for the BB Pearl line of phones? I have a Flip 8220 and I'd love to read using either the Kindle or Borders app. For now I only can use the Barnes & Noble app.

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This app is a piece of crap. It only links to their own store, there's no way to access ebooks you already own and have stored on your device or SD card. And it's slooooow, get it if you like looking at the hourglass. If you want a great, functional ereader that can access existing material, get MobiPocket Reader.