Boost Mobile Shipping Curve 8330 with OS

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2010 01:48 pm EST

Boost Mobile officially launched the Curve 8330 a few days ago, and the forums are blowing up with some great news. It looks like the device is being shipped with OS version This is an added bonus for new Boost users, while 8330 holders on other carriers are clamming to get their hands on an official 5.0 OS. This pretty much came out of nowhere, but if you remember Kevin's OS 5.0 update, its really up to the carrier to choose what OS will be installed on the device. It makes sense since the 8330 is new to the Boost lineup that it would carry the latest OS. Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts, and check out the forums for more discussion. Thanks to Terry K for the screencap!

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Reader comments

Boost Mobile Shipping Curve 8330 with OS


When can other non-boost phones get the 5.0?? is there a link for it yet? since the 8330 already came out on boost shouldnt it be available by now?

*sigh* when will their be an official release for us other curve users. i am so tired of it being carrier based. :(

Would be nice if Sprint would come on and get with the program. Any ideas when it will be released ?

Who cares if you carrier released the update or not - you can install an OS from any other carrier on any compatible device. However, this is a big deal because there's still no official download for an 8330 device. For the Tour though, there's a couple carriers you can get it from.

I am really really trying to be patient about os5 on my sprint's rough seeing my friends' bolds, etc, and not knowing when or IF I will ever get the OS for my device..


nathanix has worked very hard to get something about this and it has. we are currently working. what it will be will be nothing short of awesome, but the contents are sketchy. Even a certain famous hybuider is helping ;) stay locked to CB for more info.

damn. that's a lot of money they want for an outdated model that's soon to be extinct.

there are 5.0's out there. and they work perfectly. there are hybrids that are even better.

if you want it. then grab it. other wise, quit whining.

if you prefer sticking with 4.5. then you have nobody to blame but yourself. you don't need to wait for a carrier release.

i see a lot of articles popping up on google. they claim to be plugging into there desktop manager and the update pulls up for them.

i plugged mine in and it wants me to downgrade to 4.5.175.
i'm running 5.0 hybrid 8.2.5.

what does everyone else get. if you get the upgrade, how?

This is b.s., man. OS 5.0 on the 8330 on prepaid Boost Mobile?! I would think Sprint would release it to their post-paid customers (ppl with contracts) before releasing it on a prepaid device. Utter crap!!

Though it might mean they may release it soon on Sprint. Who knows....

just wondering whats the big difference between the 2 are ? I know it is better just havent seen what makes it better

have threaded SMS (looks like chat)
better radio file (faster[hopefully batt life saving])
better ui
updated browsing
updated other crap
just better all in all

The blackberry is already being sold in stores. You can also order it online at radio

I ordered mine 2 days ago and have to pay $60/month for unlimited everytthing. wats so gud about 5.0 anyways? Im new to blackberrys. lol

Since Sprint owns Boost, could this mean Sprint using Boost as a trial run? Could Sprint users see OS5.0 in the near future??

I am debating installing this on my 8330 from Verizon.

However I seen on the blackberry support forums
that it is only for ESN based devices.

so I'm having second thoughts because mine is MEID based.

Any suggestions???

I don't want to wait for VZW anymore!

I just upgraded to OS on a Verizon used 8830 ESN phone that I just got. I deleted the vendor file but it still shows Verizon as the carrier. Do I need to do something else to unlock it for Boost. Can someone point me to a site showing the steps I need to do?

I just upgraded to OS on a Verizon used 8330 ESN phone that I just got. I deleted the vendor file but it still shows Verizon as the carrier. Do I need to do something else to unlock it for Boost. Can someone point me to a site showing the steps I need to do?

I downloaded the new boost software to my laptop but dont know how to download it on the phone. Can someone tell me hnow to do this?