Boost Mobile to Offer BlackBerry 8330 on January 13th?

Boost Mobile
By Adam Zeis on 5 Jan 2010 10:58 am EST

Word on the street is that Boost Mobile will offer up prepaid BlackBerry service on January 13th with the Curve 8330. BGR dropped some screens showing the Curve 8330 listed in the Boost system, and from the looks of it, the 8330 will be available for $249 and carry unlimited talk, text and web for $70 a month. I'm a big fan of T-Mobile's FlexPay, so I can only assume that some users who want to stick to CDMA will be all over this. I think that prepaid BlackBerry offerings are a great thing for those who don't want to get wrapped up in a contract, and while the 8330 obviously isn't the "latest and greatest", at least it gives some users another contract-free option.

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Boost Mobile to Offer BlackBerry 8330 on January 13th?


I was at boost mobile a week ago and the employee confirmed a January release date of that excact unit. MetroPCS told me February. I think its fantastic. I wish it was newer hardware but what are you gonna do? I don't here very good things about boost mobile though. My brother has them and says his call quality is terrible and that there is a huge delay on his texts.

yes sprint own's boost mobile. look at boost mobile coverage map and then look at sprint it's the same map but what sprint customer's can do that boost customer's can't is keep that in mind too..

As far as MetroPCS telling you February - they've offered it (The 8330) for most of 2009. And after taxes are included it'll only run you $60 a month. And that is with full BIS support (BES support is available as well).

I am not saying that these rumors are false, but it doesn’t appear to make any business sense for Sprint which owns Boost.

Yes, according to one source, there are more than 25,000 Boost Mobile customers already using Blackberrys on Boost (”BoostBerry”)

Yes there would be a strong demand for this product and the service,

However, Sprint currently has a hundreds of thousands of Blackberry Curve 8330 customers on two year contracts paying $80-$120/month who paid $100-200 for their Blackberry.

Sprint would loose significant revenue
Why would Sprint throw in the towel on their contract Blackberry business to gain no contract Blackberry customers. Once Boost offers this, no Sprint Blackberry customers would ever renew their contract.

Also, wouldn't this will kill the sales of Boost Mobile’s new IDEN Motorola smartphones. Like who would purchase an IDEN smartphone with data rates in what some call the "2G" range if they could get 3G for only a few $ more?

Aside from the screen shots that were contributed to the website, Boost will not confirm or deny this rumor.

Does anyone else have any confirming information?


Blackberry Curve 8300 series came out in 2007. Time for Sprint to clear out the old inventory.

While I love my Verizon Curve 8330... I don't see any problem with letting Boost Mobile customers get a taste of the Blackberry lifestyle!

yes i called boost mobile and they did comfirmed that it is coming out in jan 13 but the cdma department phone number is not connected yet. so it's on the way but not here yet...he's a bit of info for people not looking at yeah but it's still not the blackberry internet service it's there net not blackberry bis or bes so it will still run slow so stay with the boostberry and pay $50.00 not $70.00 you will get riped if you pay $70.00.. so do the research...

Wonder when the word "offering" will be replaced by the next trendy buzzword so that all of the "writers" here can jump onto THAT bandwagon.

If I'm not mistakened, all of Boost Mobile phones have the walkie-talkie feature. If Boost was to offer the 8330, then the customers must choose between having blackberry service (and 3g speed?) at $20 more per month instead of the walkie talkie? Or will the 8330 get rebuilt to have a walkie talkie button but less than 4.6 OS so it would not compete with the 8350i?

well i just got off the phone with a rep. and he states that the Blackberry will be coming out on Januray 16. dont know which model blackberry but from what he said its just gonne be a Boost model instead of the nextel model 8350i. same as the nextel but just says boost at the bottom...

Question is will the blacberry be on the Rim server? will we be able to use BBM?

Jdm_cd5 brought up the possibility that this could mean the 8350i is going to Boost Mobile and that to me makes a lot more sense. The 8330 is nearing the end of its run, don't get me wrong I love mine, but in terms of being a frontline just isn't anymore, it's being supplanted left and right. The 8350i though, has no competition because its the latest iDEN model available.

Now to pilgrim347's point on the contracted Sprint customers. The entry 450 minute plan at $70 is probably enough to keep people around because of the addition of any mobile anytime...we all call other mobile phones the most anyways. And beyond that, even though Boost runs on Sprint, I have had a lot of times when I've had service (I have the Sprint 8330) and my Boost friends haven't...this is experience from New York City and out in Lancaster PA. I highly doubt the enough contracted Sprint customers will jump ship to Boost to make this idea inviable.

I have it on boost right now but its the sprint 8330m! I hope that the bis and bes both work! If they do i would be a happy camper! =) I love my boost berry to death and wouldnt mind paying 70 for those feature!

I currently have Boost's monthly unlimited and using an unlocked 7520 and my husband is using an unlocked 7100i. Just curious if these will work if we upgrade to the Boost Blackberry Plan? Or do we have to use the 8330? If anyone knows, please let me know. I'm trying to avoid buying two 250 dollar phones if I dont have to. Thanks! :)


I currently have the Motorola Clutch on Boost Mobile, but I've been shopping around for months for the most affordable way to get a Curve. So needless to say I'm elated to hear this news. The Blackberry 8330 was announced to be available beginning 1/13/2010. The Boost Mobile website has added the phone to it's list of handsets, but it's labeled as "Coming Soon". I tried callinbg Boost's customer service line, but got nowhere. Does anyone know when it will be available to purchase?

I just spoke with someone in Boost telesales. She said that general sales of the new 8330 would commence on Jan 24. I took that to mean that the "add to cart" link would appear at that time. I may be possible to order over the phone now (I didn't verify that).

Will the Push to Talk feature work with the new blackberry 8330 coming out from boost? i have read up and i'm not seeing where this feature will work. Anyone know anything about this? and if it doesn't work, can the 8330I be programmed to work with boost and all it's other services?

According to the overview of the specs provided on Boost mobile's website and judging by the photos provided, the nationwide walkie talkie feature will not be supported on the 8330. I feel it's just as well, considering I only know 2 other people who have Boost mobile, so the walkie-talkie feature is pretty useless to me.

Just purchased two of the Blackberry 8330's from Boost. First, they are GREAT devices. Secondly, they DO NOT have the walkie-talkie feature. They are available at stores like Radio Shack and Best Buy. If you want a very good phone and ALL of the BLACKBERRY services, I'd say go for it. Oh and just to correct someone else on here, it DOES come with the 5.0 OS and it does not cost $20 more than the standard unlimited plan with Boost Mobile, it only costs $10 more, which I'd say is well worth it. So at $60 per month, you get everything, hi-speed internet, and all of the high tech bells and whistles that contract Blackberry services have. The only thing is that you don't get the walkie talkie, which to me, is a willing sacrifice, unless you absolutely need it.

This phone is not 70 a month like it said in the caption. It is only 60 a month and in fact i think you can get it on a 50 a month service. This is definately a smart move for boost mobile. You gotta think if 100,000 people go out and buy the boost blackberry for $250, It would be a profit of 25 million dollars! Not to mention the phone bill, which is 60 that would be another profit of 6 million dollars so that move just made 31 million dollars!!! If you want to c the new boost phone coming out this year follow this link:

As said twice before, the Blackberry 8330 plan for Boost Mobile is $60 not $70. Also, you CANNOT get the Blackberry from Boost on the $50 plan. That is only for iDen network and other CDMA phones they have. The only way to do that is buy a Blackberry from somewhere else and activate it on the $50 unlimited plan...however, you would not have access to the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) or the BBM (Blackberry Messenger).

Also, the 8330 from Boost DOES come with the Blackberry Internet Service, just like contract-based Blackberry's do. I have one. It is not Boost Mobile's internet. The only thing they have to do with it is they have their homepage set to Blackberry by Boost Mobile, but be assured, you get the 3G speed where available and Blackberry's Internet Service.

Any other questions, let me know :o)

I want to know if the 8350i could give me 3G speeds on boost network. I did a side by side comparison on RIMs website and it says that the 8350 does the 800,900,1800,and 1900 bands. This being said, isn't there a way. I understand that the PTT would not work and don't care. I spent 200 bucks on the 8350i and don't want to spend another 250 just to get the 3G speed for the net. Does the 8330 boost phone have a different SIM or what

Dual-band 900/1800 Mhz GSM/GPRS networks
Dual-band 800/1900 MHz CDMA2000 1X Ev-DO networks
This what the RIM website says my phone, the 8350i, can do.

Ihave a boost berry (CDMA) since before christmas on boost,switched the phone from sprint,an evdo worked,,since the launch f boosts brand black berry,, no more evdo....any comments ?

I see some posts claiming that the Boost BB will work with BES and BIS. I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but it seems that BES won't work with this device from Boost, because I just purchased one and although I love it and have been able to set it up with my personal email accounts, I have been unable to set it up with my work Outlook email and calendar. My IT folks tell me that this is because Boost BB won't work with BES.

Please tell me that I am wrong and that there is a way around this!

Thank you,


I actually have this service, and I love it. It is 60 a month and you have all the benefits of the contract companies. I am happy with my choice.

Sprint (Boost) stepped down the speed from EVDO Rev.0 to EVDO Rev.A, which means although technically it's "3G", It's much slower than using a BlackBerry Curve 3300 with Sprint on a contract. The browser is noticeably more slow then what I was used to. Secondly, the Boost Mobile version will not roam on other CDMA carriers (Verizon Wireless) which significantly cuts down the coverage areas, especially rural areas.

Boost Mobile was also unable to port my phone number from Sprint. Strange since they run on the same Sprint CDMA network. The customer service rep chalked it up to a systems limitation. I gently reminded him of the FCC mandate that all wireless carriers must comply with porting requests. He seemed to be unconcerned. So I have a new phone number.

Overall, the BlackBerry Curve 3300 device itself is great. It's intuitive, great for messaging, and easy to type with. The battery life is excellent. The $60/month plan is fair despite Boost Mobile (Sprint) crippling bandwidth and roaming capabilities.

I do wish Boost Mobile would have other BlackBerry plans - like a 1000 minute/unlimited data plan for $40, since I don't talk on the phone that much and don't really need unlimited minutes.

I just bought my 8330 under the Boost Mobile Unlimited plan at Best Buy at Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, AZ for 199.00 new. Plus the monthly unlimited for 60.00/mo now, which I won't purchase until I've thoroughly checked out the phone (except the net and call quality). Boost sells it's cards in 20 and 50 increments so you need to call with a credit, debit, or my choice; a purchased Visa Gift card to avoid unauthorized ongoing charges to the card and pay them 60.00 for the first month. To hell with "Android, iPhone", that's woosie stuff. Presidents like fine work machines, not "sexy" toys.

I forgot to mention that Boost is using Sprint as its carrier, which is a 3G network, 5 times faster than others. Combine that with the fact that Blackberry is 5 times faster with emails than it's closest competitor, Android, 6 times faster than with Apple, and add the 3G, you got style dude. Now, GO OUT THERE AND WIN!