Boost Mobile introduces the BlackBerry Curve 9310 - Available July 10th for $99.99

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2012 08:40 am EDT

Boost Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9310

Boost Mobile today has announced that the new BlackBerry Curve 9310 will be available starting July 10th. The device will be paired with a new talk and text plan, which includes worldwide unlimited BBM, for as low as $30 a month. The Curve 9310 features a 3.2MP camera, BlackBerry 7.1 OS, wifi and GPS and will be available for $99.99. Keep reading for the full press release.

Boost Mobile to Unveil New Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Talk & Text No-Contract Plan for as Low as $30 a Month

BBM Unlimited Plan launches with the BlackBerry Curve 9310 smartphone priced at $99.99 from Boost Mobile

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boost Mobile, a leader in the no-contract wireless industry with award-winning service plans, will introduce another industry first, BBMTM Unlimited, which features worldwide unlimited access to BlackBerry® Messenger (BBMTM) and talk and text with payments that shrink to as low as $30 a month. Continuing the Boost Mobile trend of offering more choice, flexibility and value, this offer is available beginning on July 10 exclusively with the BlackBerry® CurveTM 9310 smartphone, which is launching the same day for $99.99 (excluding taxes).

BBM, available for all BlackBerry users worldwide, is one of the largest mobile social networks with more than 56 million active customers globally. Customers can experience real-time communications and easily chat with friends at the speed of now, with instant responses and "read" confirmations. Plus, BBM goes beyond chat with more than 1,000 BBM-connected apps available for download on BlackBerry App WorldTM. BBM-connected applications offer a social, interactive experience that's not available on any other smartphone platform.

"We have partnered closely with RIM to enhance the Boost Mobile line-up and launch the first-ever no-contract BlackBerry smartphone priced under $100," said Andre Smith, vice president-Boost Mobile. "This breakthrough device is matched with the most affordable BlackBerry service plan in the industry with shrinking payments and unlimited talk, text and worldwide BlackBerry Messenger."

Similar to other monthly unlimited plans offered by Boost Mobile, the $45 BBM Unlimited plan provides customers the opportunity to be rewarded for simply making on-time payments. For every six on-time payments, customers will see their monthly payment shrink by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $30 a month for unlimited nationwide talk and text and worldwide BBM access. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for these saving milestones.

BlackBerry Curve 9310 gives consumers the full power of the BlackBerry messaging and social-centric applications in the familiar BlackBerry Curve form factor. The smartphone will be available at Boost Mobile exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations nationwide and at with free shipping. It will also be available at select Best Buy locations next month.

Messaging on BlackBerry Curve 9310 is made easy with a full QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad. In addition to real-time chat with BBM, customers can share large multimedia files (up to 6MB), including pictures, voice notes, calendar entries and locations. The smartphone is also Wi-Fi® enabled, giving users the opportunity to enjoy unlimited data. Key smartphone features include:

  • Dedicated BlackBerry Messenger key
  • Text and email (supports Yahoo!®, Gmail® and Hotmail®)
  • 3.2MP camera with flash
  • Speedy Web browsing
  • BlackBerry® 7.1 OS
  • Access to thousands of apps and games on BlackBerry App WorldTM
  • Easy Access to Facebook®, MySpaceTM, Twitter®, YouTube® and more
  • Stereo Bluetooth® support
  • Wi-Fi and GPS1 enabled
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Great battery life (up to eight hours talk time or 18 days standby; up to 70 hours of music playback with headphones)


Nice entry level device


did RIM even announce this device?

Adam Zeis

This *is* an announcement. 


Can you not get a unlimited data plan with this phone?


They didn't take the $60 Unlimited Blackberry plan away. It is still there...


$30/month for unlimited BBM? I guess thats a deal if you have a lot of BBM buddies........but im confused, does the fee include ALL data? seems like a rip off if its not.


It also includes a voice plan and texting.


Ok, for those of you think it is a rip off, question for you.

It includes:

"worldwide unlimited access to BlackBerry® Messenger"

I maybe wrong but it reads that there is unlimited access to BBM worldwide meaning no roaming charges????

If so AND you are a heavy BBM user who travels around the Globe this might be a package for you.

But if you have the money to travel around the world, would you not spend the few more dollars and get a 9900?


Unlimited BBM is great if you have enough BBM contacts. Last time I checked, there arent too many Blackberry users out there (unless you dont mind chatting with strangers lol). Unlimited texting is the Plus here.

And I agree, you're better off just getting a better phone, i.e the 9900.


78 million BlackBerry users and over 50 million use BBM.


you personally know 50 million BBM users?

In 2009 I had 20 BBM friends I knew in real 2012 I have zero.


Yep, I am down to just 3 BBM friends now :) which sucks because I really prefer BBM to sms.


I have over 50 contacts on BBM and I also prefer BBM over SMS. The problem you guys have is you probably live in the US where BlackBerry users are dwindling. Here in Canada, I know many people who use BlackBerry. Hopefully with BB10, US users will be flocking back to BlackBerry.


I go like 500 but then I live in the Caribbean and everybody here has a blackberry and before some people say our carriers dont offer androids and iphones we do and the plans are actually cheaper


As long as you have a data plan, you BBM is FREE worldwide! I am as confused as you are :)


exactly! I would rather have unlimited data and no BBM lol


Just to clarify. If I BBM anyone in the world from the U.S. it is free. However, if I am traveling I need to add the data package because otherwise it will charge me.

I know this is a carrier deal but still hits our pocket books.

People in my family plan have gone to Mexico and England and had the same issue.


$30 does seem like a rip-off, but the price is right.


What do you want for thirty bucks? Unlimited talk, text, data, and the kitchen sink? Should it also wipe your butt?


Actually the plan doesn't include unlimited data and its only 30$ after you make 18 months worth of ontime payments. The plan is really 45$ and does not include unlimited data.


so its a rip off. You basically have to pay extra to email, tweet, facebook, Pandora, or whatever (unless you have wifi). Those are basic smartphone functions. You're better off getting a real phone plan.


What are you talking about? If you want data (FB, Twitter, Pandora) then get the $60 unlimited plan. If you don't, say you are one of the millions of people in the world that doesn't use their phone for data, then you get the $45 unlimited Talk and Text plan.


In that case for that price they should throw in a monkey too. I can train it to clean the house.


I looked up the specs on this device but could not determine if it has bluetooth. Does anyone know?

W Hoa

The specs are right up there ^ and it says •Stereo Bluetooth® support

W Hoa

$30 a month for unlimited nationwide talk and text and worldwide BBM access coupled with an inexpensive phone.

This is perfect for foreign students/ nannies/ temp workers residing in the US who want instant and cheap communication with their families and friends back home.


Amazing how my Curve 4 years ago was $500 with no contract. RIMs margins must be getting whacked!

ryo lai

real-time chat with BBM ?
something like viber?


You will also be able to get the full unlimited Boost BlackBerry plan as well on this device.


were did you read that because i couldn't find it anywhere on the website :/


Boost has offered the $60 Unlimited Blackberry plan for a while now. That includes unlimited talk, text and data. This new $45 plan is for unlimited talk and text with the added bounus of still being able to use BBM.


Do you guys know how much this phone would be without contract? Im in jamaica and would love to buy one.


The last of it's kind. Not a bad looking phone too. Looks perfect for the target demographic


Are people really getting excited about his phone? It's so 2008.........No wonder RIM stock is sitting at $9 bucks.


Not everyone wants, needs, or can afford the same things. I know plenty of people who don't want a super-phone. As the death of the dumb phone draws nearer and nearer, there will be an expanding market for the low-end phones with cost-effective plans. I know plenty of people who would love a Blackberry keyboard and good call quality that do NOT want to shell out premium prices for a data package they never plan on using. So get over yourself already.


I agree with Rob1. This phone is so old school, and for $99 you can get a cheapo Android with a better service plan.


Then get an android then. You can't appreciate anything RIM offers it seems.


Understand the concept. This is not for a leading edge, high end consumer. You would understand if your iq were higher


Can't appreciate anything? Don't like blackberry products? Don't don't comment about it.


My boot is stuck up your rear end. Keep it. Bye


RIM will now be the BEST in the expanding market /Low-end phones.

Green-Ember - BTW - no need to get personal with your last comment.


Ok now I am really confused, I have had the Blackberry Curve 8530 from boost for a while and I am part of the shrinkage pay I now pay $50 a month unlimited and I have BBM,Pandora, Facebook and all other apps and I still pay $50 a month, So this is what I am confused about this was taken from the article ( Similar to other monthly unlimited plans offered by Boost Mobile, the $45 BBM Unlimited plan provides customers the opportunity to be rewarded for simply making on-time payments. For every six on-time payments, customers will see their monthly payment shrink by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $30 a month for unlimited nationwide talk and text and worldwide BBM access. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for these saving milestones.) For people who have been with boost from day 1 and have the 8530 curve do we get now the $45 a month or do we still have to pay what ever our bill is???


Contact BoostMobile and ask them about it, ask them why the bill hasn't been reduced.


if it had nfc id get it


Can you unlock a boost phone for verizon? If so i'm getting one.


No, because it is not a GSM blackberry.


Okay, let me sum this up for the all of you that seem rather lost.

Boost Mobile offers a few different kinds of ''Unlimited Plans".

There is the $45 Unlimited Talk and Text plan that is designed for feature phones basically.
There is the $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan that is also for feature phones and non-Android or non-Blackberry devices.
There is the $55 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan that is specifically for Android devices.
There is the $60 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan that is specifically for Blackberry devices.

As of the release of the Curve 9310, Boost will now be allowing their customers to activate a Blackberry on the $45 Unlimited Talk and Text plan with the ADDED bonus of BBM. This is for those that want the superior Blackberry keyboard but do not need data. For those of us that need that data functionality, the $60 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data is still available.

More options = a good thing people. Plain and simple.


off topic but where can i find that wallpaper? i love it! help!


I know, right? I want that wallpaper!


An inexpensive blackberry on a plan that's easy on the wallet... What's not to like? I'm a city-dweller and never out of wifi range, so having a data plan is supeffluous, yet my carrier requires it for me to have a blackberry. With this plan boost allows more flexibility, which can only be a good thing.


Don't complain about the data, here in Canada on Rogers its $65 for 1GB of data and 200 minutes and unlimited texts before a $12 value pack


It's $99 for the same thing on Telus.

$45/month on WINDmobile for unlimited Talk, Text and Data within the 'zone. Can't beat that! ;)


mmmm I was looking for a more powerful BB to replace my BB9300 but this one seems like a good device to get while I either wait for BB10 or go more in depth into the BB ecosystem.


Sounds like a great plan/option. But why are we only hearing about it here? Dangonit RIM/BoostMobile.......put up some money and advertise this!!!!


I would have bought this (outright) instead of my 9930 if it was available. The 9930 is great, though. This would allow me to keep my contract open.


It was never $30 a month and no option to get services for that cost. They charge extra for blackberrys over other phones, with their shrinkage plan the lowest cost will be $45 / mo. after two years of paying more.