Catalog, organize, and keep track of your entire book library with Book-zy

By Alicia Erlich on 12 Feb 2014 06:07 am EST

As an avid book lover, I built up quite a vast collection of novels over the years. From paperbacks and hardcovers stored away in boxes or on bookshelves to e-books downloaded across various reading applications, sometimes it is difficult keeping track of them all. That is why bibliophiles will enjoy Book-zy, it scans, sorts, organizes and views all of the items into your own virtual bookshelf. 

When first launched your bookshelf of course is empty. However, the native interface makes it easy to import your library either by searching the internet, scanning the ISBN with your camera, or inputting manually. The process is quick and effortless without being time consuming. Most of the data and information, including cover art, is populated for you when you scan or search due to the integration with Google books. It offers detailed information on publisher, book description, and reviews if available.


  • A beautiful, intuitive user interface, making it simple to view your books
  • Provides the ability to track favorites books, books read, books that you plan on reading and books currently reading
  • Keeps personal notes for each individual books that is stored in your virtual bookshelf
  • Ability to scan book. The scanning feature will provide quick feedback helping you identify if the book is already part of you virtual bookshelf
  • View books critiques reviews
  • View authors information
  • Supports light or dark theme

The application is broken down into five main categories to sort your collection by. The first one, All, is self-explanatory but there is a section for your favorites, books you've read or are currently reading, and ones you plan to read in the future. One feature users are sure to appreciate is being able to jot down and store personal notes for each title.

Books are displayed in either list or grid view and are sortable by author, title or rating from the main screen. There is also the option to switch the visual theme from light to dark. 

The only feature missing that I hope is addressed in future updates is the ability to backup and restore the database to the device or memory card. It would be unfortunate to enter my entire library into the application and then the information might be lost or wiped for whatever reason. 

Keeping track of one's library is a cumbersome task. Book-zy allows you to manage and organize the chaos involved. As someone who always carries a book in her bag wherever she goes, this application is worth it. It supports all BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2 and higher and is free to download for a limited time.

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Catalog, organize, and keep track of your entire book library with Book-zy


Sweet! I've been searching for something like this! This is the first time I've seen one. Thanks, Alicia

Good thing, I lost track of how many hundreds of books I own, and my database I started years ago on the PC was just too hard to maintain.

How quaint and old-school to read real books, instead of ebooks. Just a different feeling. And the digital paper imitations just don't cut it yet. Until then, I stick with bound books and paperbacks. Will download this app.

(I always hoped for a digital paper ebook bound in leather, with two touch screens that open up just like a real book, and lets you flip through the pages and have two pages, even different chapters, open at the same time, just like the real thing. Device has eluded me so far. Anyone any ideas!? Some Chinese manufacturer please make and market one, if Kobo, Sony and Asus are too lazy or risk-averse.)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Nothing like putting a real book down, and seeing the 1/4" (or more) of real paper as you move the bookmark from it's previous resting place to it's new home.

Ebooks are ok, but I am not sure I will ever make the switch. Your ultimate ebook would be ok, but it just can't replace having a hard copy Book in the hands.

Sad will be the day when real paper Books are just archaic things we tell grandchildren about, or visit in a museum.


Just checked the app's About tab.

Uses Google Books as a source. There goes your privacy. I just woke up (Australia) with a thought, wow, even major tech companies' websites use ajax.googleapis instead of rolling their own. How lazy.

How easy would it be now, whoever controls Google, can slurp all the data, and can pull the plug on anyone. Hope your Nest thermostat still works....

And now this appbomination... deleting it again.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

It's not that the digital versions don't cut it for me by feel, but that they are only licenses for the content. I like to actually own the book. I can't help but reference the disappearance of Orwell's 1984 from people's Kindles a while back. It was a comical and scary example of how that arrangement works. Plus, I don't always like for people to be able to easily know what I'm reading. Even your public library account history is not safe from "Authorities" in the US since the Patriot Act. Luckily the librarians in my city have read books, and know a bit about human history and patterns... enough to immediately default everyone's accounts to not record use unless you opt-in after reading a warning that the government can access this information at will. Anyway, I imagine like most digital footprints, that the ebooks one reads are wide open. Convenience or privacy folks?

Back on track... I share the desire to see a backup/export option. I might back that up more than I back up my whole device. Oh, and since I'm still on an older OS (need WiFi calling) can anyone say if you can just turn off all permissions and operate this as an isolated app?

Nice. It would be nice to have it backed up in the cloud. Also, a customizable database to catalogue other items like my Album, Cds, dvds, and other collectables.

Posted via CB using my Q10

I've been looking for something like this for quite awhile. Does it allow for the list(s) to be shared with a computer?

Posted via CB10

If you'll notice, there are items for sale, so I presume that in order to process, it needs access to your account.

Posted via CB10

Access to BBM account is simply to allow the Share Button (Invite BBM User) button... If you turn off the permissions, the app will display a dialog warning :)

That is a great idea, it's now on the application Road Map :) I was also thinking of adding a module to manage library check-outs... For the people who still utilize public libraries !

Free to download for a limited time.. Interesting.. I wonder how the Dev will flip to paid afterwards

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

True, but this has a lot of potential, mostly due to the mobility factor and scanning feature.

Should the dev incorporate backups (SD card and box/dropbox/evernote), ability to loan (tracking by contact/free form name entry), and make the app social and cross platform, this app would fill a niche that is marketable and could possibly leveraged into a buyout by a larger company, in a few years.

It's a good idea for an app.

Posted via CB10

Is very promising. Anyone else having an issue adding more than 45 titles?
I also would like to be able to add my e-books

Posted via CB10

Issue was reported by a few users... please use the FeedBack button and provide the book which you are trying to update. A bug in the code which can be fixed :)

Hoping an app like this could be made fo a CD collection. I have over 800 in my collection and this would be a good app to use.

Posted via my Awesome Z10

Worked quickly and easily for me. Be sure you are scanning the ISBN - some books have multiple bar codes.

Posted via CB10

Most books have two bar codes, make certain you scan the ISBN... If it cannot be found, try searching for the name.

I'll give it a try as I need to get my books logged before they all disappear via family lending them and not returning. Sheesh! Do I hate it when people don't return a book, and then have the cheek to re-loan your book out to someone else who they then forget who they loaned it on to so never see it again! Grrrrrrr.......

Z10 In action here!

This is why I believe that whoever starts allowing the purchaser of an ebook to loan it out several times, will own the market.

Posted via CB10

OK, we need to also be able to add in ISBN's manually as quite a few of my books do not have a barcode on them to scan. Currently, unless I am missing something, the only way to get the ISBN'S is via a scan. Hopefully this will be added in soon, otherwise a very neat app here.

Z10 In action here!

If you haven't noticed on the main screen, you will find the Add button. It will display a popup saying "Coming Soon...". I plan on implementing the ability to add custom book. Apps is at it's infancy level :) Ligth weight release to test the market and to see if it get's traction. So far I 've got realy good feedback....

When I go to BlackBerry World, it says "Unavailable for this device." I took that to mean the Q10 (maybe because of the screen resolution.) But now that I've seen your comment, it may be because of the OS version I'm using (T-Mo hasn't pushed 10.2 yet.)

That is interesting, app supports 10.2 API set... Humm, interesting, can you send me feedback from within App World by using the Contact Developer Menu ! Please include your full OS version, that can be captured from the Settings | About screen. I will from there investigate with BlackBerry to try and determine why it's not available for your device.

Being able to create a backup, or export to Excel is a definite need. Being able to import a excel file if it could be possible would be great too.

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Never give your data to a proprietary app or program, to avoid your data being locked in. Had that too many times.

Sure Richard Stallman will give you "the rant", if you ask him nicely....

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I've been using the open-source Android "Book Catalog" app by Evan Leybourn.. If you also sideload the ZXing barcode scanner app (do *not* download the one in BBWorld- it is an adware "enhanced" version), then it has the capability of scanning barcodes and importing book data from a number of different sources including Good Reads, LibraryThing, Amazon and Google Books (ie, there's virtually no book that you won't be able to get data on).. This app has been improved with every single version and works well on the BlackBerry, and it has the ability to import/export book data and other requisite features.. I have tried a few of the native BB book apps, but none have been quite as functional as Book Catalog or they had major feature deficiencies or bugs.. I will have to give Book-zy a try though..

Go for it.... Book-zy is Cascade native, it's new and I plan on adding many features :) Feedback via email are more then welcome, this way I can continually improve the quality of the product.

You are right. I was limited to 5 books. Definitely not free.

I wouldn't mind paying for the app, but it feels like bait and switch when the write up is for a free app and the description didn't specify that it was a free trial.

Deleted this one.

Posted via CB10

Sorry guys, baiting is not the plan.... If you read the article, it was mentioned Free for a limited time. App was released two week ago and all user who downloaded the app within the first week got the full unlocked version. This article came in a week after initial release... This is the original release post :

I've updated the app description to cleary indicate that this app is a Freemium. Many hours spent developing this app and many more coming hours to improve it.

Thanks for your comprehension !