Bono Allowed To Enter RIM Labs?

By Bla1ze on 7 Apr 2009 09:03 am EDT
Bono and Edge Designing BlackBerry?

Ok so when the news first broke of U2 collaberating with RIM it was kinda of maybe we'd end up with some cool promotional stuff for our devices, but beyond that I personally didn't give it any real thought as it's no different then say Madonna or John Mayer pushing BlackBerry devices at their concerts. However, seems Bono wants to be more hand on as he was quoted by the Globe And Mail as saying.

“I’m very excited about this. Research In Motion is going to give us what Apple wouldn’t — access to their labs and their people so we can do something really spectacular.”

So watch out world, ya might have a Bono and Edge designed BlackBerry heading your way, well..ok maybe not, but when Bono was questioned if that meant they were designing a BlackBerry application for US fans, Bono only stated "You're not far off" and then shuffled through a crowd. How omnious of you Bono drop words like that and leave. What do ya's think just an app or will we see the U2 branded BlackBerry devices out there?

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Bono Allowed To Enter RIM Labs?


Bono? Seriously?

Bono and U2 suck. They have maybe 1 or 2 good songs in their entire career, and saying that, that's being generous.

Why does Bono act like he's a World Icon? He thinks everyone cares about him and his every move. Problem is, we don't.

Go crawl back in your hole hippie.

While I hate Bono just as much as the next guy, there are 2 possibilities for things they could be working on that come to my mind.

1 - U2 may try to work with RIM to improve the media players on our BlackBerries.

2 - Bono will help develop an app that will "donate" some of your money to whatever cause he is yapping about at the moment every time it is opened. The donation will of course be charged to your wireless bill.

How lame.

15 years ago called, they want their inflated ego back.

Of all the people RIM could have chosen to collaborate with, they choose Bono, a person who is making a last-ditch effort to cling to relevance.

Ooh, I would love a Bono/U2 blackberry... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
In all serious though, Bono is the most obnoxious person on the planet.

so lame he's mad steve jobs never let him into the labs? Wtf dude your a musician not a product designer or software guy stop it already enough with the ego they payed you a lot of money to make the u2 ipod you own most of palm get over yorself

nice to have so many crackberry addicts that hate.... did any of you grow up during the 80's?? And I don't mean BORN in the 80's either....U2 still rocks, egos or not. You don't see them shooting themselves in the leg or driving drunk and killing someone...oh and lets not forget the humanitarian efforts too...

I was at Urbana '06 and Bono took about 30 seconds to record a Merry Christmas message for us (this was when they were pushing One). I thought it was pretty cool of him to do that for a missions conference. I don't have any problems with U2, but then again I don't consider the trainwreck lifestyle of most '80s rock bands to be something desirable.

Ur a retard. U2 can suck a dick. Shittiest music I've ever heard. Humanitarian efforts? Real humanitarians don't advertise they're "efforts" U2 PRETENDS to give a shit bout helpin people cuz its good for business. If they didn't pretend to be humanitarians they woulda faded from the spotlight 20 yrs ago because THEY SUCK DICK. I will be the guy who has to kill U2

cell phones and texting were a big part of u2's last tour...

logical next steps would be something along the lines of streaming concerts via bb, downloads available, ability to bbm messages to video screens, perhaps the ability to vote on song requests

That's almost exciting- except for the fact Bono sux and U2 is one of the crappiest bands ever(besides metallica). Who cares what 4 irish douches are doing? U2 and metallica are the biggest sellouts of all time. I hope both bands die in fiery plane crashes

I thought I saw the guy from on the Jimmy Falon show a few weeks ago promoting the palm Pre and he mentioned that Bono heavily invested in the Pre. Conflict of interest??

I might be wrong-so please correct me if my memory is failing me :)

If you all think they Suck. This band is playing around the world since the 80's and they still are playing MEGA concerts for 90.000 people. how many can do that. most of the bands are known for about 10 years and it's over. U2 is GREAT!!! For everybody, young and old. Thats a fact that nobody can denie, otherwise they would'nt be around anymore. So go all back to your isolated places and listen to your stupid music nobody will even recognize or talk about in about 5 years! U2 will still be there! So eat your harts out. What a beautiful day!!!