BOLT now speaks Hindi, supports other Indic languages too

By Yousif Abdullah on 30 Nov 2010 05:17 pm EST


Developers all around the world, take notes. Bitstream namely unveiled BOLT at the India Telecom exhibition as the first of its kind Web browser for mobile devices to include complete support for Indic languages. Definitely, this is an excellent move and great news for the mobile Indian population! Not only does BOLT support Hindi; India's official language, but it also supports Bengali, Gurumukhi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam and Oriya. In other words, that is nine spoken languages in a single upgrade.

Bitstream has certainly outdone itself this time, but the support for additional languages is very, very welcome. Here is to hoping that other developers also begin globalizing their products - did you know that more than half of RIM's revenue comes from outside North America? Well, now you know ;-)

More information/download of BOLT



Yousif your stories are harder to find in the revamped website. Before International news was under the news headline. So i went a few days without finding any of your stories. All is good now that i found your stories again. I am a stockowner and your stories help understand what is happening outside of North America. Perhaps, Crackberry needs somone to do the same thing you do but in S. America because though i have read Blackberry is the number one smart phone here. I do not see any stories about the area. Keep up the good work.!!


Yousif-I read your stories as well and enjoy them, even being a North America guy. Keep doing what you do it is surely appreciated. BTW, your posts still show up easily on CB's mobile site.


Sounds like everything is going extremely well, bolt sure beats out the font size issues with mobile websites as seen using the webkit browser. Bolt wins over it, crackberry has it's correct fonts only [b]with[/b] bolt.