Bolt Browser Updated to Version .83

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2009 01:10 pm

Bolt Browser updated!

When we dropped word of the Bolt Browser Private Beta on the CrackBerry blogs a couple weeks (remember my 2am video?) it was met with quite the reaction from the CrackBerry community. I think pretty much everybody who got it up and running was blown away by the speed and saw the "potential" in this 3rd party web browser.

Just this morning BitStream has followed up on realizing more of the potential in the Bolt Browser, as they have released version .83 which includes some BlackBerry-optimized updates:

1. APN configuration automated for BlackBerry devices. BOLT now auto-detects network details. This will eliminate the "internet not available" error messages, and manual APN configuration requirements, some BlackBerry users were experiencing.
2. BlackBerry dedicated back key support. Also supported on some SE devices.
3. BlackBerry scrolling enhancements. Scrolling on track ball BlackBerry devices is now faster and smoother.
4. BlackBerry-specific enhancements to match BlackBerry system short cuts such as "." when space is pressed in URL mode.
5. System fonts will be utilized instead of Bitstream fonts for lists and options, resulting in increased usability.
6. Improved server support, resulting in a more stable browsing experience.
7. Automatic reconnect after client/server disconnect
8. Usability enhancements for URL, Favorites and History entry and management.
9. Instant switching between landscape and portrait modes (this formerly required a server round trip). This should also enhance user experience on accelerometer powered devices such as the BlackBerry Storm.
10. Auto-Update. When a new release is available, BOLT will prompt users to download and install the new release directly from BOLT.
11. Blackberry Specific Scrolling/navigation enhancements including space to page down one screen and space+shift to page up one screen, 't' to jump to top of page, 'b' to jump to bottom.
12. Double tap/double click as a shortcut to toggle between zoom out split screen mode, and full screen mode.

To Upgrade: If you already have Bolt installed your device, just open up the browser and visit a web page (go to Google). You will be prompted that a new version is available and from there can download and install (you'll have to reboot).

Get Bolt Browser: Bolt Browser is still in Private Beta mode which means its availability is limited. Good news though, you can still get it thanks to our CrackBerry referall code! Go to and click over to Download. Enter 'CrackBerry' into the referral field on the form and you're in!!

Reporting: Be sure to drop your comments and feedback on this blog post and in our Bolt forum thread. ALSO, You can help BitStream make the Bolt Browser better by reporting any technical issues to to them via this form. And if you have something good to say about Bolt, send an email into

OK, enough chit chat. I've just finished upgrading and have some Bolt Browsing to do! I know some people have been loving Bolt while others have been slower to warm up to it. I've been a big fan. The fact my Curve 8900 loads websites over Edge using Bolt faster than my iPhone 3G can load them up in Safari (over both 3G and I've even beat it on WiFi) makes me happy.

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Pete Sake

This browser is running really slow on my BlackBerry 8320!!!


Works phenomenally on my Bold, RIM could learn a thing or two from BitStream.

The only suggestion I have would be to speed up the cursor acceleration a bit more.

Pete Sake

Yes the scroll speed is a bit up setting, I felt like I was scrolling for ever just to get to the bottom of the screen, there’s room for improvement plus it’s a Beta so I know the deal.....

angie c

slow also on the curve 8330, i guess it wasn't made for the curve :(


It is slow on my Verizon 8330 as well.


It's crankin on my VZW 8330! Much more usable now too. Scrolling up/down seems much better, left/right is still slow. Any chance we could get a "zoom out all the way" view? Oh, and a HUGE THANKS for letting the escape button work as a back button. That was keeping me from using this browser.


Seems to work pretty good on my Storm. I'm going to have to decide between the Blackberry Browser, Opera Mini, and Bolt now. I would be interested to see a chart comparing the three. Maybe I can dig something up in the forums.


good stuff, i liked the older version...guess im gonna realy like this one


It is still nice but still slow on the scroll. Maybe in the future it will get better.


I'm still trying to get the install to work. It all appeared good until I couldn't locate the icon in my menu. I emailed support already. I'm using a Telus 8330.


Just when I was about to toss this browser this drops.

Infinitely better than the previous iteration. Cursor no longer lags.
T=Top, B=Bottom, the space bar works for scrolling. I am so
loving this, cant wait to see what is next.


Does anyone else have this? I can use the Dual-Signed Version, but not the BB one.


Not too sure about the whole text inputing thing. Somewhat like Opera Mini. But I love the display for surfing web pages. I'm actually on the non wap of which is a PIA with any mobile browser including Opera mini. I went on for a moment it loked great too. Though I could not for the life of me log in to had some issues with trying to input the field. But for a look and see browser... I'm diggin the BOLT an m'BOLD.


i just downloaded bolt this morning. WOW! this browswer rocks compared to my storm's standard browser or even opera mini.


Bolt is yet another browser that doens't have a good user interface. I just downloaded and tried .83 today and it is still quite clunky and hard to use. Not quite as bad as Opera Mini, but not much better either.

The only thing going for these 3rd party browsers is the additional speed in page loads. But its like getting a race car and not know how to drive it: its worthless unless you can control the thing properly.

I am sticking with the built in browser even though it's dog slow.


I think it's more a matter of learning how to use it. Once you spend some time with it you adjust. I find it just as easy to use now, if not easier than the BB Browser.


I think it's more a matter of learning how to use it. Once you spend some time with it you adjust. I find it just as easy to use now, if not easier than the BB Browser.


Bunch of whiney bitches, seriously! People expect things to run perfect out of the gate or its crap. With that said, they will go back to the original browser, even though its crap and they admit that and not give things a chance beyond 1 minute.


So fast. Love the BB specific enhancements. I think adding the "." with the spacebar is new. Scrolling around in a page is a bit slow. I wish they would add a feature where if you held the alt or shift while scrolling it did page scrolling so we could work a bit faster. You can use the space to go down a bit and shift space to go up a bit but they should increase that. Still a bit too little.

Sites look soooooo much better. Now surfing around on it.


LOVE the fact that it doesnt reload anymore when you change between landscape/portrait with the storm.


what's the deal with "wi-fi" in the options menu???


First time Bolt User so not much to compare it to. I'm a Storm user 9530... Interesting web browser. Don't like that I have to enable suretype every there a setting i can make this the default? Also my storm became a touch screen using this browser rather than a click screen. Meaning I can just touch the screen to direct it rather than fully clicking it.... Interesting I've only played it with it for like 10 minutes so....


This browser is super fast even faster on wifi. After being a windows mobile user and using skyfire this is the closest browser I have seen yet that comes close to bringing a full web browsing experience to blackberrys. Although it cannot play a lot of the media content that skyfire could it does support youtube which is a plus. Cnn or some of the other sites of its kind would be great to to be able to get media content but other then that its super easy to navigate and the learning curve is fast. Hope to be able to get it when I get my 8900 next week!

Current device : pearl flip 8220


I agree, love the way it doesnt reload when changing direction, as far as being harder to use, the only problem i am having is placing the curser in the right spot or it will download a wrong page, guess my fingers are to big...Ha!


I have a Storm 9530. Should we still be downloading the unsigned version?


Anybody else with this issue?


Installation was fast and the first-time loading was quicker than I tought it would be. Pretty decent, especially for a Beta version. Looking forward taking it "around the track" after work.
Pearl Flip 8220


Download the version that says For Blackberry Users


Very Very quick, I don't think it has any adjustments from the trackball. But before some pages wouldn't load or would get a network error. Perfect! Can't wait for the official release


I still can't get this to work on my 8120 without WiFi. I still get the "internet not available" message. I'm T-Mobile. Anyone else with simmilar issues?


The one about WiFi it might help if not I have no idea what the problem could be..


I was busy when I got the option to upgrade, so I clicked cancel. Now I'm ready for it but the option doesn't pop up any more. Any ideas on how to get it back?


downloaded on tmobile curve, works great. navigation seems to have improved, pages look a lot better.

the only wish i have for this browser is to give capability to select/copy text from web-pages...... and play embedded videos too.


I would resend for the original beta. That's what they say you should do if you accidentally download the wrong upgrade.


Keep getting an error saying download failed. It says I am not authorized to download. I even re-submitted to private beta testing, got the email and still got same error.


I was getting that too. I had to delete my original version to download the new one.


Deleted old version and re-installed. New version is loading much faster for me and the escape button works!


I Just tried on my BB Flip and this is what happens with the WiFi on the bolt browser, so correct me if im wrong anybody. The WiFi option I believe connects The browser to your phones WiFi. Reasoning for this is that I have tried having my phones WiFi enabled and the Bolt WiFi enabled and it works fine. Pulls up the pages really quick.. I have also had the WiFi on my phone enabled and not on the Browser and its still pretty fast. But when I have the WiFi on the Browser enalbed and no WiFi on my phone it doesnt do anything. On the previous version it would give me a "cannot connect to the server" error. I found this out because I had WiFi connected on my phone and the browser which was connected to my home router and then when I left the house and was out of range it reverted back to edge speeds and I tried to connect and it wouldnt let me pull it up until I disabled the WiFi on Bolt. Hope this helps.


One annoying thing is every time you open the browser and go to a site, you get the "Would you allow.." access question. Wish that was a one time question and the answer was stored somewhere...or not asked at all.

Other than that...definite improvements from original beta. Keep improving!


I think that you will be save if you download the unsigned version.. at least when I upgraded when it gave me the option when I loaded the new version of the browser it had one for blackberry specifically, was the first link, although it was still and unsigned version when it downloaded.. So i guess take it as you will.. Unsigned just means that its unverified but it still comes from bolt, but I believe its for the blackberries that have certificates for security purposes because of blackberry BES. make sense?

Mauricio - Brazil

This version is even better than the original one! I'm amazed! They even found a way to play flash videos! That is fantastic!
I have Bolt installed on my 8700 and it's the best thing ever! Congratulations to these guys!


What does it take for these RIM and Bolt boneheads understand that space + shift to page up sucks? Do they ever really USE these browsers they are making? The navigation on the Pearl is a lot better. These are cell phones, dammit.


i upgraded and lost all my favourites. Did that happen to everyone?


For all the speed in the world the program still isn't right for the storm. It doesn't allow you to highlight before selecting through a screen push so essentially treating it like a iphone touch screen and moving the cursor isn't an option. Also the going to menu to magnify gets rid of another option to select the right icon. So in summation great product for non-storm blackberry's.


lost all my favorites also but i love the bolt on my storm


got in on the beta! hope it's worthwhile.

thanks for the tip!


Using the trackball is still painful. Once they get it working like the built in browser or opera I will be happy.


With this update it's still really bad for the Curve 8330. Maybe it's just because I'm not driving a Bold/Storm/8900, but it's really jumpy/jerky, and hard to control. The trackball is about as sensitive as a chafed cl!t. Ouch.

Is it just me? Or have others with a regular old curve experienced the same thing?


Yeah, i am having problems on my T-Mobile Curve 8320 too. It runs horribly slow and the cursor lags so bad I have a hard time getting it to go where I want it to.


When I first downloaded the browser it worked great but now when enter a web address, it acts like its going to load and than does nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this?


I keep having download failed message... Am I the only one?


I've gotten the download failed on about 8 attempts with 3 different referral codes on 2 different email addresses.

It give me

907 Invalid COD
HTTP Error 406" Not Acceptable


I am getting the same code, I have tried about 1000 times now. I have even erased the previous version, and rebooted. I have also sent error to tech support.


I've had it since the day it came loads much faster than the BB browser and feels fairly solid as a beta. The cursor's jerky but hopefully that will change with this upgrade as well as the back button functionality.

Nice over all and it replaced OM on my BB!


This is running much faster and smoother on my 8320. I can't wait for them to come out with the full version.


i keep getting an error that says:
907 Invalid COD
HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable

Anyone else seeing that?


Yeah, I get the 907 Invalid COD error, too on my 9530. Not sure what's going on....


Put me down as an opera mini fan. I am not a fan of the way this browser navigates pages. The 2,4,6 and 8 method of navigation is the best for full sites. Bolt does it, but not as well as opera. Also, it doesn't make pages look good.

David Mcintosh

I want to start off by saying thank you bolt and rim,you guys have done an awsome job.The browser is smooth,load time is fantastic for all the people in the crackberry community should get this browser you will not be disappointed.I love it way to go BOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm soooo beyond frustrated.

I've tried downloading this app several times both the first release a few weeks ago and again today. It just won't let me download it. I give up.

SOOO FURIOUS!! i'm never had an issue with any other program. Beyond rediculous at this point


I got it on my curve 8330, it was insanely slow, deleted it within 5 minutes, opera is a lot faster.


I decided to give it another chance, after trying it it is still insanely slow, am i doing something wrong? even when i type a url the letters lag badly.


See my post. I found it didn't work well at all on my curve. It's already deleted.


Yea, its gone, couldn't take it.


well i am here to say that this browser is full speed on 8900, .144 - its phreak n fast and the fastest i have seen on the blackberry platform, even my site which is all graphics loaded in seconds ... keep it up! - the cursor needs work but speed is good


It didn't work well with my Curve. I deleted it shortly after installing it. Very slow and hard to navigate. Opera Mini seems to work much quicker. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.


I don't think browsing on a Blackberry will ever be like the real thing. I like what Bolt is trying to do here, but true browsing can't easily be done on a Blackberry, that's what iPhone's are for.

The problem I have with Bolt and Opera is that they're a bit unnatural. They download fast, but they're difficult to navigate and scroll through. The default browser on my Curve has kinetic scrolling and is quite responsive. Sure it's a stripped down version, but it's easy to use...

I hope these new mobile browsers can prove me wrong.

Raza Imam


works perfectly fine on my blackberry bold... like some of the new features as well!


This update is actually working on my BB. Wow, this browser is fast. Cool


Here is my take on the build .83 for the Bolt browser.

First, the cursor is still very slow. It has sped up going up and down, but this is still very jerky, sometimes making the whole screen move a page or two. The scrolling is still the same going back and forth -- very slow.

(Note about the scrolling: Don't know if anyone else noticed this, but sometimes when you're loading a page, the cursor moves very fast, almost like in Opera. Strange that it does this, but that speed would be a really good start for how fast it should be moving.

It would be nice to have some sort of button, or feature, that zooms in if there is a lot to read in a page. So if you’re in large font, you can press this button and bring it to x large, and then press the button again to bring more of the page back into view in the smaller setting--after you're finished reading what you need to read.

I noticed that some sites that worked before with build .73, are not working with build .83 – one of these is Ebay. On .73 it worked, though I had to type my user name and password, and then when I clicked sign in it started to load, then stopped. I would then have to reload page, or just simply type in once again, and I would be signed in. Strange, but it worked. Now it doesn’t even let me do that.

Myspace does not work. This is disappointing because Facebook does work. works, yet and does not.

I can log into, but it’s sort of the same situation as Ebay, where you have to reload the page for you to be on all of a sudden. Yet, these do not work now in .83

I also noticed that on some sites the loading speed is fast, yet MOST of the sites do not work as they did in the last build. I have very slow start up, and once it hits 20% loading it stops. After about 30 to 60 seconds, the arrows start blinking and then Bolt will continue to slowly finish loading the page.

This is most disappointing because I really liked the speed of .73

A big thing I noticed is with .73 when you went to log in say to your bank site, you’d type in your user name and then you’d have to wait for like 5 seconds for something to register in the browser before you could type in your password. A pain, but worked still.

Unfortunately, With .83 you have to wait for 30 to 60 seconds for your username to register (sometimes with the whole thing freezing – and this is bad when you receive a text or email and can’t get to it), before you could type in your password. And then you can’t even submit until your password registers, which was another 30-60 seconds. When you are finally able to hit sign in, either an error shows up, or you get the 20% loading freeze.

All in all I have found myself using Bolt more than the native browser, and have totally given up on Opera, which I had never really used anyway.

Also, it’s very nice that youtube works, but it would be nicer if other video sites would work the same. There is still a LOAD of other video feeds that don’t work with Bolt.

I know it’s too early in the game, but full flash compatibility would be nice.

Oh, and another thing I noticed that I really liked: When you start loading a page, and go out of Bolt, it still keeps loading. This is really nice, because in the old build it would stop loading until you came back into the browser.

That’s all for now, I’ll eagerly await the next build—hopefully sooner than later being I’m having loading page issues and I love my Bolt browser.

Thank you.



The previous build was working very well on my Storm. .83 is noticeably slower, and when installing, I was asked if I wanted to keep all my stored data yet it kept nothing all my favorites and feeds are gone. Not a big deal but still a bit of a pain.

Also, with this build it no longer saves my login information for web sites I visit, now I have to login every time. Anyone else have this problem?

Jason Ezzell

I hate to be a downer, but I downloaded this as part of the Beta release and was NOT impressed. I have an 8830 with 4.5 and it laaaaggged very slowly. Maybe I just need to get up to speed with an official release and a new handset (thanks Sprint) but I immediately deleted it and reverted back to the BB browser. I don't need an all-around problem solver browser. I have no issue with using an actual computer! So I guess I didn't really see the advantage here. Great intent, but shoddy final product. Any others?

Lydia Carlberg

The browser is pretty fast so far...on wi-fi. I've been using opera mini for as long as I've had my blackberry, so I would say that BOLT is a real contender now. Youtube doesnt exactly work with this brings you to the native media player (like usual) but it doesnt render the video

Lydia Carlberg

Scrolling on Opera mini is smoother than it is on BOLT. In terms of using 2, 4, 6, 8, Bolt doesnt scroll as fast and it only scrolls down very little making me press the keys so many times.

Michael L#CB

that is all i have to say!

works like a charm on the bold.

great update.


When i go to google, it says about the upgrade, but wont scroll or nothing? and when i hit trackball, it gives me a message "The app bolt is attempting to invoke the browser. Would you like to allow this? Then it wont let me scroll to yes. If i hit no, it shuts down. Any help or advice? Thanks!


Got it, Thanks! Great browser!


Downloaded it, tried it, didn't like it, uninstalled it.

Storm 95330


I can’t open any of the links to download. Support said to just sign up again. After 8 attempts..I’m stopping.


Remember that you shouldn't try to open any of the download links directly from the message you get - if you do that, it won't implement in the native browser properly AND it will negate the link (they're 1 & done). Be sure to copy the BlackBerry link in the message you get from Bolt & paste in the address bar of your BB browser.

If that's what you have been doing, then I'm sorry but I can't think of anything else that could be causing the trouble :-(


Okay, so I'm not that tech savvy and ignored the prompt to upgrade when I opened my browser. Does anyone know how I upgrade now?


I am downloading right now! I love the old version, so I only imagine what this new one can do.


This is not working so hot on my Storm. The other version did. This one is fast when taking me to a site. But then, if I click on a link, it freaks out and gives me the page, broken into two different "windows" and it's just a hot mess!

Josh Lowe

I have had no luck.with this. Started with Beta. Download failed. Re-submit “join” request. Bolt sent me another set of download links to try. ALL of them failed. I then emailed support back and their response was “Please try the other links in the email. One of the versions should work on your device.”…despite having already said I tried that. BTW, I have the 8300 Curve (Verizon). Anyone having any LUCK with this BOLT Browser?! Would love to know how it looks


I got the "upgrade" message late yesterday morning & downloaded/installed it. I hadn't even gotten my CB fix yet, so I wasn't aware of what changes/improvements to expect. Implementing the BB browser shortcut keys is huge to me.

The trackball nav. still needs work. As someone else mentioned, the up/down scrolling seems better; but left/right is still choppy & slow. Typing could be better also. But I'm sure these things will be improved in the next version. Folks, let's remember the FIRST beta that came out - and how quickly Bolt made mods & released .73. The loading/rendering speed & other upsides mentioned about this browser still outweight the negatives IMO - enough that I prefer Bolt over Opera Mini right now.


I want the old version back. I'm running this on a Storm and the first release was MUCH faster. Also, I'm having all kinds of problems with this version. It freezes, it loses connection, when I try to input text the screen doesn't redraw when I cancel the keyboard, when I try to select something it separates the screen into two windows and I have to close the browser and start all's just plain not working...ugh! Very frustrating. Now I'm using the BB browser again and it's so stupidly slow that while I was waiting for a page to load I forgot I was even using the browser and went on to other things. I hope someone comes up with a browser that is fast AND works right!


I didn't read through all the comments because I'm study, so sorry if repost.

I found an issue when looking at google maps online. If you click twice to try to zoom in, or slide your fingers holding one down trying to zoom in (I was just trying out, I didn't think it would work) it would split the screen in half and if you move the mouse around, both "screens" (were not exactly the same) would move. It was weird looking.

Also the main screen should be bigger, I have big fingers and it is really hard for me to hit on any of the links, like google, yahoo, etc; so if you could make the font bigger would be good. And if you can make it work more like the BB Browser instead of having to go to the text edit area to type the website and then hit menu>go. It is not necessary is just to make it "prettier" and it would be quicker to get to a page (also autocomplete)

Really good job, though. The browser is looking very nice


the same issues with the error 907 invalid tells me to do it over again just like everyone else has stated...has anyone had any success installing after recieving this error and trying again later on?


I received this error any one know why

907 Invalid COD
HTTP Error 406" Not Acceptable


I received this error any one know why

907 Invalid COD
HTTP Error 406" Not Acceptable


Please help!
907 Invalid COD
HTTP Error 406" Not Acceptable


browser is super fast


I'm getting the "Internet not available" error. Is there some way to fix this? Thanks.


If you're getting this error, check to see what your browser identification is. I had mine set as Firefox, but when I changed it to Blackberry I was able to get this to work.


I accidently deleted the shortcut in the download folder on my storm now I can't find out how to open the browser through an icon. Can anyone help me? I was also wondering if you can set the Bolt browser as your default one?


My browser ID is set to "Blackberry" and I still get the 907 error. Help?


I just installed Bolt 0.83. Looks a little faster than Opera Mini, but the user interface lag is unacceptable. (Scroll, wait 3 seconds... oops, overshot. Scroll, wait 3 seconds... AAAUGH!!)

The cursor is not nearly sensitive enough, as compared with the OS and my other applications, and I have to scroll some 3 times for each letter in a text box. I lose patience with it when trying to scroll around in a web page.

The BB shortcuts they threw in were dandy, but where is Shift-Scroll for hilighting in the address bar? Editing URLs and display names of bookmarks and such is torture without that handy feature.

Changing back and forth between view modes doesn't actually do anything to the view--all it does is change the browser ID from a non-mobile browser to a mobile browser, so that hopefully there will be a website that is the right size for the screen. WTF? Where is an actual fit-to-screen? And while you're at it, how's about let us users choose which browser ID to use. Even better: Let us choose it *per website,* because some websites have good mobile versions, and some don't.

Overall, I'd say it has a lot of potential. It could be great, with a few tweaks. But right now, I think I'll stick with Opera Mini.


I finally figured out you have to switch it from desktop View to Mobile view to fit everything in the screen. The only problem I seem to have is with the arrow. (mouse) it is jerky when moving it. But other than that it seems to work pretty good.


Need an upgrade link for bolt. I've got an 8110 pearl with a 4.5 os.


I keep getting Download Failed on my Storm. Anybody else experience that?


DM will NOT install Bolt
Says "no supporting .cod files"
So why have a "desktop" download if they don't provide ALL of the files?