Bolt Browser updated to v2.30 - adds HTML5 support, cloud backup and more

By Bla1ze on 6 Oct 2010 09:24 pm EDT

If you're not using a BlackBerry Torch, Curve 3G 9330 or a Bold 9650 running on BlackBerry 6 this might interest you. Bolt, has updated their 3rd party web browser with some great new features to make browsing on BlackBerry devices a better overall experience. The list of changes is as follows:

  • New Advanced Desktop Features – Along with the ability to perfectly render Web pages as they were meant to be seen from a PC, BOLT also offers tabbed browsing, password manager, advanced downloading and uploading capabilities and now advanced inline text entry and editing allowing people to enter and edit text directly in Web page forms without opening up a separate text editing window.
  • Backed up in the Cloud – BOLT 2.3’s new favorites backup feature stores a user’s bookmarks on BOLT’s servers, allowing them to be restored if a user ever needs to change phones for any reason.
  • New Mobile Widgets – BOLT widgets let people using any mobile phone take part in the mobile apps revolution. Bolt 2.3′s widget gallery features weather, Wikipedia, and dictionary widgets, along with an improved Twitter widget and a brand new Facebook widget.

In addition to all of the above, Bolt has also added HTML 5 which adds to their already existing flash support. In some ways, this places Bolt ahead of browsers out there including the new WebKit browser loaded onto BlackBerry 6 devices. Thanks Josh!



Bolt gets a hard time for having poor UI, but it works very well, and renders pages that the Native BB browser (OS5) and Opera have difficulty with. I love this browser, it compliments my native browser perfectly :)


I only use it when needed though.. So uhh Bla1ze do I get credit for this one or did you somehow find this out some other way?


You want credit for something you likely read on Twitter yourself? Lol. Sure.. you can have it. Whatever floats ur boat sir. Maybe I should forward all my press releases to you so you can tweet them back to me and remind of them. :P

Post updated good sir with your due credit. :)


And it alerted me of the update I then tweeted Kevin Adam and you about it @ 8:51pm est you posted this about 33 minutes later but really I don't care if you didn't get it from reading my @mention to you on twitter then I could care less about credit... You really need to smoke a blunt or something man...


Haha! I'm ok homie, I'm just messing with ya. You know I got nothing but love for ya. :)


I'm sick as a dog gotta hit the hay can't have insomniac theater all night on twitter like we usually do... You been sleeping a lot lately it seems like devcon wear you out?


Naww, I'm visiting Arizona atm and the time change has me abt 4 hrs off my "normal" schedule. Messing me all up.. well, that..and the heat. lol


you there for ctia or what? damn bolt doesnt capitilize the first letter of each sentence nor does the native spell check work oh well... ill buy something with os 6 soon enough. ****by the way Arizona is a medical marijuana state homie!


I still think Bolt is faster than OS 6 browser, not as pretty but faster.


Nice to see bookmark backup. Wonder how well it works?


Glad to see the bookmarks feature.
I'm going to install the update now!


The bolt browser was always a bit buggy for me and quite frankly I'm happy to just have one browser on my phone so I'm sticking with the native browser


HTML5!!! I chose Bolt over Opera a while ago. Nice to see them improving on the best BB browser. RIM, take notes. But not too many. :)


The facebook web app in bolt seems decent for reading posts but I haven't figured out if you can actually post from it yet.


Hit menu > Post. Now type something, hit menu, then Post or Submit.


"In addition to all of the above, Bolt has also added HTML 5 which adds to their already existing flash support."

The version I installed doesn't seem to have flash support. Am I missing something?


Sadly waiting for my 9330


after updating, all bookmark folders had vanished, leaving all of my bookmarks in one long list.

Other than that, so far, so good


What's the point if the video and sound quality still suck and can't control the volume using the volume rocker. The whole point I got this browser was to watch non mobile YouTube videos on it when i'm away from home which is most of the time. Looks like i'll be passing on this like always (n)


This is a great browser and it's improved. Seems faster.


How is it flash supported? Everything I looked for wouldn't load :(


The only flash site that works for me is YouTube.


and deleted it AGAIN... Works great on my wife's curve 2 but nothing works better than OM5 on my S2.


There is still no support for Greek characters :(


There is no flash support in this, I yet to find any BB browser that supports it.


There is flash video support in Bolt for some sites.


Try Uzard. Most underrated browser for BB devices, IMHO. Don't know why it doesn't get mentioned more often.


i like bolt, but i like opera better. i just wish the opera interface didn't feel like i was "remoted into it" when using it (you know, the sluggish/delayed moving through the menu etc)

" advanced inline text entry and editing allowing people to enter and edit text directly in Web page forms without opening up a separate text editing window."

about damn time. :)


I just wish the native browser (os6) would support saving the password to an https login site... saves username, but wont save password, and I have to type it in each time...


for those asking about Flash support, check out uZard web browser for BlackBerry. That browser supports Flash. However, it lacks many other basic features.

I use Bolt browser for 99 percent of my browsing. The BlackBerry browser sucks for anything but wap sites.

Glad for this update!



I just LOVE it.


It just isn't as refined as the native browser. I like how fast it loads, but the font is awful and navigation is not very intuitive.


Not trying to discredit anyones hard work! It does exactly what it claims! However:( , I guess I'm just used to the native browser. I'm usingthe leaked os and Im happy with its speed@this time!


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I went to launch BOLT this morning 10-8-10. And it alerted me of a new update 2.31

Looks to be just a behind the scenes update. But an update is always welcome for me.