Third-party BlackBerry browser BOLT discontinued

BOLT Browser discontinued
By Adam Zeis on 12 Dec 2011 12:35 pm EST

Popular third-party browser BOLT has been discontinued according to the company's site. BOLT first made it's name on BlackBerry way back in 2009 as being a top third party browser with its speed and tabbed browsing when the native BlackBerry Browser was still lacking in features. It's definitely sad to see it go, but as the company stated on their site, they can no longer continue to support BOLT.

The free BOLT mobile browsing service will be discontinued. Unfortunately, the economic circumstances prevent us from running a free service going forward. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your loyalty and support.  

So what say you? Are you sad to see BOLT go away for good? Or does the native browser suit you just fine? Hit the forums and let us know your thoughts!

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Third-party BlackBerry browser BOLT discontinued


I guess nobody appreciated the browser. I loved it. I'll truly miss it! R.I.P. Bolt Browser, you will be missed. :(

I liked it when I had a Storm with 4.7. With the massive native browser upgrades since then, I stopped using Bolt. I'm not going nearly as far as saying it sucked, but it became unnecessary and if it's losing them money, they may as well stop.

Good Riddance!!! It's about time they gave up. I gave them multiple chances and everytime I downloaded the browser, It was deleted by the end of the day. Sad to see any project come to an end, and its sad to see the effects of the economy.

Opera would break my heart if this happened to them.

Well I have friends that used it as a back up browser but in my opinion, once OS6 was in my hand, there was no longer any point to using Bolt. So it comes to no surprise to me that it will be discontinued.

Last time I used that crap was on my bold 9000 2 years ago, then came the webkit browser and changed browsing on a blackberry forever :D

It's never a happy occasion when a product or service that fosters competition and its mostly beneficial outcome ceases to exist, Bolt has been my secondary BlackBerry browser since its debut, many times it was the only browser I used on certain websites that did not work well with the BlackBerry built in native browser. I will miss it.

I liked Bolt. I used it in conjunction with the native browser. One is good for some things, one is good for others. When it comes down to it though, Bolt was good for only two things: desktop view for Facebook and better for browsing, sites.

I have Bolt and Opera installed in case the native browser gave me problems. Bummer. I'll remove bolt and have Opera as the backup. When I get to OS7, I may not need Opera, but will probably install it for the same reason.

Used to use Bolt on my Curve 8330 and Bold 9650 until i upgraded to OS6. It was a great browser for sites not compatible with the BB Browser.

It was my backup Browser.....but I can see why it's now gone. Since OS6 Native BB browsers have improved so much it's no longer needed.

Yes, it's sad to see a company sink under, but the Bolt browser was a terrible alternative on my BB Torch 9800.

Opera Mini is far more superior IMHO.
I use OM every day. Bolt? Maybe once every few months.

with OS4.x and OS5 I used MiniO as standard browser. Never liked Bolt. (but it was installed ;) )

On OS7 I almost only useing the BB7-Brower and the 6.1 MiniOpera less as possible (only one website) as it is the "new Bolt".

So to discontinue Bolt is the only correct decision.

Just my opinion.

Now that I'm on OS7.1, the native browser has become my default, and the touch-friendly Opera Mini is my backup.

But when I was on OS5, Bolt was the only option for me. The native browser was so, so slow, and Opera had pointer acceleration issues with a trackball, so that left Bolt. It was the fastest, it was the first with tabs and it has excellent bookmark backup features.

I am fond of Bolt, though I no longer use it, so I am kinda sad to see it go, and I feel bad for OS5 users who may not have a better option.

i have a bold 9000 and i have always used bolt since god knows! i used to have a samsung blackjack and blackjack 2 and i remember that the ie on those phones suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked bad, it was so bad that i had bolt and opera mini as my default browsers, then i moved to a bb 8320 and lets just say that the browser was not always in its best days so i had either bolt or opera in it, but the native browser was way better than ie on the blackjacks to make a long story short bolt was the only way to play video on my bb cuz my carrier didn´t allowed streaming media and it rendered the pages fast and complete (except for some flash objects) it really was a great browser (prefered over the "uuuh" and "ahhh"s of the opera experience) it was defenetly a very complete solution its going to be a sad day this 14th when im no longer able to use it (besides opera suxs downloading stuff) :(

Barely ever use it, but it comes in handy every once in a while. Websites don't register bolt as a mobile browser so you can do things like banking with it, instead of needing a mobile banking app. Aside from that I won't miss it, webkit is great. :)

yeah you are right. this is indeed a hugh point to the BBOS7-Webkit browswer, damn it now it can't "hide" as ie or firefox etc. and I'm forced to mobile sites.
(Spiegel-online, a site I often visit does that but does not offer a "classic"-link for BB OS7 Browser...)

To be honest the Native Browser has been perfect for me since I got my 9930. The only thing I'd like is column view to return

wow i'm really surprised to see all the negative comments on bolt.. I loved it back when I used to use it. But that was back on OS 4 and 5.. I do have to admit that since OS 6 and especially 7 there is no longer a need for it... but it was the best in its time. I hope the developers are moving on to a new project now that our native browsers are up to snuff.

When I first got my 9530 the bolt browser blew the doors off the OS 4.7 browser my Phone came with....
I did use it for a while.

Would have gladly paid for Bolt. I was new to the game, started using it last week. To a very large extent, since 19 April, I have not worried about how crappy the browser was in my 9670 Style. As I nearly always used my playbook for mobile browsing. I heard about bolt just last month and loved it. Can't wait until January when I can finally get a 9930 and I do hope that that browser is good enough when i need to use my phone as a browser.
I just downloaded Opera Mini and it seems to work well on my Style.
I really hope blackberry gets its marketing act together or we wont be searching for alternate browsers but alternate smart phones.
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I used it exclusively on my 8330, it was far superior to the native browser back in the olden days. Sorry to see it go by the wayside.

So now that I am playing with Opera, in the Opera store is NetQuin Anti Virus for Blackberry. Any one have any experience with it?
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I liked Bolt. It was my browser of choice for the 9700, which has a tendency to close the native browser fairly quickly when presented with a large website.

I enjoyed: Bolt rendered pages faster and in a more readable form than the 9800 browser.

I didn't enjoy: Bolt's startup time was horrible. Bolt's plugin for making it the default browser only worked in some circumstances and disabled many links from working properly at all.

It was a great idea though. Time to give Opera a chance I guess since that's the only backup-browser option left.

When I had my first Blackberry (Bold 9700,OS5) the Bolt browser was a solid backup browser and for a time,I used it as my primary. However, once I got the Torch 9800,the BB Browser had improved so much, Bolt was unneeded. So although I'm sad to see them go, it wont be that big of a hit to us who have OS6/OS7 phones because the default browser is so awesome now.

I still used it to download things straight to my sd card, even with os7 on my 9810 now it's a pain in the ass to move things from phone to sd card, if someone can give me some tips, even opera mini won't lat me download straight to my sd card, it really sucks, I used it on my 8220, my 8520 even with os7

I'm using a 9780 and BOLT was good enough for me and even better with wifi. It was a little faster than OPERA.I'll miss it.

I'm still using my Curve 8330, and the native browser is bloody awful. Opera Mini isn't much better, but Bolt *Absolutely Rocked.* I'd have been happy to pay for my copy if they'd had a paid version. I can only hope that someone will buy the application and re-release it.

It did have one annoying quirk, but that wasn't enough to make me want to use either the native browser or Opera Mini, that's for sure. I do wish they hadn't shut the browser off so completely that I can't even look at my bookmarks.