BOLT Browser 1.7 Available Now - Adds Widgets, Twitter Integration and More

By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2010 09:17 am EST


Celebrating its first birthday, BOLT has been update to version 1.7 and brings alongs some new features. The third-party browser now supports wdigets, keyboard shortcuts for zooming on pages, Twitter integration (you can post updates to Twitter right from the browser) and more. BOLT has taken off since its initial release, and has surpassed 4 million users.

"Before we launched BOLT we knew that Bitstream engineers and developers built a remarkable foundation on which we could continue to evolve the BOLT mobile browser, and the positive support and constant feedback we received from a great many of our 4 million helped us prioritize the features and enhancements in each successive release. But as excited as we were for the first year of BOLT, the next year promises to be more dynamic as we plan to introduce features that took longer to engineer and we add more handset manufacturers to the roster of those preloading BOLT on mobile phones." 

BOLT's unique features include fast page loading, more accurate rendering, streaming videos, copy/paste text and six levels of magnification. The updates of BOLT seem to get better and better, so we can only expect more good things to come in the future. Check out from your device to download.

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Reader comments

BOLT Browser 1.7 Available Now - Adds Widgets, Twitter Integration and More


Looks good on the storm 2 so far... no problems here. Definitely faster than stock RIM browser. Its going to take some getting used to use if switching from the stock browser.

1 thing i dont like is when inputting a URL, you have to BB button it and click ok. Just clicking 'return' in the URL input inserts another period after my URL.

Tit for tat it seems. Faster loading has an edge.

The BB Button thing is a little annoying. Also, are there font change options? The font they use is very fine, which allows a lot to display, but I also find it kinda messy and difficult to read.

I can't seem to make it work...won't load any sites and won't go beyond 20% when loading a site...tried changing from socket to http and vice versa but no go....

The Navigation within the sites really suck on a storm 2. The loading is super fast for me, but navigating is so hard that it destroys everything. I guess if it was more storm friendly Id use it..

Yeah.. I agree. :) When I was using my Bold, the thing worked fine.

However, on the storm, I seem to be accidentally clicking links on a page when trying to flick-scroll down. I understand the concept of not using the click of the screen, but I'm also starting to appreciate it more.

if this is better than the last version. Last version was slower than Opera beta as well as the BB browser.

Great start! It doesn't even download from any of the links lol.

DL'ing right now...I have mixed thoughts on Bolt Browser. On the one hand, there are some of the more complex non-mobile websites that Bolt can display but the traditional BB Browser doesn't do at all. On the other hand, it seems to be much slower than the BB Browser, and it tends to stop or not respond in the middle of loading pages for no apparent reason. Still, the Bolt and Opera file sizes are small enough, that's it's probably worth keeping all 3 browsers to try out specific pages.

Apparently it does not work for the Storm. It will not download even the unsigned version. I guess I'm sticking with Opera Beta 2 then.

I really cant get down with it... I hate the fact you have to press the BB button to select send.

..also i dont think its as fast as everyone makes often hangs at 20% when loading pages and navigation is real choppy.

plus I wish they still had the option to download videos.

You and some one above plus I,I must add notice it gets stuck at 20prcnt.are you guys on metro pcs ?because I am. I tried bolt and opera and my stock bb browser is better. Sure its not as functional with features like zoom and ability to recall recent searches plus other nifty features. But it gets the job done.

I have all 3 browsers (Opera, BB & Bolt) and Bolt is the slowest of the 3.

I tried opening and Opera and BB were almost the same. Bolt took about 45 seconds to open up??

Maybe this works better on a Storm, but for the Tour it blows.

I used the BB browser for almost everything. But over the past few weeks I fine myself slowly using Blot for anything I need outside of using google Reader. I still use the BB browser for that.

Let's see tabbed browsing! That's the only reason I'm keeping my Opera Mini around with Bolt. Sometimes I just need a few things open at once.

Can someone tell me how the widgets for bolt are? I mean, is it like desktop widgets? Or more like my igoogle home page?

...I just don't see the fixation with Bolt Browser. I keep downloading it with every update in hopes that it will be so much better than what it is. I've done this on my 9530 Storm and just tried it out on my new 9550 Storm 2. It's appalling to the eyes, the user interface seems shoddy at best, and in my opinion it's just no where near the quality of Opera or even the Blackberry browser. Faster doesn't mean better, and these other browsers have already caught up.

I don't see how any storm owner can be upset with Bolt. I made the switch about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. And to the guy who said that the default browser is faster: shame on you.

I've decided that the idea is cool enough, but when you post to twitter from bolt it uses the entire URL instead of a shortened one. Anybody who uses twitter knows how foolish this is.

This is no upgrade I want to be a part of. This is the worst browser possible for the storm. I'll stick to Opera, thanks...

everytime these guys say they are making improvements in a new release i swear the damn thing works even less and worse than before.

i don't know very much about the testing process but i swear it's a hoax cause how could you send something out for mass distribution claiming it was tested and within five mins of owning it, you can find so many buggs just being the every day user.... grrr

it's not a known issue, damn, who did they give to test it!

Am liking the upgrade, its going to take getting use to hitting the G instead of the U to type the url. But all in all not bad. Definitely faster on Wifi and still faster than my iphone on wifi.

No go on the VZW Curve. default browser feature wouldn't work. Actually was never able to get the browser to work. Would just hang. deleted. Oh well.

I had the previous version installed on my Curve 8900 and when I opened Bolt it had a message to upgrade to 1.7. Being a fan of upgrades I quickly downloaded it. When I rebooted my phone I got the screen of death that announced that I needed to reinstall my OS.

Well fans.....This took 3 days and 2 visits to my Rogers store. Needless to say I lost all the APPS on my phone and has to re-download them (I hope that I got all of them).

Being more stupid than usual yesterday I downloaded a fresh copy of BOLT 1.7 and amazingly it worked.

I love BOLT but some investigation needs to be done into the upgrade issue.

Thanks.....Phil (P072)

I also downloaded BBLauncher so that I could open email links in BOLT rather that the default Blackberry browser but no luck. Even after a cold boot I couldn't get the Open in Bolt text in my menu and my only option is to still use the BB for links.

Phil (P072)