BOLT Browser 1.6 Released for BlackBerry Smartphones - Ability to Set as Default Browser and More

By Adam Zeis on 7 Dec 2009 09:09 am EST


BOLT Browser version 1.6 was released today, and it comes with the ability to be set as the default BlackBerry browser. BOLT has some great advantages over the stock browser, including its fast speed, full page rendering, ability to stream videos, upload large files and more. Now that BOLT can be set as the default browser, it is really stepping up the game and it sure to become the favorite for a lot of users.

This newest release of BOLT includes a number of important design enhancements, as well as incremental improvements driven by BOLT's users. For all mobile data networks that support it, BOLT 1.6 now offers full socket-based connectivity which can increase the page rendering speed of BOLT by as much as 15 percent. BOLT 1.6 also includes a new password manager, allowing usernames and passwords to be saved by the browser for easier and faster logins to users' favorite websites and online applications.

Responding to a frequent request from BOLT's BlackBerry smartphone users, BOLT 1.6 can now be set as the default browser on their smartphones. A version of BOLT created specifically for BlackBerry smartphones not only has all the features of BOLT, but also includes default BlackBerry shortcuts and optimizations.

BOLT is available in both a full and slimmed down lite version (for entr-level devices). The browser is totally free and is available for download from

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BOLT Browser 1.6 Released for BlackBerry Smartphones - Ability to Set as Default Browser and More


I was having an issue with BOLT when I upgraded to OS 5.0.

The back button didn't work anymore! I had to hit the menu button and select "back" from there... But now that issue is fixed!!

I also noticed that I no longer have to let BOLT access whatever site when first using it, which is great too!!

Thank you BOLT, great job! Loving the new features!!

Hard to say right now. They both have advantages but for now, I'll be using Bolt, mainly because the newest build of Opera Mini beta 5 sucks.

With Opera Beta 5, certain websites would default to their mobile versions not matter what setting you had your browser set to (USA Today, Yahoo just to name a few). The only reason I kept Opera on my device was because of its ability to be the default for Tweet links, but now I can do that with Bolt, goodbye Opera!!

I'm running a Storm 2 and I have both installed. Personally I think Opera 5 Beta 2 works great. There are some quirks, but over all I really like it:

*The "SpeedDial" home screen makes everything I use easy to find and open.
*Full touchablity works great! I like using the browser buttons without having to "click" the screen. Just touch.
*Renders super fast.

I did my own, very non-scientific, tests and Opera came out on top each time. = Opera rendered in 5 seconds. Bolt = 12 sec. = Opera 11 seconds. Bolt 32 sec. = Opera 7 seconds. Bolt 8 Seconds

I did these with all cache cleared and no history. All running on strong bars 3G to make it fair.

I personally think Opera renders faster and I prefer the interface. I'm able to look away at some of the irritants on Opera, like the suretype not working properly (i just go into landscape mode). There are some thoughtfull things too, like not having to enter www. or .com, it does this for you.

Entering a URL in bolt (on a storm) requires too many key strokes. I also like the full touch features in Opera. Bolt is nice, don't get me wrong, but if it were between the 2 and you're on a storm, I'd say Opera. I cannot comment on other devices. One may work better than the other depending on your device.

Bottom line it really comes down to which device you're on and what you prefer and what quirks between each program you're willing to put up with. Frankly, either is a plus compared to the BB Browser. But try them both out and decide for yourself. Run tests and see.

I still dont like Bolt the favorites screen font is too small. To me it is as fast as Opera and when typing in a address on a Storm 2 the keyboard does not come up automtically.

I will stick with Opera.

Yeah but even when you turn off inline editing on a storm 2 and you touch the address bar...the cursor is always to the right of the "www." instead of the cursor being placed to the left. So you have to delete the www and retype. That's 7 extra key strokes.

just downloaded it to my 9700 (.405) and everytime i select a hyper link it just refreshes my screen.... i'll try a battery pull but i doubt it will do anything @ this point....

just did a battery pull... not if i press menu > select it will select the hyper link but i just use the track pad or "enter" key it just refreshes...

I was a Opera user until the recent upgrade to Opera Mini 5 2. It didn't work very well on my Bold 9700 but Bolt works great and is just as fast as Opera

Agreed. It works on initial launch then promptly freezes up on my Tour. I'm running the last VZW BB OS release.

And I have the old Opera worked fine on it.. but not the new one.. I think they really just intended that second beta for the Storm/Storm2 because my brothers shitty Storm1 runs awesome with the new 5.0 OS and the Beta2 runs amazing on there.. makes me jealous and almost miss my storm. Then I look at my free memory and it makes up for it :)

Opera's latest browser is much more 'storm2' friendly! Bolt text is so small and cnt click any where without making a mistake...

i still think opera mini is the best browser...not a fan of bolt on the storm 2....

I'd agree, with the storm 1 as well, text is to small. Doesn't respond very well to the touchscreen, causing lots of mistakes. Every with setting the preferences... deleting bolt.

and with the storm, it doesn't bring the keyboard up automatically when i click in a text field. i need to make sure the cursor is in there, then hit bberry button, then "show keyboard"

what fun is that?

I think being the default browser means hovering over a link and then hit the menu button, and then choose which browser to open your link.

Nope. I hit the BB key from a link. Only option is to open link and it brings up the BB browser. I'd really like to set it to Bolt - it's much faster.

I had the same problem, then I read the announcement on the BOLT site -- it says *plain text* email (i.e., not HTML). So I sent myself a plain text email with a link, and sure enough, when you hit the BB button while the link is selected, the default menu entry is "Get link in BOLT." (Or you can just click on the trackball and it goes right to BOLT.)

This is not really useful because hardly anyone ever sends plain text email anymore, let alone links in plain text email.

...then why can't the print size be set to something larger than it is? Still too small. Thanks anyway.

I'm glad that Bolt continues to better itself, but these small insignificant features don't really strike me as any big deal. I'm still looking forward to a browser like SkyFire! Streaming, and full desktop browser functionality! Bolt pick up your game!

It works fine...

to correct font issue some are complaining about go into preferrences and change Magnification to Xlarge or larger. Default is Large but it is pretty small I agree.

to set bolt as the default browser you need to download the bblauncher module from the same page as the browser...after install you will need to reboot for it to take effect.

Does one delete the "core" RIM Browser after installing Bolt or do you have to keep it?

Do not delete the core browser. The Bolt Browser will "override" the native browser as default, you don't need to delete anything

To make default just go back to the download page and download the launcher that makes it the default browser. I guess its early I have to give yall a break for not reading the download page

I can't seem to get this to download.. it always fails.. I need an alternative to Opera Beta 2 since it epic fails on the Tour

Download Failed..


doesn't matter which version of the 1.6 I try.. same result.. and my BIS is fine..

Its a known fact that the new beta has issues with Tour and 9700 devices.. Its basically a piece of shit.. that being said.. it is a beta and I'm not too upset about it..

Opera Mini 5 beta 2 works flawlessly on my 9700. Again, by installing the 4.3 version(found in the link above) of Opera Mini 5 beta 2 it will work.

Go back to the download page and download the launcher file explained clearly just below the new version....

Enjoy fellow berry abusers.

after downloading the bblauncher on my 8900, i rebooted, clicked on a link in an email, it loaded bolt browser but did not go past that... i backed out of the browser, clicked on a different link in Ubertwitter and got the same result, takes me to the bolt main page (favorites) but does not load the page... anyone know how to fix this?

I downloaded BOLT. Rebooted device. Dowloaded BB Launcher to make it the default browser. Rebooted. Still when I click a link in an email it brings up the default browser, not BOLT. I have a Storm 9530 with OS 5.0 official release. Anyone know how to get it to be the default browser? Thanks!

I tried a couple times to download both to set to default and it still doesnt work...can u forward me any info if u get this resolved?? thanks :)

But maybe just wait it out... I know when I had Opera mini 5 beta and it took over as the default browser all on its own (annoyingly), I didn't think it was loading but it was it just took a minute. Or that may just be a bug they need to work out?????? If it is let bolt know so they can.

I am running I tried every version and download fails every time with an error of

909: Application Authentication Failure

I'd like to try your browser, but I can't get past the starting blocks.

Bolt was nice when I had it on my non-touchscreen phones, but the new Opera Mini 5 rocks hard for the Storm2. It is incredible fast and the touch sensitivity is sweet. Tabbed browsing, speed dials, etc. The only thing I wish you could do on Opera that you can do on Bolt is make it your default browser. RIM needs to step up their game when it comes to their browser to really compete. OPERA all the way...keep trying Bolt. Bolt is better for keypad devices.

Is anyone else having the issue with Bolt where you have to actually go into the menu to get your kb up? It also appears as if I can no longer zoom to make the page easier to view? Not sure this version of Bolt is working properly yet????

I downloaded both the app and the default launcher for BB and all I got for my troubles was a never ending lightning bolt launch symbol. Had to do a battery pull to get out of it. After a few attempts to use the app, I deleted it from my phone. Maybe others will have better luck.

Just downloaded it to my both my S2 and 9700 and the back button still doesnt work...rebooted the phones 2 times but doesnt seem to fix it....also made sure premission are set to allow.

Also tried the default browser trick, doesnt work.

I'll just stick with the RIM browser for the time does everything i want it to without minimum fuss.

I'm thankful for all the hard work that Bolt and Opera is doing Skyfire is the shizznit but they have left BB user in the dark. Over 3 months since the leak and still no BB Skyfire Browser? I've been following them on tweeter since March and all I see is updates for Window mobile and Nokia. So to all the other web browser dev BB is waiting for a savior.

Just installed on my Storm 2 and Bolt doesn't play well with the Storm. Entering a URL is ridiculously complex.

I'll stick with Opera.

Ok I downloaded the launcher from Bolt and rebooted my 9700. Still get the BB browser. Is there anything I'm missing?

I just recently started to try different browsers. First the Opera mini 5.2 now the bolt. The opera mini has its issues and I just don't like it. The bolt was even worse.
I don't understand why when I want to change a preference such as the font size does it have to load like I am trying to access a web site. It should be instantaneous. Also the browser kept getting stuck at 20% when loading. BB Browser may not be the fastest but it works good enough for me and its made specifically for the phone I have which I believe gives it an edge over third party browsers. If these other browsers want my business they have to do better than this. Making claims that a new version will do something then it doesn't do it is a waste of everyones time who tries it out.

I don't know...I kinda hafta agree. I've tried Opera Mini 5 beta, Opera Mine 4.7, and now this new Bolt. Some things I do like, but not enough for me to keep them. The default is what it is, but It works well enough for me. I'll wait and see what WebKit has in store for the BB OS.

1) The default launcher does not make bolt the default browser
2) Can't login to crackberry using bolt. Get the same screen over and over again

BB 9700 os 5 official version

Tried running Bolt 1.6 on above...

Got font size fine thx to earlier posts.

However, if I click on any sites/links stored in history, Bolt will not go to the website (neither clicking my trackpad nor pressing enter works... even tried using menu->select to select the item)... But, can not get browser to work. Tried a number of resets with no change. It seems 1.5 worked more successfully on my 9700 than 1.6 :-(

Reasons why I will not be using this over the stock browser on my Storm2:

*Could not find any way to zoom in on a page, which would be insanely helpful for trying to select links and being able to read things like captcha images.

*No auto-display of keyboard when text-entry fields are selected. Got really annoying really fast.

*Enter on keyboard does not submit forms, which would be so helpful since the page is rendered so small and can't be zoomed in on which makes it a Palin to click submit buttons.

I'm sure I could find more if I tried. I will say that the browser is speedy and I didn't mind the small fonts, but sorely missed the ability to zoom in on things.

I downloaded it and immediately deleted it! It freezes when opening pages and is not as fast as the BB Browser on the Curve 8330 running O.S. It may work well with others but not on mine.

for exactly 2 minutes on my Bold....this garbage is what people are so excited about?
the Blackberry browser does exactly what i need it to a stopgap untill i get to my laptop or desktop

Downloaded earlier today at work. The new Bolt Browser, so far I think it does a good job and it helps way more than the default browser especially when I want to access my work webmail account on my personal blackberry. Since seeing the webmail page doesn't show up that great at all on the default browser. The browser launcher shortcut works good too.

OK so I have installed what you need to make this the default and it still sends me over to the BB default browser, even if I click on a link while in bolt it will redirect me to the bb default.. Pretty sure I'm going to delete this cause it's just not working right.. All it's doing right now is taking up space on my screen

The BB browser is far from perfect. However, with OS 5.0 and running the browser in Firefox emulation mode, I find that the BB browser to good enough for my every day casual web browsing on my BB. After trying Bolt 1.6 for a little bit this morning, I did not find its web browsing experience any better than the default browser in Firefox emulation mode.

I tried using this browser and decided to go back to the stock BB browser. For the life of me I could not get the Bolt to be the default browser even after installing the bb launcher and rebooting. I don't see the need of having a 3rd party browser taking up room when any links I click on are gonna take me to the stock BB browser. FYI, this was on a curve 8330 with OS (official release).

Downloaded bolt hoping it would be a nice fix for my 9530, but it wasn't. You manually have to open keypad,when trying to scroll the pointer has a. Mind of its own and clicks things that are not selected. If bolt and opera could figure these browsers out function wise on my 9530 these 2 browsers would be a great upgraded to the BB browser.

Well just downloaded and installed and did battery pull. Tried crackberry on bolt and then on opera. Bolt just got smoked. Ill be sticking with opera.

Downloaded the launcher, but native browser still is the default when opening links in messages. Hope they get this resolved soon...


Browser downloaded fine, and works fine, but the launcher doesn't work. Tried downloading the launcher and rebooting 3 times, no luck.

I've got an 8900 with OS .250

I have a bold, and I dont have a data plan, do I have the ability to set this browser to wifi and not pay for data usage?

To everyone asking how to make Bolt the default browser:

On the download page (and in the email you receive with the download link) there is information about it:

If you'd like to make BOLT the default browser on your BlackBerry (so you can open BlackBerry mail, messenger and sms links in BOLT) please download the BOLT Launcher Plug-in (in addition to the BlackBerry specific version of BOLT)

The link to the plug-in is:

I sent myself an email with URL in it. Clicking on it opens the BB browser. If I send myself an sms w/ URL it uses Bolt. If I try to download a file from within Bolt, it uses Bolt now.

Sucks on Storm 1. Very awkward, not intuitive enough. Pages don't resize properly to fit the screen in landscap. Font is small from the start. When I click the address bar I should get the keyboard, not have to cycle through BB button and select show keyboard. It did uninstall nice and fast.

Just loaded 1.6 and Bolt Launcher on my Tour 9630, works great. Pages open quicker than the default browser and the annoying permission questions from 1.5 are gone. Great job! Thanks

I'm glad, but they come at the worst times. Everytime I delete all my 3rd party browsers and go back to strictly the native BB browser a new updates comes out. Time to go BACK to the download page.

any way to get this browser to work on the touchscreen phones...browser is fast, too bad it takes so loong to enter anything!

i have tried bolt 3 times in the past and had been unimpressed with it's speed and reliability. it appears there have been many fixes. it definitely works faster now.

I contacted Bolt about that problem as I'm having it myself. Their reply was a little disheartening. These are the steps they sent me to use Bolt as your default browser.

Steps to perform:

1. Open Messages application
2. Select any link in the email sent in HTML format (Links in plain text
links will open directly with BOLT)
3. Open Menu
4. "Get Link in BOLT" option does not appears in menu
5. Select option 'Get Plain text' in menu
6. Select the link in plain text and open the menu
7. "Get Link in BOLT" option will appears in menu
8. Select option "Get Link in BOLT"
9. BOLT will launch and open the link

IMHO, this is lame. When you go through the steps you can then select any browser to open the link. If this is what the Launcher does it's kind of false advertising. But it sounds like this isn't what everyone is experiencing with the launcher.

Storm I - Have been using it good part of the morning. The good: fast, small memory footprint, appears stable, saves passwords and usernames, can access sites Opera 5 beta 2 will not.
The bad: no zoom, keyboard will not pop up automatically, way limited tools/options.

Not all things to all users.

Even after trying OM, I still prefer BOLT because unlike OM BOLT can access any site. BOLT also renders pages to full desktop versions unlike OM which often directs me to mobile versions.

Ex. I can check my bank account on BOLT but not on OM.

I'll keep OM5 v2 in my downloads folder and continue to use BOLT

tried to play youtube videos but doesnt seem to work, wont play full screen or responds very slow to screen presses on storm 9500 on 5.0, fed up with blackberries now and can't wait to get iphone!!!!!!

this sucks on a touchscreen. i have an S1 and getting the arrow/mouse exactly where u want it is a bitch. i will be deleting.

i don't know, i really want to like bolt but i really prefer both versions of opera over this. i still get the freeze @ 20% with every version. i have an 8900

The new default browser feature works at some level. I'm able open twitter links which go straight on bolt, but links on my emails go on the native bb browser.

The new default browser feature works at some level. I'm able open twitter links which go straight on bolt, but links on my emails go on the native bb browser.

That little tidbit is in the BOLT announcement (without the "only") but not in the blog post here.

Downloaded 1.6 today and after about 45 minutes I deleted it. No where near as fast as Opera Mini. Personally I think it is worse than the BB browser.

Works terrible on my 9530. Links are too difficult to click and even when you do, it only refreshes the current page (a bug for storm owners me thinks since non-touch berries seem to have it working fine.) Just awful. Deleting now. Hopefully they work on a version to suit the Storm.

Oh well. I REALLY wanted to like it, too.

The browser is really good, you can view Youtube videos just like you were on your computer! Nice and great job!

why is it that so many alternate bb browsers claim to do so many things? stream video, set as default? c'mon none of this works!! it's not even as fast as it claims!
I'll stick with what works, the bb browser and opera mini.
thankfully it was free and just as easy to uninstall!!

I was unable to get back to the HOME screen .. and it was the same speed as the BB broweser..I also like the BB browser formatted the pages for BB viewing(mobile sites)

I'm running Opera Mini Beta 2 on an original storm. I'm actually typing this on my storm right now, on Opera. I love it so much more then bolt, I downloaded it this morning when I saw the post on crackberry, and I've already deleted it. Opera mini all the way!

I love the idea that Bolt stepped up and offered a way to make it the default browser. Question is, do I want it to be? I've been an Opera fan for a while now. I'm giving Bolt a try, but I'm not too quick to designate a new default just yet.

After downloading the App and the Launcher... I couldn't figure out how to set it up as the default browser on my 8900 running 5.0... If it is that hard to use, it isn't worth the effort. And, the guys building the Application should know that it has to be easy to install and use or no one will bother. I also found the font so small I could hardly read it. The fact is that their should be an option to set it as the default browser within the Application.. .you shouldn't have to load up another piece of software. The end result is that I uninstalled it and won't bother again. The fact is that the native browser is just as good and zero hassle.

Those of us who were already running BOLT, received a link for the update when we opened the app today, and that opened a direct DL link in the native BB browser. You know, one of those white pages cut horizontally with a thin black line, which the vendor and version info on top, and applications permissions and save to SD card (if you have an app card loader) options below, right above the download and cancel buttons. There is absolutely nothing on this page about the need of any additional files to supposedly make the default browser change work. So I am guessing that the snarky remarks chastising people for "not reading" about the extra file are apparently being made by; brand-new BOLT users who used the BOLT website to sign-up for a DL email; towards people who have been using a prior version of BOLT and who received a only a direct DL link with no additional launcher info.

It took a while reading through the Crackberry forum to find out about the extra file, went over to the BOLT site and DLed, rebooted, and still nothing. I cannot change the default browser in the browser advanced options menu, and it all launches email links in the native browser, regardless of whether they are HTML or plain text.

I tried to use BOLT's bug report/support contact page, but after trying it in all 3 browsers, it appears that they have a bug in their bug report system. I finally just had to send an email to Bitstream themselves, but have not received even one of the normal automatic response like...we have received your email, and will get back with you within a day or 2 or a week; so it seems to me like maybe they released the update too soon, without having worked out the bugs not only in the app, but also in their own website and email systems.

I have the Storm 1 and Opera Mini 5 beta 2 is way more user friendly, way faster at rendering pages, and much more accurate on my touch screen. Also the font is a whole lot better looking on Opera. What I'm waiting for is Skyfire for Blackberry, cause Bolt is not cutting it.

WOW. Just....WOW.

SunSpider Javascript Test:

iPod touch, 2nd gen, Safari Browser, OS 3.1 running on WiFi:
32,213.0ms (32.213sec.)

BlackBerry Tour, 1st gen, Bolt 1.6 Browser, OS 5.0, running 5 bars 3G:
1,427.4ms (1.4274sec.)

This browser is a little quirky in some aspects, but it just flat KILLS BlackBerry's browser. It was keeping up with my iPod touch 2G on several websites.....

Washington Post

I'm impressed.

Just gave Opera Mini 5 Beta on my wifes Tour with 5.0 installed, and it's locked up twice now to the point where I have to do a battery pull.


Bolt 1.6 it is until Blackberry gets the webkit browser going.

I'm having the same problem on the 8900. Browser works great just can't download/install default plugin.

i downloaded it on my storm 1 and after it downloaded it didnt get past the legal acceptance page so i restarted the phone when it came back on it says app error 523 and reset i reset it and goes back to the app error 523 anybody know what this is and how to fix it thanks

works ok for my 9700 wish it was actually able to be default browser, as advertised... cant get it to work, as it seems no one else can either... they should make the option like a Mac for setting default browser where u go into the native browser and set default to... duh! but, i like bolt because it handles other items well in my opinion. i eat lots of carrots so i can see the microscopic font... and i like messing with beta software, which is what this seems to be. it sure got a lot of press as a new release considering how crappy it is though. oh well... when do we get safari for BB?

ok granted that I'm still using my Curve 8330 OS (cant afford to upgrade yet) and the bb browser being the crap-tacular thing that it is in displaying web pages. I tried the new Bolt browser and it does do a much better job at rendering the pages but it takes almost a full minute longer to render and drop down menus actually force a page refresh. Also, i have noticed a significant delay when trying to switch apps or close the browser entirely.

overall, I think i'm just going to stick with my trusty bb browser until i can upgrade to the Tour 2 next year.

Like a lot of others, I have not been able to get Bolt to launch as the default browser. But the other thing I've noticed is that my application switcher does not work at all when i have Bolt up. In fact, the only way I can get out of Bolt is to either go into the menu and close it, or press the red phone key (hang up) which takes me to the desktop. Once back on the desktop, application switcher works fine - ironically, i can use it to go back to Bolt.

Check it out now, actually its pretty kool, how its real time, this could be the beginin a beautiful addition to my crackberry!!!

havent tried Opera, actually i did, the older one, and it sucked for me...but ill try the new one too...

I installed Bolt on my Storm yesterday and been surfin like mad with it. It is such an improvement over the original browser on my BB. The pages are so easy to see and navigate!

So far I haven't had any issues to speak of with Bolt 1.6 on my 9630 running 5.0. I got the browser setup to be default as well with no issues. Click on a link and Bolt fires right up. My app switcher works fine as well. I don't understand why so many people are having issues. :(

i downloaded the link to make it the default browser but should the browswer still look the same or should it say bolt or something. i didnt see anything in my download folder or application folder so im not sure if it even worked...

I've attempted twice to install and use Bolt 1.6 on my Blackberry Javelin 8900. It installs and starts up, but I can't change the text size. Makes no difference how many times I changed the setting and saved it, it went back to "Large", which was a joke. If you can't see it, you can't use it.

I still prefer a BB for texting and durability over an Iphone, but as far as I'm concerned, Blackberry browsers are still a destitute Third World country in comparison to the most feeble browser on an Iphone. You don't USE a browser on a Blackberry, you SUFFER through it.

From the perspective of the Bold 9700 OS 5.0, I like this browser but I find it incomplete and flaky.

It definitely is not as fast as the RIM 5.0 browser. This may be due to its strange use of Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi option in preferences isn't checked, it uses your carrier's wireless connection; if it is, it only uses Wi-Fi and does nothing if you're out of a Wi-Fi zone. There is no way to tell it to use Wi-Fi if available, otherwise your carrier's wireless (seems to me this is what most people would want.

Every browser but Bolt has a home page, a default home page letter, and a letter to reload the current page. This would be so simple. Why not?

Finally, the documentation is terrible. It seems to be restricted to a FAQ page which is incomplete and self-serving. It is very difficult, for example, to figure out what many of the Preferences options do, or don't do.

This browser has a lot of potential but the developers need to spend much more time putting themselves in the position of the end user. Until then I will probably use the RIM 5.0 browser most of the time. Better the devil you know!!

Anyone know how to email a link to someone from the Bolt Browser? If i'm reading an article and would like to send it to someone, the native BB browser gives you option to send via pin, sms, email, etc. Can't seem to find even an email option in Boly

Even when I open up (get link in bolt) from SMS it just takes me to bolt home page without taking me to the link URL. So it's not even defaulting in plain text to the URL I want to go to. BUST!##! WAs really hoping it would work.

Will read rest of thread to see if solution but it seems not. Yes I already rebooted for the wiseguy that wants to chime in on that.

I'm Storm 2.