Bolt 1.5 Released - Moved Out of Beta Bringing Speed and New Features

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2009 09:04 am EDT
Bolt 1.5 Released And Moved Out Of Beta Bringing With It Speed And New Features

Bolt 1.5 has finally been officially released. In the 8 months of the public beta, Bolt has seen some fantastic growth in its user base and within the application itself. Many new changes are upon us with the launch of version 1.5, and if you have never tried Bolt before, now is a great time to give it a look

New features and enhancements to BOLT 1.5 include:

  • Cache Support to speed users’ ability to move quickly back and forth between the currently and previously viewed Web pages through the use of backward and forward navigation.
  • Download Manager for easy download of files directly from BOLT and the ability to save them to specific folders on the mobile phone (requires JSR75 support on the device).
  • Support for Streaming Videos of Any Length that overcomes limitations on some phones’ ability to stream videos of longer lengths.  The new approach ensures video clips will play on all devices, for any length video.
  • Video Wizard to assist users in configuring their device for optimal video playback.
  • Dedicated Search Bar on home page, for easier and faster online searches.
  • Improved Ability to Manage RSS Feeds by allowing users to arrange and file feeds just as they do with their favorites and bookmarks.
  • Enhancements for Touch Screen Devices such as simple volume controls for the BOLT media player which now offers volume controls on the screen.
  • Enhancements for BOLT Servers in the cloud, which increase the already fast BOLT mobile browser by an additional 10 to 20 percent.

With over 2 million downloads in 190 countries Bolt has done a great job in bringing desktop web browsing to the BlackBerry Smartphone platform and with the launch of 1.5, it's quite clear they have no intention of slowing down in their development any time soon.

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Bolt 1.5 Released - Moved Out of Beta Bringing Speed and New Features


I love it except for one thing. There is a hockey blog that I post on all the time, and when I try to leave a comment, it gives me some bad behavior message and won't let me. I don't have this problem on any other browser. Is there a fix for it?

but how would you compare it to Opera Mini 5? I don't want to install a third browser on my phone, but if it's that good I might have to give it a shot.

I'm on the East coast. Bolt thinks I am outside the country so no love on streaming videos. I only tested ABCTV just for kicks. WTF?

As soon as I downloaded Opera Mini Beta 5, I never looked back to Bolt.

Though, one thing I dont understand is why you cant paste a web address into either Bolt or Opera Mini...

@pman555 It took me a while to discover, but you can copy/past in Opera! You have to hold down the trackball, or hold your finger down if using the Storm, and that works as a right-click and brings up the submenu to copy/paste, select text, and open images.

You can paste in Bolt too (since the private beta actually). Pretty much the same way as Opera 4.1--I never cared for 5, I HATE how they use non BB style menus. When in the "Enter URL" field, you have to hit the BB button and go to "Edit" then hit the BB menu button again and you will have the "Paste" option.


I've been using Bolt the browser for a while now and just upgraded a little bit ago.

I also use BB browser and Opera Mini 4.2 (5 caused some strange issues on my 8900). Honestly I only use Bolt to play Mafia Wars on facebook with. The other 2 wouldn't pull the game up for me.

Still looks like the old Bolt.... but it really is faster.
I used to hang at 20% and now it just "snaps" to the page at about 10% to 15% (and sometimes less than 10%). Page loading time is instantaneous. Also being able to go back without loading the page is great. I haven't tested the new video capabilities yet.

I personally have all 3 browsers on my Bold. Opera is totally awesome and so is Bolt. I recently upgraded to 5.0 (.238) and now my default browser is rocking with speed too. I find that when one browser won't behave with a webpage one of the others will.

The thing is...these browsers can get faster and faster...but without Flash the web browsing experience will not be "full on".

Yes it's real nice, only problem is that it still doesn't recognize selectable links on most pages rendering it completely useless.

It still doesnt feel as fast to me like when it first released. It is better on my bold than it was on my storm. The reason i stopped using Bolt was because it would hang on 20% all the time for a minute or so then load the page, which is annoying.

I use Opera for most of my browsing unless im at a wifi connection, then i bust out my Zune HD.

I currently have v1.04 (which I love) but am unable to download v1.50 directly to my BB Tour. When I try to install the .jad file via my Desktop Manager, the notification tells me that the application is incompatible with my device.

Anybody else having similar problems?

I just opened Bolt on my Tour, and it notified me of an update, which I then downloaded right from the browser. I never used DM.

After fiddling with some settings on my native browser, I was finally able to install v1.5. I'm just killing time for next 30 minutes while my BB reboots so that I can experience v1.5 for myself.

Although I loved Opera Mini 5, I had to remove it because I didnt like the fact it was automatically my default browser. Does Bolt do this?

Just downloaded this morning before my class and it seems to live up to its expectations. Its speed is comparable to Opera Mini5 except Opera is still in Beta so it still has some bugs to work out. I put Bolt to the test and its working great! Still wish it had option for opening up tabs like opera but i guess nothing is perfect. Wonder if RIM will ever have that option for their BB Browser.

i don't know why this was posted without being checked because when you go download it's still the version 1.04.

Essentially no video plays on any browser on the Storm if it needs flash support, right? When I browse, I like to be able to see video links. I still don't like the way Bolt handles the keyboard. I don't like having to open and close it manually. It gets in the way. I tried Bolt on my Storm just to see if I could stream "unlimited size" videos and nothing. I am using Tversity at home to be my media server and I think the BB rendering servers have a cap on streaming video...very small size! I was hoping that Bolt's claim was true...but I can't play video at all, not even a 15 second clip...from home. Thank goodness for the Youtube least I can get some video...maybe Bolt is great for non-BB phones. I still put my money on Opera. I think Opera has Bolt beat. Three browsers later and still no flash...

I've had limited success with video. I've been able to get YouTube to play once or twice, but then the browser keeps hanging at the "connecting" stage. Kind of pointless when this is the only thing Bolt has over Opera.

Bold 9000, AT&T, OS (Platform 247)

On the plus side, everything else seems to work great, but that's only catchup with what Opera is offering now in v5 Beta. If Opera could do video transcoding I wouldn't even be writing this post.

Bolt is the best BB browser for full page desktop-like web browsing IMHO. I like the BB browser for mobile browsing like Crackberry forums and mobile sites like ESPN mobile etc.
But nothing beats bolt for full web sites IMO.

I have been using the default browser, Opera Mini and Bolt off and on for months now, either on a Pearl or a Storm. In my humble opinion, Bolt works best for me on my Storm. Rendering of webpages is better and easier to read than on the other two browsers, and while the text is small, it is readable and does not require zooming in or zooming out. My chief complaints with Bolt have been addressed with the advent of 1.5: the 20% hangup (which for me could be as short as 5 seconds or so, and as long as indefinitely) and the inability to snap back to previously visited pages. Now, loading is much faster with only an occasional 20% hangup hiccup, and moving back to previously visited pages is nearly instantaneous. I will try Opera Mini 5 again once it moves out of beta testing, but I don't think it will compel me to switch from Bolt. Awesome browser!

I tried Opera mini for a day and it drove me nuts! I find the BlackBerry browser to be way easier, I can just type in the address in the same page, as opposed to Opera where it takes you to a different page, and then back. But just for fun, I'll try Bolt.

i agree Opera Mini 5 Beta, is bad. It does work 100% with java, the navigation is not easy. Yes it looks good visually but the way it functions is horrible.

Opera Mini 5 beta - did not like it as my default browser. Any remedy for this? Running standard BB browser, Opera Mini 4.2 and now Bolt 1.5.

I downloaded the latest Bolt this morning. I tried Bolt's YouTube bookmark and found the speed to be quite sluggish. Their video wizard is simplistic and there is no alternative way to configure the video settings. The video playback stopped every couple of seconds and displayed a wait cursor, which made it unreasonable to view videos. Although the resolution appears to be better in Bolt, viewing YouTube videos in the native browser is much better.

Browsing other sites seems sluggish too. I don't see the speed improvements that the Bolt folks are claiming...


All you people complaining about opera mini, it seems as if you are referring to the older versions. OPERA MINI 5 is THE best browser for Blackberry to date.

As somebody that actually browses on my berry, OPERA 5 is unbeatable.

I get a timeout every time I attempt to login to The native browser had no problems.

I have been using Bolt for some time in Beta and apart from the odd error, it has been a fantastic product. Already downloaded 1.5 and the improvements are very good.

This is well worth it for BB users

Installed it. Ran it. It asked for permission to access, I said yes. It then takes me to the TOS screen and that's where I'm stuck. There's no button to accept or decline, no way go anywhere other than to quit.

Anyone else get this?

...that leaves a poor first impression. Not a very well coded app that doesn't give you an obvious button to press for acceptance (like just about all other apps do).

And now after playing with it for a while and comparing it with the BB default browser, you can keep it. Much, much slower to render pages compared to the BB browser.

Can't enter a URL because the keyboard never shows up.


As this is a non beta release, WHY have they not signed it so you dont have to keep giving permission to access the net.

I'm now frozen solid on bolt since the download. Cant access any saved sites that I had on the previous version. Bout to reboot again for the 3rd time.

I received an e-mail for this even before it was posted on CB, I have always loved this browser and every time they update it gets even better.

I tried Opera Mini 5. For a first time user it wasn't very intuitive. The fact that it wants to be the default browser wasn't working for me either. I didn't want it to be the default until I had figured it out at least. I'd be willing to try it out some more if there's a workaround to disable it as the default browser.

Bolt works fine for me in the meantime and 1.5 does seem speedier so far. As others have said, it works great with full web sites.

I wonder if this is any better than the newest version of Opera Mini 5. I deleted that because it was nothing but problems. Some days it worked and then some days it would take forever to load if it loaded at all. I got more error messages than anything else. I'm far to busy to deal with a problematic browser. I will stick with the default browser til something better comes along.

Bolt is a decent browser, definitely a step up from Opera Mini 4.2 and the native BB 4.6 browser. Great browser with some quirks. Bolt loads the pages fast enough, but the UI is still lacking in appearance and function.

imo, Bolt's "magnification" feature is what will keep people, including myself, from switching over, especially from Opera. A real time zoom feature is needed for any mobile browser, instead of changing the magnification in the settings which you are then forced to stay with on every single website, regardless of what size and shape it is. Opera understands this and got it right... Bolt needs to seriously reconsider their method of zooming as it currently cripples the browser & limits any serious web browsing.

I'm trying to download Bolt on my Storm and it is telling me 'insufficient space for application'. It's a brand new phone and I've only put some pictures and stuff on it so why wouldn't there be enough space?

no matter how many times I load up Bolt, I just don't like it. It's doesn't feel fast, and to be honest, is not aesthetically pleasing (ugly). I definitely prefer Opera Mini 5 beta over this. I actually prefer BB Browser over this.

I can't complain about any of the browsers that I have (BB Browser, Opera 5 or Bolt) because they all have things going for it that the others don't. I like Opera Mini because of its integration and tab function. Bolt instead of trying to copy other browsers offered, focused their enhancements in other places(video seems to be an emphasis). Bolt is staying on my phone simply because I can access more sites than the others. I can't even view my bank account on Opera for example. I get nowhere. However Bolt opens up my account without a problem. I would really like to ditch a browser for the sake of memory but I can't at the moment;(

I was excited until I downloaded this and realized it was still about the same as it was. I don't notice any difference. It's still slow, and why do I still have to give it permission to access the internet? Am I missing something here?

At this point I'll prefer Bolt over Opera Mini 5 as OM5 became my default browser... which I did not want. Hence I reverted back to an older version of Opera Mini while I now use Bolt as my secondary browser next to BB Browser

Sorry, but Opera browser is better for your phone & desktop. I can't wait for Opera Sync in Opera 5.0 beta- You know Opera invented Tabbed browsing, they have an email client, a torrent client, and skins,inline spellcheck without even bothering to put in any addons and it's like 4.3 megabites! I love speed dial so much.

Ya, I'm that guy who wants a side by side comparison if at all possible. So being that I have an 8330 and have not opted to upgrade to a newer BB device I know I have to sometimes go the less cool route. I love my phone and Opera Mini. I am still testing out Beta 5 (Opera Mini). Super cool layout but as far the functionality on my 8330 a little choppy. So I am going to give a solid month of testing both (BOLT & Opera)out at the same time and see what the final score comes down to. I am upgrading fairly soon but admittedly have dragged my feet to see what is around the corner for RIM. Will post back with my thoughts later.

Ughh. Will they ever add application switching capabilities to Bolt? I hate having to hit the end button to go back and forth........

If i change the application permissions and turn internet off and put wifi on, does that mean this browser will only go online via wifi and not charge me, since I have yet to have my BB data plan turned on?