BlackBerry Bold OS Officially Released By MobiTel

Bold OS Officially Released By MobiTel
By Bla1ze on 9 Oct 2009 04:05 am EDT

It seems there is no end to the updates and leaks coming out these days, not that I'm complaining. Now is a great time to be a BlackBerry owner with all that's going on. This time around though we got an official release of OS for the BlackBerry Bold from MobiTel in Bulgaria. Not exactly sure what the changes may be in this one since I've not ran a 4.6 OS since 5.0 started leaking but if you are indeed still a 4.6 user you'll wanna check this one out.

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BlackBerry Bold OS Officially Released By MobiTel


enjoying all these OS updates! cant wait for a new 9530 after that 9500 one.. or a hybrid. first comment too :P never had that before

You really need to upgrade from 216. Any version from 247 and up are good ones. Ypor missing out on a few new features, better battery life and bug fixes.

Unless this one is a major difference from, I am probably going to hold off til OS 5.0 is officially released.

This version is very nice, the only problem it had was the Blackberry messenger since it was 4.7, but since the new release of v.5, that is never an issue now.
If you know how to make the browser fix, you will be just fine since that's the only thing I can think of that needs some work like getting the crackutil and restoring your good old browser.
Every other application now works fine on this new OS 5 release. I can tell you that the battery life is better that .297 for sure because I can restart my phone during the day and I don't have to worry about a battery drain, also I run Windows Live messenger (the OS 5 compatible version) all day on my phone and it doesn't kill the battery (as much) like OS 4.6
Give it a shot, the web browser speed (when you get the crackutil working right) is a thrill I can say that, every other app. I wanted to work on it works flawless (Pandora, facebook, google talk, Yahoo messenger, Windows Live messenger, epocrates, wallpaper changer, Mini opera 4.2 and 5, Bolt 1.5, Bible (youversion), Vlingo, google maps and google voice/sync)
Go for it, you won't regret...
P.S.: the only thing I see that doesn't work is voice dialing...but you can use Vlingo instead.

What's the difference between package version, application version, & software platform in the blackberry official site? e.g. the latest software Bold for the MobiTel carrier: package version:, application version:, software platform: