BlackBerry Bold And 8900 Price Cut On AT&T

Bold And 8900 Price Cut On AT&T!
By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2009 08:54 am EDT

Bold And 8900 Price Cut On AT&T!

Upset AT&T killed off their $199.99 refurbished Bold deal? Just buy a brand new 8900 and pay $199.99 for it? Then you might want to reach out to AT&T customer service and give them a call. Today they have cut the Bold from $299.99 down to $199.99 and their brand new BlackBerry Curve 8900 from $199.99 down to $149.99, so if you were holding out for either device no better time then now to grab one of these up. And in case you spent more on either device from AT&T, AT&T does have a 30 day buyer's remorse period in effect. I'm just saying... you know, in case you want to call and ask for a nice "courtesy" credit :)

Of course, if you're looking to pick up an 8900 from AT&T you should jump over to and take a look. Right now you can actually get the BlackBerry Curve 8900 for FREE on new activations. 

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BlackBerry Bold And 8900 Price Cut On AT&T


Try changing your plan within 6 months with

If you do it with AT&T, you actually save if you are going to switch plans.

I just got the 8900 from Letstalk for .99 as an upgrade but what's the comment about trying to change the plan in 6 months through Are there catches with going thru this place that they did not tell me?

Figures, I just got my 8900 the day it came out, 12 days ago. I should have known AT&T would pull some crap like this.... Maybe I can just swap for the Bold since that is the price I paid for the 8900...Hmmm...

I have been waiting for the 8900 for forever! When it showed up on the ATT website, I called right away because I hadn't renewed my contract yet. Those knuckleheads at ATT gave me the complete run around. I begged them to give a handset discount for renewing my contract, but the best they could do was 300 up front woth a 100 buck mail in rebate. So the best they could give me was regular guy off the street pricing with no special deal for renewing my contract or being a loyal customer! Jerks! I got my 8900 through crackberry and paid 160 TOTAL with shipping! Thanks for the great deal! ATT should be ashamed of themselves, but it looks like now they have seen the light!

I bought mine on the 22nd at the AT&T store for $299.99. Called them today and asked them to give me a credit and they told me it was still $299.99. I told them that online is shows it is $249.99 and they said they couldn't match the price. So I called the online "contact us" and had a very nice gentleman credit my account the difference.

I purchased 2 Bolds about 2 weeks ago. I went into the ATT Store today, told them my situation, and they refunded the difference to the credit/debit card of my choice. Great service! With my Curve trade-in, Rebate, and today's refund, my Bold came out to about 80 dollars. :-)

I bought mine 2 weeks ago with an early upgrade for $299 plus tax. Now if its selling for $249, should i be able to go into the corporate store i purchased from and get the money back to cover the difference?

Well these prices were rumored before the Curve actually dropped on ATT on this site, so no real surprise other than the timing.

On my Premier site, the Bold is $399 before $100 rebate and the Curve 8900 is $299 before $100 mail in rebate.

I am holding out for the Tour 9630 before upgrading again.

Thursday 6/4/09 Update:

Prices are not reflected on my premier site.

Still, waiting on the Tour to launch before makinga decision.

I got the 8900 the day it came out for $299 (before rebate). I went into the store this morning and the gave me a $50 credit to my account to make up for the price drop.

I bought my 8900 for $199 too and am trying to get the 50 credit, cause I'm sure if i called customer service today rather than a couple days ago, i could have gotten it for $149. I called and they wont give me the credit, saying i have to go through the hassle of returning the phone and buying another one. that is complete crap, anyone have any luck?

I called the premier site folks yesterday and he quoted me $299.99 with $100.00 rebate. he also said that they are normally higher (???) than the local stores. that surprised me.

always call customer service through your phone by dialing 611 and depending on who you get, you can get a great deal. If you get a deal that sucks like regular price, hang up and call again. trust me

Bought my Bold exactly 30 days ago, just went back to the store and got $100 credit. Thank you Crackberry for saving me $100!