Bold 9650 Spotted in Verizon Corporate Store Banner

Bold 9650 Print
By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2010 01:19 am EDT

It looks like Verizon may have jumped the gun on this one. A keen eye spotted this banner in a Verizon corporate store, and it looks like the device in the middle is the yet to be released Bold 9650. We're not sure who's to blame for this one, but you can be sure someone will be getting a talking to. With the Bold 9650 release still in the dark, its odd that Big Red would be sporting it in print ads already. Hit the jump for a closeup shot.

Bold 9650 Verizon


I would like to see this at my local Sprint store!


Darn! Too slow.

I'm gonna get me one of these bad boys when it comes out.


At first i said fake, but then I thought, who would really spend their time faking this? It's just that right near the blackberry logo there are semi-transparent words cut off and then more on the top right that say "Listen"


Prepare to see the Bold 9650 in (Sprint) stores May 7th...


this looks like a 9700 to me :S


It's the current verison or the original verison's NOT the 9700. Form factor is the same of the Tour, the numbered keys are red just like the Tour where as the 9700s number keys are white along with the letters.


does anyone see any physical differences? I can't spot them!

the brother

doesnt have a bevelled screen like the 9700 and the red numbers are a giveaway


Just got my tour not to long ago and its working great will hold up on the bold it will have some bugs so they will be straigt by the time my upgrade comes up next year


Looks like every other Blackberry over the last 2 years.


... they just keep giving it a different number. I'm sure in a few months there'll be a big announcement about it coming out in white.


As much as I keep dropping my World Edition these days, I hope this is a good omen.

Bugs or not I'm ready!!!


Sorry guys but its there really a discerning difference? I can't tell but my hat is of to you if you can


I do not see any difference except the absence of the USB port and headphone jack hole..


Yup that's the 9650. You can clearly see the numbers in(RED) Bold 9700 does not have that.


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one here that noticed that.....


thats the tour 2 look at the top of the phone. the bold has like the black piece higher than the chrome so thats the tour 2.


Saw this thing 2 weeks ago when I was replacing my storm its legit


Bring it Big Red. Enough taunting already. Give the people what they want!!


Just scrap this sorry ass phone, its already here in a Bold and thats a Great Phone. Unless you sell it to Corps/Bizness's only dont sell it because I have that phone in the 9630. Why would I pay that much more for the same phone with Wifi.

DROID Incredible coming Thursday, Blackberyy Heyyy Heyyy


tony bag o donuts

but those of us that didn't get a tour when it came out see this as a nice upgrade.


There are alot of things DROID does but DROID doesn't do business features like a Blackberry so go be a socialite on Android Central.


You mean business features like the data outages they have every now and then? Or the outdated OS? The joke of a web browser? That argument is getting lame.

I'd bet that at this point at least half of RIM's customers are non-business users and they'll be leaving RIM to get a modern phone like the Incredible rather than the same BB that came out 5 years ago.


Twenty -fifth place I win :p ,I am going to get one but not camp out for one


OK...I seem to be living in a cave...but how does one tell the difference of versions by looking strictly at the device..Just curious


The storm in the picture doesnt have any butttons on it (keyboard) Didn't you see from the picture or have you been in the cave too long? :p


You can't really tell any different between the "original" 9650 and the Bold 9650 on the front...they look the same actually. The differences are internal and the Bold stamping on the back of the device beside the camara lens. The front appearance is the same as original devices and leaked pics we've seen.


I saw this image of BB's on a TV ad for an independent VZW retailer in central PA last weekend. It went by quickly but I could see the middle unit wasn't a Tour.


512mb of memory, double that of the Tour
Open GL
2gb on board memory
faster processor
0S 6.0 ready
WEB KIT ready


Has the faster processor been confirmed? Haven't heard that one yet....I knew bout the 512mb and 2gb on board, OS 6 ready and WebKit ready but nothing on the processor.


I have never updated and OS on a bb. Is this much of a deal or someone like me who has only been with bb for a little while now would be better off waiting till the 9650 comes from the store with 6.0 and the web kit?


Its easy to update official Operating systems on BB's , main thing in those is that they are bug free, well for the most part bug free , other then that no big deal even for a newbie :)


That's a good sign of things to come.


We have had the Bold on Verizon for awhile. Limited to only business accounts, I would really looking to get one for personal use, great device.


The processer is a Qualcomm 7600 running at 528 Mhz.


Very funny how the made the Storm look so thin... or could that be the Storm 3? lol...


@Dreddy1 blackberry is lagging behind the times even with there supposed business clients, they get the same phone over and call it something else, so lame.

Oh and Droid does everything a blackberry does and better. With your no browser having :)


The Droid Incredible doesn't do Exchange worth a CRAP! I know because I have one but not for long, I'm sending it back for the BB 9650 when it comes out.


I am all over this phone once it's released w/ Sprint!