Bold 9650 Owners Poll: If you've tried the leaked operating system, how are you liking BlackBerry 6?

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2010 02:26 pm EDT

Back at BlackBerry DevCon we brought you some hands-on videos of BlackBerry 6 running on the Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and Curve 9300. While the GSM BlackBerry owners are still waiting for BlackBerry 6 to be leaked (or officially released!), Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330 owners have already seen a couple of operating system leaks for their device.

So this poll is for all of those BlackBerry owners out there who have been able to try out BlackBerry 6 on their Bold 9650 or Curve 3G 9330.  How are you liking it?! Is it a BIG difference from 5.0 on your device? Is it nice, but no big deal? Bugs or glitches aside (since these are unofficial builds), vote on the poll and let us know your BlackBerry 6 feedback!

Reader comments

Bold 9650 Owners Poll: If you've tried the leaked operating system, how are you liking BlackBerry 6?


0s6 is great it has improved on so many levels although i have to say that the bars on the top and bottom of the homescreen on 0s6 is a bit much but little to pay for the over all use and easy of this OS universal search is great and now with the new update i got my video backlight on although my fancy char app doesn't work in group bbm isn't a big issue and pandora works now the new media player much improved and camera options just make it great...

If this is the type of user who is enamored with BB6, then RIM is in trouble.

The extra visual goodies do not compensate for the compromised (cramped) screen, slower speed (even on the Webkit browser...), and issues with both internal and third-party apps.

It feels like a touchscreen OS was force-fit to a keyboard format. Square peg, meet round hole.

I feel like it was made for a touchscreen phone (aka Torch. lol). Switching between the different sections can be a pain sometimes (like if you accidently go down, you have to go through every icon first). And w/ the favorites, i know for me anyone, my favorite apps, i put as my first couple icons anyway (since they're favorites and most used.. it made sense). Also, there is/was a downloads folder, so i dont see a need for it's own section. Stuff like that. The features i do like, Universal search, the notification clicker, and the top banner clicker... oh, and obv the webkit... So if i could have just had a 5.0 build w/ those features, i would have been happy. But i mean, dont get me wrong, it's a pretty nice build, but... like mentioned, 5.0 build, with the banners, webkit, and universal search and i would have been pleased! Just my $.02

I agree with you MattD. I think that OS 6 was originally designed for the Torch and they just thought to themselves "Hey wait a minute, we put all this work into designing a great OS for a revolutionary hybrid phone and we didn't do anything for the older phone owners who may be kinda pissed if we don't so we should just modify it to be used by non touch screen owners"

I love the the universal search and the browser is way better than the last browser(albeit quirky and slow to load sometimes), however even with 259 megs of phone ram left the phone seems to still lag quite a bit when doing simple things, which should not be happening.

I know you will say that this is only a leaked version and that is why, but I just hope you are right for when Verizon releases the real version to 9650 owners.

Very quick..especially going in and out of BBM. Agree with Matt. Too much scrolling between screens. I think and hope theme devs can manipulate that. I don't like how you can't hide apps in downloads and still have them in favorites. I also wish you could determine what screens you wanted. No need for a download if you have a favorite.

One last thing. I love the Social feed app. Makes browsing Facebook faster, and having feeds right there is nice. However, I wish I could see my notifications in my Facebook tab, instead of having to open the Facebook app. Other than that, it is a nice app.

Ah, yes, forgot about that... When I first installed OS6, i had it on... but after about 10mins HATED it... I would look at the "new tweet/fb posts" and get rid of the notification, then like 3 minutes later... *bing*, social feeds notification... it got super annoying!

After thoroughly reading the comments from early adopters in the first few days of the .222 build I decided to make the plunge. I experienced what other people had been experiencing- a fairly stable and solid beta OS. This was remarkable compared to the teething pains and numerous releases that I went through when testing OS5 prior to and after its release. Now that I am on build .280 of OS6 I am seeing improvement in speed and usability with the new interface. I may not use all the features like social feed but I appreciate the new interface transitions, speed, and reworked and finally usable browser.

I like some of OS6 (the browser) but for the most part I don't really like it all that much. I think I can do more when I'm running OS 5 vs OS 6 truth be told (messaging, tweets, basic use stuff). I was hoping for something a little more "WOW I have to have this" and it just isn't there with the leaks and I've tried them both. I wish someone would just marry the best of OS 6 with the simplicity of OS 5. Give me OS 5 with universal search and a webkit browser and I'm all over that!!!!

Hear me out there dvelopers? Make an OS 5.0 and give me universal search and Webkit!!

Thank you!

with the 256K of ram on the 9700, it really would leave only enough room for a couple small apps. Likely the reason no leak for 9700 and the 9780 refresh with 512k. Maybe there will be a leaned out version (like the idea of 5.0 w/webkit and universal search).

Despite the fact that it is little more than a slightly revamped OS5, the webkit engine definitely makes this OS a much needed improvement over OS5. It feels like a whole new phone.

Kevin said it perfectly: aside from the bugs and glitches it seems to be a great OS. When I first got the leak (.222) it took a little bit of getting used to but when you think about it the UI is actually simpler than it looks. There is a place for wverything and everything in its place, albeit the fact that there might be one too many places ;). Right now noone can give a full review on the leaked OS due to the fact that nothing is fully operational, that is what an official OS release is. Aside from the fact that this is a leak and not an official release we can see that the OS is very close to being finished, just a few more things to be ironed out.

Judging from this I would have to say without the Carrier problem OS6 for the 9650 and other BlackBerrys should be ready really soon.

-The new release (.280) is what brought me back to OS 6 for the 9650. While I appreciate the work that went into .222 and OS 6 overall, it just wasn't for me.

But even with the latest and greatest, I still wish that:

1) I'd like to see OS 6 continue to get faster. Sometimes the phone lags between transitions, and the browser still feels clunky at times. Often you're not able to zoom in on pages until after they've fully loaded. Overall it's still good, but the more you use it the more noticeable the hangups become.

2) A way to disable some of the home menus. For myself (and I've seen others comment on this as well), I only need one homescreen for apps. Frequent, Media, Favorites etc, are not only impractical, they just seems like total overkill.

3) On the note of the homescreen, it shouldn't take two button presses to reveal all the icons. Like OS 5, I should just have to hit the menu button once, and everything pops up.

4) I wish there were some way to have both (universal) search as you type, and shortcut buttons. I love both, and quite frankly I just hate having to decide.

5) This is more a Verizon issue than a Blackberry one, but uh....Bing sucks. Please bring back Google. Thanks.

I completely agree with #5 as probably everyone would. I also originally hated the fact that it takes two button presses to reveal all icons but technically their is one way to do it. If you use the Optical Trackpad you can just highlight the All button and then click it to reveal all icons but even that doesn't really equate to one button press because rarely would your pointer already be highlighting All.

No Column View, how do you view a full website? Zooming doesn't help, it just focuses but does not fit the whole page into the BlackBerry screen!! Is it just me or are you feeling this also?

On the Torch you can double tap to get a column view style zoom. I assume there is a way to do it on the 9650 as well.

wow, that 18% that would prefer OS5 is telling! maybe us 9700 users shouldn't be in such a rush to get OS6. quite frankly, I just want webkit browser. don't care too much for all the other enhancements.

when i download the first leak, i almost with back to 5.o. When using webkit, pages didn't really fit page well. Light didnt work on video recorder. Social feeds wouldn't recognize twitter or facebook. Rebooted on me once for no reason. that i have 6.280, everything works great! Social feeds works, webkit is fast, light works. Only thing that dose not work is flashlight app, and viigo app, which viigo wont work right on torch either. But google reader feeds app works nice. Wish you could lock "all" screen, dont like left to right option, thats what folders are for. And social feeds app would only be nice if you could delete what you have read.

BTW.....The Battery Life is Awesome!

I kept getting a 907 error when I tried to access my bank accounts. Which sends me to Verizon to "upgrade to 5.0". LOL! Now I'm back to using a bookmark like the old, old days! Everything else is working tops so far!

Try Personal Assistant (pageonce), it free and works great. Maybe it will hold you over till Bank of America upgrades app.

There should have been one more option between It's pretty good! and it's OK. that's something like:

It's good, but because of the bugs I'll wait for the Official Release.

Im just now getting to play around with it, since I got off work. I tried the first leak, but uninstalled it after I couldnt get OTA files without a bunch of hassle. However that appears to be fixed in this release and I haven't gotten all my Apps set back up and activated, but overall it appears to be ok. I do beleive that they will continue to improve on it and since I consider this the "BETA" stage, I will test it out for awhile and really see how I like or dislike it. You cant really make a judgement in a day or two, it will take a week or so to get used to it.

I like the universal serch feature in os6,never really had a problem with the 222 except for batt life and a bit of lagging when browsing witht the webkit but now with 280 all that has been fixed..its snappier,browser much faster and batt life is awesome...

Well I was to get a 9650 but I got 9780. The OS is fast, I love the new layout. I don't like the browser 100%. It feels clunky at times. I would love to see it get faster. Well done RIM.

I really hoped OS6 would be more innovative. The browser has better features but it still sucks in comparison to Android and ios. still not nearly as fast. The UI is new but the inability to customize the home screens is ridiculous. Universal search isnt an option since I need shortcuts and the banners take too much space on the home screen. If this is what rim spent millions of dollars developing for a year, they failed miserably. There is nothing in OS6 that ios and android don't already have. Get innovative, not reactionary.

its completely new feeling, and pleasing to the eye. and purely gives a whole new feel to the device. however, it needs some real refinement in order to be as smooth as os5 is now on the phone.

def looking forward to the official version, whenever it is..

I read thru everything folks are saying on here, some of it I agree with, some I definitely don't. I personally love this .248 build- totally agree that .222 was lacking big time.
I think those that are trying to compare OS 6 to Android 2.2 or iOS are missing the point. Your expectations are only setting you up for disappointment because you expect every OS upgrade to blow away the competition. That's unrealistic regardless of which platform you choose. Other than better browsing I don't see what advantage android or iOS has over OS 6. Sure, you could argue screen resolution on the iPhone 4, but that's not the OS. Everything else is simply user interface. Just pick the device you like the best and works best for your life and needs and leave it at that. I really don't get this whole loyalty thing to phone companies either - if you don't like your BlackBerry, buy something else! People on here act like they're stuck with one device for however long and then complain thru forums about how disappointed they are that their new OS update doesn't blow the competition away. That's like saying your mad that you bought a VW Bug and now the Porsche you see across the street is faster. Silly.

So far so good. I enjoy the universal search and the overall user interface. I definitely see it as a step up.

OS 6 will be better than OS 5, but it will take time. The .280 leak is better than most official OS 5 builds ever were. A lot people are saying they don't like the layout of OS 6, give it more than a day or 2 and you will grow into it. Some people just don't like change or learning the new ways, it's actually easier and more user friendly than OS 5. Just wait until themes are put out for 6, this should fix the problem for most of the people that don't like the default theme. Just give it time for everything to switch over to 6 and then you will say "how did I ever go without 6".

Outside of the old glitches I had I really enjoy OS6. I play with my cousins Torch & we still are missing the large file download options but I like it. The browser is awesome whenever it runs fast but overall I'm happy I got it & feel sorry for all the 9630&9700 owners waiting on the leak for them to post like I was before ours came out

All in all, I think this OS is a great improvement. Actually, let me first preface this by letting you all know I am not as tech-savvy as most of you are so if I say something dumb, please try not to attack me.

I have been eagerly awaiting this new OS for quite some time, and I finally downloaded it when the latest leak hit. (by carefully following the instructions of course). I feel like I have a brand new phone. I think the browser is a lot better although it is going to take a little getting used to. I like the idea that you can have multiple tabs open. It seems to run a lot faster as well. I also think universal search is great. However, I wish they would bring back the Wikipedia Search engine and make that a type of result that you could get on a search rather than have to clink on wikipedia from the bing results. Also, I don't really know that I like that you are constantly switching from "favorite" "frequent" "all" etc... I think I'd rather just push the blackberry button and get the whole menu up. But who knows, I may change my mind on that. I have experienced very minimal glitches and bugs which I'm sure will be all worked out when the official update drops.

One question. This Social Feed App that everyone is talking about. Where is it? is this something you have to download separately? I just have my regular old Twitter and facebook apps. Thanks for the input.

I wanted to test out this feature but I get a popup stating that the Wi-fi sync is not a feature on my bold 9650 ( The swiping takes a bit getting used to. Love everything else, especially the universal search my favorite.

All the people that complain about this and that and browser sucks, androids are better than go back to OS5 or dont have a blackberry period. Blackberry never said .they had the best browser. They are evolving and adding new features. Its just annoying that ppl have blackberrys talk so much trash about it.

Performance is much better with OS 6, I think. And the browser is a huge improvement. But the UI sucks. I hate the trays. I wish there was a way disable trays.

Because they want to get everything right on the 9700 with OS 6.0 If you ask me, It will work better on the 9700. But I got excited reading all the reviews on how it works on the 9650.

Big Fan. I can say my 9650 is running a lot fast already. And yes the battery life is better, which I did not expect. It's funny too the phone reboots in about 2-2.5 min instead of 4-5 which is nice. Question, does anyone know how to use the gps on it? I know that is a dumb question but I can't figure it out. Is it bb maps? I have google maps so far, but I keep hearing about this amazing gps on the torch.

Yes this os was totally designed for a touch phone, but runs just fine on a non. It would be a shame if they pulled the storm 3 because I think os6 would scream on it.

I must admit I have only used OS6 on a torch, got one for my wife, but I must say for overall ease of use and finding what I need, I'll stick with OS5. I don't need Universal search cause my icons are easy to find with one button push. I would like the browser though, and perhaps the calendar. I love my 9700 and it does everything I need.

Oh that's right, I'm a Storm 2 user. RIM doesn't care enough about us Storm 2 users to leak a new OS.