Boingo Mobile WiFi Launches for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2009 10:31 am EDT

Boingo for BlackBerry

* Update - Looks like the BlackBerry Storm2 is supported too! Get Boingo Storm2 owners. *

Boingo Wireless, with over 100,000 WiFi hotspots around the world, today announced support for BlackBerry Smartphones beginning with the BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900 and Curve 8320 (too bad they don't have it ready for the WiFi-equipped Storm2 yet, which hits stores tomorrow). I'm personally already a Boingo subscriber -- for $7.95/month it has been more than worth the money every time I'm stuck at an airport so I can get some work done from my laptop (not going to tether while roaming in another country) -- so this news is kind of exciting to me. Hopefully it will help reduce the stupidly expensive data roaming bills I often incur for my BlackBerry use when when traveling.

To learn more, you can check out the press release below and visit You grab the BlackBerry app at the link below.

Press Release

Boingo Wireless Now Available for BLACKBERRY Smartphones

High-speed, Affordable Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi Launches for the BlackBerry Platform

LOS ANGELES - October 27, 2009 - Boingo Wireless, the world's largest network of Wi-Fi hotspots, today announced the availability of its authentication software and Boingo Mobile service for the BlackBerry platform. Available immediately from Boingo's Download Center, Boingo Mobile provides BlackBerry smartphone owners with an alternative to cellular data through one-click, high-speed access to Boingo's network of over 100,000 hotspots.

The Boingo Mobile application will initially be available for the BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Curve 8320 and BlackBerry Bold smartphones. Boingo will announce support for additional BlackBerry smartphone models as they become available.

The free Boingo Mobile application improves the Wi-Fi user experience for BlackBerry smartphone owners by providing a convenient, automated way to connect. It automatically notifies users when they are in a Boingo hotspot, and connects to the Boingo network with a single click.

"Boingo Mobile is about ease of use and a low-cost, high-speed alternative to cellular data," said Jonathan Mendelson, general manager of mobile and product management. "BlackBerry users can seamlessly switch to a Boingo Wi-Fi connection when they're online using data-intensive applications."

With the addition of BlackBerry platform support, Boingo continues to expand its support for smartphones, including those based on the Android, iPhone, Symbian Series 60 and Windows Mobile platforms.

Boingo Mobile's Blackberry software is based on public beta testing by Boingo Labs ( and incorporates extensive user feedback. Boingo will continue to foster innovation and update its application for BlackBerry smartphones to provide new features providing users even more benefits from the Boingo network and its locations.

About Boingo Wireless
Boingo Wireless, Inc., the global market leader in Wi-Fi, makes it simple and easy for people to enjoy Wi-Fi access on their laptop or mobile device at more than 100,000 hotspots worldwide. With a single account, Boingo users can logon to the Boingo Network locations that include the top airports around the world, major hotel chains, cafés and coffee shops, restaurants, and metropolitan hot zones. Boingo, and its Concourse Communications Group subsidiary, operate wired and wireless networks at 55 airports worldwide, including 29 of the top 100 North American airports, as well as the WSDOT Ferries Division Wi-Fi network. For more information about Boingo, please visit

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Reader comments

Boingo Mobile WiFi Launches for BlackBerry Smartphones


For people who already use this - how widespread are these hotspots? If I drive outside of a major metropolitan area will I still be able to get access?

I do a lot of driving around between clients and I'm trying to figure out the best phone/connection plan to give me access wherever I go. This plan sounds good but how do I know that 50,000 of the 100,000 spots aren't in NY, LA and Boston?

Thanks for the help.

i dont get it. i'm an 8900 rogers user. when in the US, i turn off data roaming and while in airports/coffee shops/casinos, i crank up the wifi and bob's my uncle.

so tell me why i need boingo? just for the sake of saving me a few clicks???

can i make calls over this magic boingo wifi?

very confoosd.

the brutha

I have Boino and love it. Instead of paying for access on a per airport basis (at 10 bucks a pop / day many places or otherwise, that is included where Boingo is broadcasting. Speeds are great. There is a location finder on their website BTW so you can see where they are however, I have found there are many more locations than are listed on the wedsite. Not all places are free wifi right now so this fills in the gaps when you aren't at a free wifi location or are off the beaten path. I have not used it outside of a metro area so I can't address that. I called them to find out if you have the unlimited plan for laptops, if the mobile access is included in that. It is not, you would still need to pay the 7.95 for mobile access on top of your (not)Unlimited Plan. That's stupid!

I'm also a huge Boingo fan. 2 questions.
1. When using my 8900 on Boingo, can I tether with my laptop to use this 8900 WiFi connection? Need an app/USB cable too?

2. Does this $7.95 monthly also work for the premium spots? Often, when I'm out of the country, I get a premium charge on my laptop Boingo.

What if any advantage is WiFi over 3G when you have access to both? Everyone's been making a big deal over the addition of WiFi to the new line of BB's. I understand WiFi filling in the coverage when 3G or other data signal is not available, but what am I missing?