BMW ConnectedDrive integration for BlackBerry available in vehicles later this year

BMW ConnectedDrive BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2010 09:10 am EDT

BMW has announced that they will be making their ConnectedDrive with BlackBerry integration available starting this fall. The service from BMW is the first of its kind and will allow users to receive email messages in vehicles via Bluetooth from their BlackBerry with the Pearl 3G will be the first supported device. The emails can be displayed on the iDrive control panel and even read aloud through the vehicles speakers. Users can also transfer tasks, calendar entries, text messages and more from the device for display on the control panel in the vehicle. As if that weren't enough, you will also be able to control the media player on your device via the iDrive system. This will be available to all BMW's fitted with a navigation system and will be offered in Europe and North America. Full press release after the break. Thanks to Eric for sending this in.

BMW extends office functions to include incoming e-mail with voice output.

24.06.2010 Press Release

Munich . As part of the ongoing expansion of office functions in BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW is now the first automobile manufacturer in the world to enable e-mail messages to be received inside the vehicle enabled by a Bluetooth connection. From autumn 2010, owners of a BlackBerry® smartphone made by the mobile phone manufacturer RIM (Research In Motion) will be able to access the phone's e-mail function via the operating system iDrive. A new Bluetooth interface to integrate the BlackBerry device into the vehicle enables e-mails to be received, displayed on the Control Display and even read out by means of an optional voice output function. With this innovative technology, the premium automobile manufacturer continues to extend its leading role in the integration of entertainment, communication and online functions in vehicles.
The new facilities for e-mail access tie in directly from the BMW ConnectedDrive office functions presented at the beginning of the year. Likewise unique worldwide, these allow not just call and contact lists but also calendar entries, text messages, tasks and memos to be transferred from compatible smartphones to the vehicle via Bluetooth interface. The relevant entries can be selected using the Controller of the iDrive operating system and shown on the Control Display. Even the picture file saved with a contact address on a mobile phone can be shown on the vehicle monitor. In addition, BMW ConnectedDrive also allows the music player functions of smartphones to be conveniently operated using the iDrive system. Incoming e-mail in the vehicle represents yet another milestone in the integration of modern smartphones. The new BlackBerry® PearlTM 3G is the first smartphone from the BlackBerry smartphone portfolio that supports this functionality.
Like the functions previously introduced, e-mail access via Bluetooth also helps make the use of communication and entertainment options of modern smartphones in the vehicle convenient and safe. The operating system iDrive provides unique facilities for the simple, safe and intuitive control of all functions while causing minimum distraction from the road. For the first time, incoming and saved e-mails from the Bluetooth-integrated smartphone can now be retrieved and shown on the Control Display in just a few standardized operating stages. Relief of the driver is further enhanced with the optional voice output function. It can be activated at a single press of a button, the text of the e-mail is then read out loud.
The new e-mail function is available for all BMW models fitted with the navigation system Professional including mobile phone preparation. It will be offered in Europe and North America from autumn 2010.

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BMW ConnectedDrive integration for BlackBerry available in vehicles later this year


As if BMW drivers weren't enough of a menace on the road already. Now the self important jerks will be checking their stocks and texting their brokers while driving.

Famous quotes from someone who cant afford one. Don't be mad at others because of their ability to afford a (semi)luxury vehicle. It's comments like that that make you a neusance. Whats the difference between checking it in your car or checking it on your phone while IN the car? I drive a 5 series and aside from Audi, will never make a change.

What's the difference that it's a BMW? Would this be less of a "menace" if the driver made less / was more frugal and drove an Accord or a Malibu?
Here in Vancouver, there are LOTS of Beemers. And honestly I rarely see one involved in the numerous car accidents I see commuting during rush hour every week.

I don't care what kind of car it is, this just seems like a very irresponsible idea. Don't we have enough trouble from people texting/checking email/dialing and driving? It just seems that an auto manufacturer should be more responsible.

This should fit in nicely with Georgia's new "No Texting While Driving Law" that goes into effect July, 1st.

I was waiting for this option so I could purchase my first BMW. I guess now is the time to review my poverty stricken personal economics and implement a BMW savings plan.

The irony is that it is generally illegal to use a phone/bb without handsfree, but now we'll just make it an option of the car so one will be even more distracted.

How is this more distracting than phone calls? The emails will be read to you handsfree. Phone calls are probably more distracting with the need to listen PLUS actually respond.
Isn't this similar functionality to the popular DriveSafely app, minus their Spam to your contacts?

My 3 series (WITH A STICK SHIFT -- anyone who drives a Bimmer with an automatic is a poseur in my book, ha ha) is getting along in years, even though it has the integrated iPod attachment and of course the built-in Bluetooth connected to my 9000 for phone calls. I've been thinking about trading it in for a new one, so this piques my interest. However, I would never normally get the nav system as an option. I'm not sure being required to pay for that option in order to pay even further to integrate my BB with the car is worth it. Sounds like something for older farts who drive 5 or 7 series with automatics and use cruise control, lol.

Old farts who drive 5 or 7? you mean the ones that can afford more than the base model? Thats real cute junior, come talk to me when you can afford 20 grand more. lol just kidding.

Haha that used to be the case but recently younger crowds in the 5 and the 3 really rivals. My dad had a 535xi and I just convinced him to swap for an M3. The 3 is just a pure performance vehicle.

Hopefully this is a joke (although not a very good one). just what we need, one more way to distract drivers from doing the only thing they should be doing behind the steering wheel...Driving.
Between texting, shaving, reading the paper, makeup, and at least a couple dozen other things, driving has gotten in the way of what these people do in their cars.
Need to stop this one before it gets here.

Hahaha, it's funny how some people think it will distract would that be different than listening to the radio and changing the station?

Yes, how is reading emails and other tasks that take your eyes completely off the road for extended periods of time any different than looking down at a radio for a second to find a knob? One would wonder, wouldn't they? DUH!

Now i have to get a new BMW to go along with my BB. Wondering if upgrading to the OS 6.0 on the 9650 will make it compatible?

I heard about this a few weeks ago, from what I read then, you couldn't read them while driving. Having said that, it is definitely safer to read off a 6"+ screen that is near the windshield than on my phones screen in my hand.

I guess I'll have to wait a couple of year before I buy a BMW, new cars are for suckers.

hmm .. some have already commented on it ... but every BMW owner i know follow a certain pattern of product loyalty. i would have thought that would have led BMW to integrated iPhone before BBerry ...

i guess the global numbers are workin in BBerry's favor

how can they launch this feature (i'm thinkin at LEAST an extra $4k USD lol) without it being touchscreen!!!!! or did i miss something? wouldnt be my first time lol

It would require that you already have opted for the navigation system, then it's just a matter of implementing the software. Should be relatively cheap <$1,000.

I have a 2010 Cadillac CTS-V( Eat M5"s for lunch and M3's for dessert:p) with the pop up Nav screen, and wish GM would do this integration, but sadly they are going with Android

If I didn't like this car so much.. I'd get a E63 AMG

Are you serious.. I'm not knocking BMW's in the handling department but exterior wise... it's just bland.get real

The E-Class and the CTS-V (even the V6)look way more masculine then the 5-series

How does a luxury car starts over 50 Grand and has faux wood in the interior... give me a break

It has recently become illegal here in OH10 to text while driving and that includes reading - not just typing. Cops in Columbus are pretty zealous right now with enforcement, even busting someone who was simply reaching down to nab french fry.

With more communities banning not just texting; but all cellphone use while driving, I don't see this going over too well even with the type features (text to voice/voice to text)

wow, everyone on this forum drives a M (M3 / X6M) and we got another 535xi and now a CTS-V... lolol...
as for the comment on the CTS-V, i love how people are SO analytical with it... you do realize that this is how life works right?? CTS-V will hold the crown for this year, but shortly, and i mean very shortly, the new M5 will be out, and it again will be sitting on top of the throne... then, a few years from now, the new E-AMG will come out, and it will have more torque and horses... then, another 3-4 years, caddy will have another CTS-V that will be faster than both of them... without the competition, we are never gonna go ahead or get better cars... much like the cell phone industry and iphones... need someone to constantly raise the bar... knock the caddy all you want, but they did a superb job on the new cts-v... it's not my cup of tea, but i can appreciate what a good job us americans did... E63 is no slouch either, and neither is the M... any of the M's... but back to the topic on hand, it's nice to see BMW trying to catch up with Sync and countless other new interfaces... and i'd much rather have the car read out e-mails to the driver, than drivers try and squint at their phone reading from it...