BMO Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry 10 arrives in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 9 Feb 2014 04:09 pm EST

If you've been waiting for the Bank of Montreal mobile baking app to arrive in BlackBerry World, the wait is over. The app has now arrived and is ready for download for all BlackBerry 10 devices. BMO packed it full of features you'd expect from a banking app but you can view the full list below.

  • View Balances and Transactions Quickly view your bank account, credit card, mortgage, and investment balances directly from your Account Summary. View transaction history on any of your accounts with a simple swipe of your finger.  
  • Transfer Funds and Send Money via INTERAC e-Transfers®* Transfer funds between all of your eligible accounts. Send INTERAC e-Transfers to anyone on your recipient list or add new recipients on the go.  
  • Pay Bills and Manage Payees Pay bills immediately or setup a future-dated bill payment. Add or edit existing payees, and review your payment history.   
  • View Detailed Account Info Get the information you need anytime you choose. View credit card statement balances, due dates, minimum payments and funds on hold for bank accounts.  
  • Book an Appointment Need to meet with one of our representatives? Book a branch appointment right on your smartphone. It's fast and easy.  
  • Travel Notifications Traveling abroad? Setup a travel notification to ensure you have uninterrupted access to your credit card while you are away.  
  • Multi-card Support Save your most used BMO Debit Cards or BMO personal credit cards with nicknames to sign in quickly and securely.  
  • Find BMO Search for nearby BMO branches and ATMs for assistance. 

One thing about the app though is that it's listed as being only available within Canada. I understand the logic there but banking apps should be available to all countries. If you're on a trip and want to check on your bank account and don't already have the app, you're out of luck because BlackBerry World is region locked. In any case, if BMO is your financial institute, make sure you grab this one.

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BMO Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry 10 arrives in BlackBerry World


Guy is talking about Z30, it's not available for Z30 you un-observation junkie

Posted via CB10

I received an email from CIBC about the E deposit.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
The CIBC eDeposit feature is currently available on Android (for all 4.x smartphone and/or tablets), iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices only.
CIBC eDeposit requires the CIBC Mobile Banking App to integrate with the camera on the user’s device. This integration is not available with Blackberry devices.
Your comments are valuable to us as we monitor customer demand and evaluate the feasibility of various enhancements to our service. I can confirm that CIBC is continuously working on developing and improving the way clients can access their account information.
Stay tuned to future updates to the Mobile Banking Experience in the upcoming year.
Thank you for using Online Banking.
Internet Communications Specialist

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

eDeposit is a feature that takes a photo of your deposit to allow you to deposit without going to the bank..

It sort've has to use the camera...

Well that maybe be true for the current app that is basically a simple browser displaying their mobile site.

If they bothered to build a proper native app, it would be not only doable, but probably easier to code than it was to build the iOS and android versions.

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My native td app keeps telling me I'm already signed in and won't let me login. I ended up using the android version which works better.

Posted via CB10 is the same UI and is PlayBook friendly.

Posted via CB10 - Z30STA100-5/

I've used both and the webpage is far from the same as this app. The app is great! It's also better than the Android version.

Funny, the mobile site is very similar and on the z30 works just as well or even better.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Yes at last and really good to see this. Mobile site worked for the time but the overall presentation of this app is so much better. Thank you!!!

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Thank goodness! I've been preaching to colleagues and friends and family members about BlackBerry not going away anytime soon. Even to my customers at my Pharmacy, those who have old Blackberry legacy phones, I tell them to get the Z30 - most that I see are either RBC or BMO users. I've been waiting just like many for over a year since I got the Z10 to have BMO on my BB. Talk about packing a punch, thank you BMO and BlackBerry :)

S.O.A.B. I just installed the Android version and now they finally come out with a BlackBerry version.

About time. They came out with an investment app before the personal banking app. Who does that?

Posted using my Z10 via CB10

LOL. Same here. This morning I finally tired of waiting and installed the Android version from Google Play, then this evening CrackBerry reported that a version was now available in BlackBerry World.

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BMO Bank of Montreal and BMO InvestorLine are two separate companies in essence but they are both part of BMO Financial Group. The fact that BMO InvestorLine came out with theirs first is because they work independently. Anyway, why complain that it got done? Its here now so all is good.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Though, I would have loved to see it ready from the getgo too.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I'm using a Q10 and I get "Warning: Your device is not optimized for BMO Mobile Banking. For best experience, please access on a touch enabled device with a larger screen." Then after clicking "OK" it goes into the app.

Wish HSBC in UK would do something, had their app on my old BlackBerry, just wish they would embrace BB10. Its handy checking my account on my phone.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)

I think Barclays needs BlackBerry Big time after time latest news.

BlackBerry Enterprise / BlackBerry World to the rescue.

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Unfortunately BlackBerry cannot protect against an employee performing criminal activity.

It's unfortunate to hear their processes did not protect against this type of event occurring.

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Says works better for a larger screen and is touch optimized. Sure it will work fine on my Z30 but the Q is what I use during work hours.

Just used it and while useable, it is ok for the Q10.

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I have both the Q10 and the Z30. A friend also just got a Q10 and I had a hard time thinking of good apps he should get. My q10 is work issued, and I pick up my z30 for all consumption. I can't see most apps fitting on the small square after using then on the Z30. The BMO app is pretty long and definitely seems to be better suited to the Z30 style screen.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

It's a great app but there is very little space to see my recent transactions!! I can only see 1 or 2 and then I have to swipe up to see more. BMO needs to optimize the screen space for efficient viewing on the Q10. This is not a Z10 or Z30 app only..its for the Q10 too!!

Sad that they didn't take into consideration the Q10 screen size when making the app.. :(

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Yes, that's not good for the Q10 at all. My Z10 shows a full screen page of transactions. It's nice to see BMO on board, but not if it's half a$$ed for some users.

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Why are the native apps for Canadian banks lacking the check deposit feature? The few that do offer it only do so on the Android version it seems.

Not so. I'm with ING Direct and they were one of the first (if not first) to have a BB10 app and one of the first with edeposit.

Z10... next Ontario!

I was just going to point out that Meridian Credit Union does too, but upon loading the app, it appears it's a port...either way it works great, and the eDeposit is half the reason I have it installed.

Now that the BMO baking app is out, they can focus on the banking app.
(sorry, couldn't resist).

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I was so excited being able to download the Android version from Snap the other day. Figures they come out with it now. It is way better though.

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Been waiting for this and works well. I have been using the Android version since the launch of 10.2.1, but the native version is better and has more information, such as showing all of my accounts.

I've Literally been waiting SO long for this!!!! :D

Posted From MY #SwagBerry ALL BLACK BlackBerry Z10! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryGang #BlackBerryFaithful #BlackBerryLoyalty #BB10Swag #Z10

Finally. Too bad it's not in Cascades. Whatever they done it in has made the UI quite slow and imprecise.

It's about time! One year behind but better late than never...

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

Any idea how, if possible I can encourage my bank to make an app for BlackBerry 10? They have a legacy one I happily used my old torch for. The website becomes a little tedious after a short while.

.1925 bangingest version, so frickin' good. Zeddy approves.

Where's Bank of America? And no I'm not sideloading or using a third party android app store. Come on U.S. Devs!!!!!

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Thank you BMO.

My goal is to have blackberry in a solid third position for sale and ecosystem.

Enough so they can make a decent profit. Maybe 10% of the market place, what do you think about that community?

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

It doesn't from what I can see, but I have heard it is coming in the next few months.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I think the only available in Canada thing only applies to the SIM card installed. If you have a Canadian SIM you should be able to download it wherever you are in the world.

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When BofA will give me a BlackBerry 10 app that I can take pictures of checks with? Very frustrating!

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Excellent - works great. With this and the addition of 3 or 4 apk files from Amazon, my app gap is closed.

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OK so after reading through tons of posts about other banks, which I could care less about, let's stay on topic people!!!

I installed the app and regardless of how well.its made and how native it is I can't log in doesn't recognize my bank card whereas the Web version does, nice work BMO....

From my Zed 30 running

I was having the same issue. It wasn't the app, it was me. 6607 not 6606...

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

@donmateo...if you mean US users,well BB's market share plunged to less than 1% recently and I guess the situation is not good ,cross your fingers,is all I can

I just set it all up and it works quite well. I have a Q10 and although not optimized for my screen size it does what I need it to do. Thanks BMO. Now I don't have to change banks.

Posted via my awesome Q10

FINALLY!!!! Let's see all our fantastic Canadian banking institutions get on board (with fully functional native apps)

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Finally! I've been waiting a year for this app. Very well put together.

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Nice news!

Especially considering it took them super long to get it done, not being native screams contractors where over paid!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

About time !!!!!!!! Good thing when I go on vacation I can check to see how much money I have.......

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It's about time, don't know what took them so long, really frustrating!

Ride or Die BB10

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Why am I getting a message saying this is unavailable for my device? I'm on a Z10! What, we don't bank?

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