bMagnified for BlackBerry Smartphones

By James Richardson on 13 Jun 2012 09:15 am EDT

bMagnified is a great new application from mappau OG which is ideal for people with impaired vision. It isn't just a camera app but as the title suggests, the application acts as a magnifying glass allowing users to not only read small print via their BlackBerry, but also take snap shots for a later date. In addition you can use bMagnified as a extra tool when taking macro photographs so it serves dual purposes.

Although the app is compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones I have one concern after testing and that is that you really need a BlackBerry with an auto-focus camera. I tried it first on my Bold 9900 with not much luck, however on the Torch 9810 it was perfect. In addition I have spoken with the developer today and he is working towards support for BlackBerry 10 so the app will be fantastic on all future BlackBerry handsets. Good news!

Priced at $0.99 the app is a real bargain if your vision gives you problems reading print.

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bMagnified for BlackBerry Smartphones


My question is, why does RIM encourage devs to continue building apps for there java based phones... unless RIM found a way to run these java apps on the qnx platform.

Cool app by the way.

Because there are 75000000+ current BlackBerry users who will not stop using their phones the day BB10 is released. I would guess that more than half of those will still be on legacy devices for 1-2 years from now. Still a good chuck of time to make money.

Wouldve thought by this time RIM wouldve found a way to have all those apps run on bb10 or the PlayBook by now. But I do understand your post.

a good chunk of time to make money and then make people buy it all over again with BB10 yeah?

regarding the app, nice purposeful app for those who need it and for it to double as a macro lens is appealing too.

Just got it for my Torch 9850. Works very well. No problems with the focus. I will make a suggestion to the developer to add camera light control. I most need this to get model numbers, etc... off computer servers in the racks in the datacenter. The light is really going to be needed. Right now I take a flash picture and blow it up. This app will save a number of steps if I can get the light to turn on.

Was ready to purchase the app, but it is only for OS 7 devices, even though Torch is listed as compatible, in App World, as well as in the App Description :(