Blurts Updated to Version 1.1 - 50 Free Copies to Give Away

By ObiGeorge on 15 Jan 2010 10:17 am EST

We have posted a few times on the application Blurts. If you haven't heard, it is an application that connects your BlackBerry and PC via bluetooth, allowing you to view email, sms, and incoming call alerts directly on your PC. Along with its current features, Blurts has added the following:

  • SMS message threading with chat history and ability to have more that one SMS window open at once
  • Option to split messages larger than 160 characters into multiple messages
  • Capture of images from your BlackBerry's screen
  • Option to auto lock PC once Blurts disconnects
  • Now supporting Broadcom Bluetooth drivers
  • Importing of your BlackBerry's address book for alerts
  • Contacts photo will display from address book when receiving an alert
  • 2-Way transfer of clipboard
  • Non-English characters now supported
  • Location of alert on desktop is now customizable

If you're looking to give Blurts a go, they also have a trial version, however it does not include all of the new features features. The application is compatible with all devices running OS 4.2.1 and higher.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Blurts to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count. 

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Reader comments

Blurts Updated to Version 1.1 - 50 Free Copies to Give Away



I am always on my laptop and would love to be able to get my sms and other messages on there instead of having to grab my phone all the time....Please I would love to try Blurts

I'd love Blurt- I'm always sitting in front of my computer and then don't even realize my phone's going off. It would be so useful when I'm in class as well! Thanks Crackberry!

I remember seeing this one a while back. I am going to give the trial a go. Would be even better to get a free copy :)

ooo sign me up. will save me from having to reach across to the end stand when I've got my tablet right in front of me

What a great way to start the New Year.
Your contests are always great and free apps are what everyone likes. I don't enter a contest just because I can; it's just not fair to others IMO. I feel my needs must justify entering the contest.
I have never entered three contests in a week but this is the week.

Tossing my hat into the ring, it is interesting how many viewers y'all have on this site and how rapidly the number of replies count up!

I really like the idea of this app and think they have the design perfect. I would love a free copy.

Based on the amount of stuff I have on my phone that is legitimately work related (emails/contacts/calendar) this would be a really handy app. It would be nice to see all this on my pc rather than pick up the phone when my hands are already on the keyboard.

After a long time of not participating... it is time for me to win this nice peice of software... Thans in advance CRACKBERRY

I love it when you blurt out that my mother-in-law is calling. I can easily NOT get up from my desk and answer the phone. It's refreshing to know someone has got my back! I'd love a copy of the full version so that I can keep my mother-in-law at bay. ;)



I hate pulling my phone out of it's holster just to see who is calling. This looks like a fantastic solution and I hope I can win.

Kev n Obi, I don't post on contests for applications that I don't need just for the opp to get something free. However, this is an app that would be fantastic in my line of work. I'd love to take one home for free. Hell, if this is as functional as it sounds it might wind up on my purchasable list! Thanks guys and keep up the fantastic work!!!


Thanks for the opportunity to get this unusual application.
I have tried the demo and was pleasently supprised at how easy it was to use.... I hope the full featured program is even better. Great app for when I am in the office and still want notifications when things come into my phone. I have 4 email addresses that are monitored on my phone.

Again, thanks for this opportunity Crackberry.

Being that today is my birthday,
I thought I'd take a stab at winning a free copy!
198+ comments already. Could get lucky, who knows.

Blurts is a fantastic option for my BB 9700. Just allowing me to utilize bluetooth to see alerts on my PC, that's technology!!

I didn't even know such a program exists. Sounds like it would be a good thing to use expecially when the phone is on it's dock charging.

I am always on my laptop and would love to be able to get my sms and other messages on there instead of having to grab my phone all the time...I would love to try Blurts