Blurts Out of Beta - Now Available for Download

By Michael Hepples on 6 Nov 2009 10:40 am EST


The application Blurts from MLH Software has been released to the public with version We covered Blurts a few weeks ago when they had put out a call for beta testers in the forums.

If you are like us, you sit in front of a PC most of the day with a BlackBerry in your pocket. Every time it rings you have to dig it out just to see who is calling, and you think to yourself, wouldn't it be nice if the caller ID just popped up on my computer screen so I could see who is calling before going through the trouble to dig it out of my pocket?

Having had the opportunity to personally participate in the beta testing, I can honestly say that this is a very handy app to have, particularly for those who can't pull out their Berry in the middle of class or the office. If you find yourself sitting in front of a computer all day (as a lot of us do) then Blurts is definitely worth checking out. The pro version sells in the CrackBerry Store for $5.99, but is currently on sale until Nov 15th for $4.99.

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Blurts Out of Beta - Now Available for Download


you can get a bluetooth dongle. I bought the IOGEAR GBU421 for about $20 and it works great.

As for Blurts: great app. Been using since Beta. It's very convenient, responsive, and easy to use. Make and answer calls, and view and reply to sms/email, and a whole lot more from your computer. Worth the purchase.

I just downloaded this program and it is very cool! I like that I can reply to SMS messages and answer incoming calls right from my PC. This might be my new favorite app!!

Great App! been using since beta, and mike is a great guy to deal with. This program rocks. this is how i use it, i have crap service at my house but by my window it works great. so i leave me curve by the window and use my bluetooth headset and connect to blurts on my laptop. so if my phone rings i can see who is calling and take the call or not, or if i get a SMS i can read and reply right from laptop. great program!!

I've been using this App on a 9500 Storm for a few weeks now during the beta process and its fantastic. The support from the Company along the way has been exceptional in comparison to other Beta tests I have been involved in.

Anyway...I don't have personal email on my work laptop but do have them setup on my BB. I'm forever picking up or taking the phone out of my pocket to see whats coming through and the way Blurts works is great as it simply 'pops-up' as they come through on my PC (like Outlook).

The #1 winner for me is calls 'pop-up' and you can take (and place) calls at the click of a mouse which is superb. In addition, you can enable speakerphone and change call volume from the pop-up window. I have my BB connected to a bluetooth handfree on my desk aswell so with Blurts its become a full handsfree solution.

I hope the BB community appreciate this App like I have!

I just installed the free version and liked it so I paid for the pro. I have to say its pretty cool! Good buy for $5.

This is pretty stellar. I am going to talk to my office manager and see if it would be something we could integrate on all of our phones/computers :D

Spent the last 20 or 30 minutes searching through my PC and the web trying to update my device driver software so that my Tour 9630 would be compatible with my PC to no success

Guess this just isn't for me

save the five bucks and put your bb on the desk with your computer.. i hate having things in my pockets when im working in the office.

Any plans for a Mac version of Blurts?

(btw, for those who want to add Bluetooth to their PC, DealExtreme sells bluetooth dongles for 2 dollars)

ok, i used free trial and worked great. I decided to ugrade so i can get SMS. Well everything works now exept for SMS. anyone using this app on Tour??

if you wont to use SMS on full verison you have to disable and buzzpro, then do a battery pull. That sucks, wish i would have known that before i paid for it.

I'm trying to install free app on desktop, however it gives me a link to download a .jad file, which is not recognized. Any ideas on how to get the executable file? Thanks.

Well I downloaded the free version and so far I really like it. I mean, I haven't used it THAT much, but it works great thus far. I think I'll decide by tomorrow whether I want to upgrade or not. As of now, it's probably gonna be a yes.

I installed it and it connects ok,but I cant acces it.I tried to run it in compatability mode but I cant get my keyboard to go away.
Some help please,,