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Box and Dropbox for BlackBerry 10 updated with stability and performance improvements

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BlueBox for BlackBerry PlayBook rolls out v1.2

BlueBox for BlackBerry PlayBook rolls out v1.2
By Bla1ze on 14 Jun 2011 08:59 pm EDT

BlueBox has finally rolled out their latest update for BlackBerry PlayBook owners looking to access their DropBox accounts. Now sitting at v1.2 BlueBox has become a great alternative to a official DropBox application. Granted, out of the gates it was totally rough around the edges but with a new UI now in place, the ability to zip and unzip files as well as an well inetgrated file browser -- BlueBox is getting better with each release. If you've tried BlueBox in the past and were'nt happy with it, then by all means -- give it another go. This round of bug fixes and overall enhancements has done the app well.

Download BlueBox for the BlackBerry PlayBook


my berry is black

Gonna check for the update now


Amazing improvement over previous version. I can now download files to my PB without having to open them and can even snag multiple files at one time. By the time dropbox comes out with their own app it maybe too late to get people to use it if bluebox continues to improve the way it has since initial release.


I love Dropbox. I really wish this app worked consistently, but I keep getting error messages when attempting to open some folders. Other folders seem to work fine, enough to know that this update has lots of improvements, and gives me hope for a fully functional and solid app in the not too distant future. I'd pay for a great Dropbox app.


Would be nice to get the html link or am I missing that somehow


Am I missing something? I have v1.2 but I'm not able to open any of my Dropbox files from BlueBox. Hmmmm


What does RIMM stand for?


Its the stock name for RIM (Research in Motion)


Well if its the stock name then the poster gets a pass :-)


can rim properly work with companies and developers so we can have proper apps and not even need these 3rd party apps.


Agree...DropBox app works so nice on Apple's devices, I need one for PlayBook as well!


If you don't have Dropbox and want to get it, go here: http://db.tt/cbUl0UV

Best part is that the first 2GB's are free!


it is quite nice, but would be nicer if it would actually connect to the server. the only way to get at my docs is using the playbook browser...can't get there from the app. what gives?