"BlueBerry" 9500 Now Available With Optical Trackpad

By Bla1ze on 26 Feb 2010 11:09 am EST
"BlueBerry" 9500 Now Available With Optical Trackpad

Anyone remember the BlueBerry? Back during intial release the BlueBerry was the device to have. Ok, maybe not. But, it sure did bring some laughs to our day. Seems the BlueBerry series is not going any where anytime soon. Seeing how they just released the BlueBerry 9500 with a slick new trackpad, dual SIM, WiFi and even Mobile TV with a built in antenna. From what we can tell, it's not running OS 5.0 or BlueBerry App World but rumor is BlueBerry is working on copying getting ready to roll it out next month but we all know how that works, delay after delay with the BlueBerry team.

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"BlueBerry" 9500 Now Available With Optical Trackpad


It looks like that and the keyboard are lifted right out of an e71, which would mean that it's not a trackpad at all, a directional pad and a select button...

these chinese look-alikes are way too cheap and numerous..

theres a lot of blackberry-like products in this genre of phones.. most running WinMo. Theres one that looks like a 9530, except its tiny.

If you look at the lyrics of the Jay-Z and Linkin Park song Numb, here is what Jay-Z says, "Out the country but the blueberry still connect". Oh snaps!

This is amusing. I gotta say, I'm so tempted to get one and compare it against my Blackberry Bold 9700. Then take a hammer and smash it. =D

Go to China. Dude, they can imitate almost anything you name it. This crossover Bold-Nokia E71 is just piece of cake. I wish they can imitate jiggy jiggy Paris Hilton just for me :D

I am from Malaysia...This device already start selling here, made by one company called CSL, they got whole series of Blueberry and this is one of it, i even saw the ads on the newspaper days ago that they win many awards or something.



i actually not feel any good or what for this kind copycat business...they should be sue actually even i am from this country...just like u clone people's wife and bring for party, then what is the point?? u shame yourself n your own country too :(

I travel to China on business 5-8 times a year and while in the southern city of Shenzhen, I always hit up my favorite knock off shopping center at the Lo Wu train station. (It's a 5 story mall with 100% knock offs)
Anyways, I took pictures of knock off Blackberries, some with
track pads, and most had an extending antenna for watching TV.

If anyone wants to see my pics, or wants one while Im there next, you can PM me and Ill give you my contact info.

Each phone is about 100RMB (About 14USD) and they DO NOT work in the US. Other countries unknown.

Why have we all not just dropped our RIm devices and run over to BlueBerry? Clearly this is the technology to have!!

They make about every phone on there site, go free market. Thats why lawyers can pay off there crazy student loans.

i saw a banner ad for this phone in my country, they said it also have a facebook application just like blackberry..

Hahahaha nice hybrid! Ill go to Verizon asking for a blueberry 9500

"did you mean the BLACKBerry STorm?"