bluCTRL Helps Expand Your Berrys Uses!

By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2009 08:55 am EDT
bluCTRL Rocks!

BluCTRL is definitely one of those applications/services you can add to your list of "cool things your BlackBerry can do" as far as I'm concerned. Most computers these days have Bluetooth built right into them or at the very least you may have a Bluetooth dongle sitting somewhere around that mess you call a computer desk. If that's the case you might as well put it to work - one good idea would be to set up your BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to do a Bluetooth sync with your PC as soon as you walk in the door everyday.

Also, let's assume you're a business professional (maybe you are one!) who is attending a lot of meetings and doing a bunch of presentations from your laptop. If you fall into this category then bluCTRL is a must have. BluCTRL turns your BlackBerry into a Bluetooth mouse for your PC allowing you to access virtually every function that your mouse does and more such as acting as a keyboard. BlueCTRL is hella easy to set up: two files, one for your BlackBerry and one for your PC; install both of them, pair up and you my friend are rocking and rolling with a Bluetooth mouse for your PC or laptop.

So next time you have notes on your handheld and are giving a presentation from your laptop, you can now eliminate the whole reading from your BlackBerry, controlling your mouse with your other hand sillyness and do it all from one device. Best of all the application is donationware, so free to download and you choose if you wanna give back to the developers.

PS: I wouldn't be doing my blogger duty if I didn't warn you about the lazyness this application can invoke, such as my usage of it to refresh the CrackBerry blogs from my couch or to access my PC's media player from my kitchen in conjunction with RDM Plus. Yes, I m that lazy or as I like to call it, good at maximizing my berry's potential.

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do not download unless you have a 32 bit os! I found out that this program will not work on the 64 bit version of Vista.


wish i had read the comments 1st. error!


does this work with xp and a curve 8900?


it should work as on the website it says that XP SP2 and above is allowed.


Ok so my blackberry can be a remote for my home A/V, a keyboard for my Playstation, and now a mouse for my computer. If you teach it to make toast...


Can I use this with my Storm?


Doesn't appear to be supported at this time. Their website doesn't list it as one of the supported devices, but notes that they're developing for more devices.


This is great. I'm glad to see more uses for bluetooth. I believe the potential is endless.


got this up and running and it is pretty sweet. i can feel the laziness creeping in.


it works with xp and 8900


That would be amazing if this thing would work with the storm... I'd be all over it!


It does work with the Storm, although not very well. It only works in portrait keyboard mode, and it has a small touch bad above the keyboard that operates similar to the way a laptop touch pad works. The mouse movement is slow and takes multiple swipes across the touch pad to move mouse across the screens ( or multiple screens as I have set up on my desk). Has great potential for Storm!!!


No love for Mac users! :-(


it only seems to support vertical and horizontal on the storm too. Very easy to setup and seamless connection though... nice little tool. definitely has potential, very fast response time with the keyboard, btw just typed this using the app on my storm.


Very cool...just spent about an hour playing around with it on my curve...haven't tried it on the storm yet


This is cool! My old Moto could do this...always thought it was a nice feature.
Hopefully I can now connect to my pc via bluetooth, since I haven't been able because of a driver Vista couldn't find =/

Will def. give it a try... plus its nice to see developers put out resonable prices on software, instead of charging an arm and a leg :)


totally sweet. me and friend were discussing how is jailbroken iphone could be used as a mouse haha.


Not only did it not work for me, but it also broke the pairing that I already had between my phone and computer. Now I can't sync over bluetooth.


Ive been using this app for awhile now and was wondering why it wasnt getting more attention. Its fan-fricken-tastic! My day begins and end with this thing. I am both a crackberry and a computer geek So they both remain on at all times. In the morning the first thing i grab is my blackberry. I role over grab my bold out of its charging pod. Verify bluctrl is still running(usually doesnt disconnect for funsies)Then hit play. play.
My computer then begins playing music and i proceed to check my msgs. At night, its my remote for watching movies. Durin g regular hours, I sit infornt of my pc and i find myself using my bold keyboards for typing so i dont have to keep switching between keyboards. it just works! I really like this app and its FREEE!!!!!!!!!!! i showed it to a guy at work and within a half hour the entire floor was installing it. Great app!! It deserves the attention!


I couldn't get it to work with iTunes. Do you have to do a setup of some sort? What music player are you using.

Very cool. But the mouse moves very slowly. Slowly enough to be annoying. Anyone know how to speed up the mouse. Maybe you have to increase the sensitivity on the BB, but then it would be to fast for using my BB. Very cool though. Has a lot of potential.


Click on the bluCTRL icon on your PC > mouse sensitivity.
I use it at 100


+5 points for using the word "hella"

Awesome application, more reason for me not to touch my desktops/laptop since getting the BB.



And I was all excited guess i will have to wait!!


Storm and 64 bit vista here...I love that I have to downgrade my OS and my phone to use this app.


I just got a JABRA 320s from Staples. $10!!!!


This app rocks. Plain and simple. Rocks.


love the concept gonna give it a try


love the concept gonna give it a try


ok so im a total idiot here. i installed both and cant figure out what to do next. i dont even know if my notebooks is bluetooth compatible. its a 2004 gateway with service pack two running. how do i pair?


just installed this app, and it works great! i really like the media controls built in


you have to have a bluetooth receiver or have a usb dongle to use this app. If you have one of these just go to add devices from the system tray and make sure you phone is discoverable and it will pair with it. Works on my storm. My wife thought it was very nerdy. Cant wait for x64 support as well as storm support.


Stupid but curious, could we find a way to make this work with the ps3 or an xbox 360?


Great idea, but a bummer this does not run in 64-bit Vista or 7.


So when i received the download link in my bb email, i click on it and their download site says "this link is intended to be accessed by blackberry devices only." I'm using a storm... what gives?


Make sure you're using BlackBerry standard browser and not Opera


This is a pretty cool program and very handy in fact i am using it to type this. I can definitely see the usefulness with a HTPC. Basically this program is awesome.


i can't seem to get it to work. I have followed the instructions on the site but no joy. on right clicking sys tray icon to add controlling device i receive error 'unidentified bluetooth stack' Microsoft Bluetooth Stack unavailable. anyone able to offer advice? thanks in advance.

btw it does work on my works laptop however which runs XP SP2 and uses the WidComm Bluetooth Stack


Try this link. It helped me when I got the 'unidentified bluetooth stack' error:


anyone knows? the website seems to be offline.