Bloomberg mobile app for BlackBerry 10 now available!

By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2013 07:21 pm EDT


If you frequent reading through Bloomberg news, you'll be pleased to know they've now made their app available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Honestly, I was expecting them to just do a port of their Android app eventually but much to my surprise they actually built it using native BlackBerry 10 tools so it offers a lot of what you'd expect from great a BlackBerry 10 app. Bloomberg never skimped on the features either:

  • The latest market-moving news across 35 news categories including: Economy, Politics, Technology, Health Care, Energy, Spending, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Emerging Markets, Funds, Insurance & Municipal Bonds
  • Market data across major Equity Indices, Futures, Commodities, Bonds & Currencies
  • Tools to create and track companies, portfolios, and indices over time
  • Top Videos: The biggest business stories covered by Bloomberg TV, a 24 hour global business and financial news network
  • Related Videos within articles
  • Ability to share latest news

Covering all their bases, the app is available on all currently BlackBerry 10 smartphones and in my quick testing, runs rather beautifully. You'll find the app live in BlackBerry World now using the link below.

Download Bloomberg for BlackBerry 10




Only a fool thinks they know me.


Finally! This is one I have truly missed. Happy to have it back.

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Sweet! Downloaded already

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Crashes every time I try to add a stock symbol to the watch list. Anyone else? Worthless without being able to change those


Same here. Was very disappointing.

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No issues on my Q10, excellent app


yeah, i sent them feedback letting them know!


Are you on 10.2? It seems a bunch of us 10.2 users are all having this issue.

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Same here.

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Works great for me, added 4 Canadian stocks. Really nice App...


Works great, I have a Z10 with software release
On Rogers.



Ohhh yeaaaaa

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Awesome, one of the apps I really missed from legacy devices. Stock for BlackBerry is a really good stock app as well.

Chris P. Bacon

Thanks for the garbage warning.


Sweet I just downloaded it... thanks crackbrry for recommending a good app...

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love the black theme, crackberry app should do as well.


Maybe I don't get it technically, but why not on Z10

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It has no power saving benefit for the z10's LCD display and so was never implemented until the q10's development. I hear that it's coming in 10.2 update for the z10 as an option which is nice. You can change the theme for some of the apps like calendar, contacts, etc.

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Many of us know that it has no power saving ability on the Z10 . But beyond that, I think that what he is asking is: Why doesn't Crackberry do it since Bloomberg and many other apps utilize it? Regardless of the lack of power saving ability, it does look good. Not that the Crackberry platform doesn't look good already. Maybe the answer is simple as the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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neatly the twitter app has an option for black and its looks great.


Running the Android version now on my Q10. Do I have to remove it prior to loading the BBW version or can I leave it on to compare without issues of both versions conflicting with each other? Thanks!


Do as you wish, they're two sep. apps.


The UI is different looking and required an agreement when set up. Totally different looking but both seem to work well. Both have the dark theme which is cool.


Both will run

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Found a bug, crashes when you try to add a stock that you have in your watchlist to the watchlist, yeah even I don't know how I figured that out.

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I actually find that anytime I try to add a symbol to the Watchlist, it crashes on the Z10. Even if I try to edit the ones currently in the Watchlist, it still crashes. Other than that, great app.


having the same issue here.

biggest BlackBerry fan

I've added 3 symbols... works like a dream... the whole app is amazing...running on stl-100-3 on the Bell network


Hmm, I am stl-100-3, running Maybe a 10.2 bug? Neither reboot or re-install fixed it.


^^^ same here^^^
It crashes when trying to add a stock to the watchlist

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no crashing on this end. The app is great, but has a stock watch list I like Stock Spot App and Stock App but for stock news and sector news this is where the Bloomberg app shines


I sent an email to the developer regarding the crashing so hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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Harrison Cole


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About time!! Yesh.

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Are you drunk? "yesh"

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on


Maybe he's Sean Connery.

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Very welcome... someone was speaking about this app just a couple days ago, I hope him or her to guess the winner numbers of the loto! lol

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Bloomberg? People still want something to do with anything he has his name on?

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Harrison Cole

If your thinking of mike bloomberg, they aren't affiliated.

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There's A "Too many stupid mopes have easy access to guns in the US" app?


Really? So I can open it and read more bull about BlackBerry? I think not!

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On the other side once they see millions of BB10 Downloads they will say not sooo Bad ?


Everytime I add a stock to the watch list the whole app closes. Re-installed app. No change. Looks like some improvement needed

Because I zed so


Slowly but surely... :-)

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This is a beautifully crafted app.. Nice UI, options to add categories and it's native. Another example of how app developers can create a unique native app for BB10.

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Had this side loaded but this is much better for me. Smoother. Great addition!

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Only gonna download so my Z10 can count towards the total number of BB10 devices they see. heh


BlackBerry must do a case study of this good app, for other developers to see how easy it is to build a quality native app and how big names are still committed to BlackBerry despite all the negativity

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Naked, gotta love it! Whoops I meant native.


Fantastic app.

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This is fantastic news.


Hello CB World,
I just released my 2nd app for BlackBerry 10 couple of days ago. Its called "StockDaddy Turbo". yes, its a stocks app (that's why I am posting it here).
If possible, atleast see the screenshots and read the description and if you happen to download it, compare it with your existing favorite stocks app and let me know what you think (I am sure, you will have a new favorite)!


This is great ! Thanks Bloomberg !

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It is fantastic. WHOW!!!! #ichooseblackberry10

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Tariq Nasir

Doesn't work. I'm on the q10 in toronto.

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Tariq Nasir

Nm works!

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Nice nice nice....

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While it's not a must-have app for me, I've been wondering if this one would come eventually, gonna go download it now, thanks.

@marc_lepage developer of Alpha Memory and NeverMaze


Crashed every time I tried to add a ticker...
Removed after 10 min.
Pretty sad...will try again after bugs fixed

...forever BlackBerry...


Are you on 10.2? Seems to be a 10.2 issue.

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Awesome. My last must have app. Great features. Thanks Bloomberg.

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Anyone else having issues with sharing articles on BBM or channels? I just get "data://" when I try. It isn't an issue when I share via email.


We are alive.

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It's so beautiful. I'm so tickled about it. The vids are clear and the streaming is fast.

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Any Verizon users were able to install this app? Looks like it's not available to Verizon Z10...

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I'm on Verizon and it's installed.


I thought no apps were coming to bb10. Keep them coming, haters gonna hate.

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A very good sign! This ties back to the mega podcast yesterday where we see conflicting information. App vendors are releasing terrific native apps like NFL Mobile. Even E! Online recently went to a native BB10 app away from their Android port and it works beautifully. Native Evernote is on the way. Native games are coming out all the time. Yet we don't hear about any marketing about these apps or how 10.2's upcoming JellyBean runtime enables developers to easily place their latest Android apps in BB World. I wish there were another way we could help BlackBerry market on a bigger scale.

Bacon Munchers


If you want to make an effort to support BlackBerry, (and especially with regards to developer support), download ANY Apps that you may even be remotely interested in. The free ones can simply be deleted if you don't want them. The download hits still remain though; an important key-point indicator to future
App devs, as they look at numbers.


Have been using a side loaded android port. Glad to see this!

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Louis Chao

Nice app I read blomberg everyday.

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Oh Snap!

Marketing is everything


It just made my day :)

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What a nice surprise!!! This is a must download for anyone remotely interested in the markets, financial industry or economy.

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Great news.

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Had a few issues with the app crashing. After downloading it crashed several times when I tried to open it. I tried restarting and after trying 2 more times it opened and started working.
I then tried to open it when my data and wifi was off and it kept crashing. Then I tried it with WiFi and it worked.
Otherwise, content wise, it looks pretty good.
Seems to be some sort of unhandled exception that is causing the app to crash.


Lol they have a spelling mistake on the front page, Chinese 'carrers' haha oh well. Still very nice app

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HELLLLLO Bloomberg. It was the 2nd most missed app from BBOS. I like this a lot, I love the live TV very slick execution. I can now dump the CNBC clowns.

There is a bug btw: adding stocks causes a crash. I hope it's fixed soon.i'm still using to track market and watch news (live) yay!


Hey guys, the app will crash if you try to add a symbol running 10.2.... works fine with 10.1


Working perfectly on my Z10...

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Fish Crackers

It says it is unavailable for my device. I have a Q10 on rogers network in Canada. Hmm

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Excellent. Great app on legacy that was sorely missed on BB10. Works like a charm! Well developed !

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Waiting for an app update on the watch list crashing. Happened 3 times.

*sent from a tiny keyboard


Oh snap, you heard that Chris Umi?

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Nice app. No crash when adding to watch list for me. Z10, Verizon, stock OS.


OK #teamcrackberry anyone NOT on 10.2 leak having issues adding a stock to the watch list? Remember to give your os ver when posting about a bug.

"Myver" without the quotes will display your os version hit spacebar
I have the problem with app closing when adding to watch list
My os is Z10STL100-3/

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The Stock App doesn't crash :)


Kick ass! Thanks Bloomberg for supporting BB10!

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Nice. Good enough reason to delete the version I had sideloaded. Woot woot! It's working fine for me and I was able to add a stock to the watchlist. The app looks great. They really did a nice job with this one. Very pleasantly surprised.

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One less missing app to complain about.


Now I need mint, and I am good to go



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Holy! Nice!

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Crash every time when I add new stock to Portfolio. My Z10 is 10.2.

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Back to market with z10. That's great!

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Awesome! This is an app I used daily on BB7 but the android version I ported is so laggy. This app to me is like what Instagram is to a hipster. Let's gooooo

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So Happy to have this! Thank you! A+

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Awesome! Can't wait to try it out! Will report back :)

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Nice to see a native app, hope they're working on a native Anywhere app too

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Looks great, hasn't crashed for me.

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Waitong for this one for a while.. like many of my other work colleagues


tried it on my blackberry z10.

very well written app

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jojo beaconsfield

Just downloaded it and read an interesting article about,BB to lobby gov over foreign takeover rule,great app.


WOOT! Working well on my official OS Verizon Z10....

Guess BB isnt dead after all Bloomberg?


I re-track , I had no issues loading up my stock watch list but the APP is very very very slow , takes a long time to sync. I just checked my Bloomberg on the 9900 and it is super fast. Bug fixes please Tick Tick.
The news is excellent but I am using the real time Stock App and Stock Spot App on my Z10 and the news from the Bloomberg app.


Great app, exactly what bb10 needed. Sounds like all the crashing issues are due to the 10.2 leak, which isn't surprising, it's a leak!

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Asa Misaka

Quick stock is a really good app as well.

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Amazing "BUILT FOR BLACKBERRY" App. Being a guy in finance, I am ecstatic to see this app FINALLY make its way to BB10. Downloaded it on my Z10 and Q10 and I am VERY happy with it so far. The only issue I'm running into is with sound. Way too low on vids.

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da beanster

The app was developed for 10.1 as that's official operating OS. If you are operating in 10.2 then expect crashes.

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Really missed this from my 9900....BB is still alive!

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Keith Rohr

Can anyone tell me how to remove a stock from my watchlist on a Blackberry Q10. I see add options, but I don't see a way to remove some of the pre-loaded stocks. Thanks in advance.



Did you ever solve this problem. I just got my new Q5 and have the same issue