Bloggers Reactions to the BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2010 10:51 am EDT

Back at WES 2010 we had a fun time interviewing bloggers to get their reactions on BlackBerry 6 and the announcement of the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G. While a ton of news got announced at BlackBerry DevCon 2010, it's the BlackBerry PlayBook with the BlackBerry Tablet OS that's dominating the headlines.

So following up the announcement of the PlayBook, we once again tracked down the bloggers in attendance to get their thoughts and feedback on RIM's first tablet and what it means for the future of BlackBerry. Check out the video above to see your favorite bloggers in real live action!

HUGE THANKS go to all the bloggers who let us put them on camera once again!

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Bloggers Reactions to the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Spec sheet seems great, the commercial was cool. The big issue will be how it performs in the real world, how it functions once the masses get it in their hands. We all learned a hard lesson with 9800. We were all fighting hard for OS 6 and the torch only to be given a mediocore device. Im also cautiously excited about QNX being introduced into blackberry phones & what will that mean for the next set of devices.
But one has to question, why release the Torch & OS 6 if this was in the pipeline? Was the Torch basically the last in a long line of devices for their current OS?

Because there are times RIM rushes things for release just for the sake of saying they released something. Examples that come to mind are the Storm 9530 and the Tour 9630.And they're STILL doing it with the upcoming Storm 2(.5) 9570.

I think it's exciting for RIM because it really is a new direction for a company that's been criticized for making basically good-better-best versions of the same form factor. Not just because it's a tablet, but you have a whole new operating system, tech specs way beyond what we've seen on the phones, and a large, touchscreen interface. I think that BlackBerry's calling card is and will continue to be "serious devices for serious people". Yes, it's kind of pretentious, but if they continue making reliable/streamlined devices that easily make non-tech people feel tech saavy, that's an area of the market that Apple's "toy marketing" approach isn't well-suited to attract.

Hope I am not the only one to laugh at "swipey". First WES now DevCon lol. Adam should trademark that bitch.

Awesome news for us, BlackBerry lovers!

Loved the video, good to see everyone at DevCon, who got to see the PlayBook live, like it!

"... Love the size; Seven inches (I think) is perfect!"
- Chad,


I think this has great potential in phones. The QNX software being developed for the BB PlayBook first, and then coming to the smartphones could be a real big deal for RIM.

Imagine that kind of software on larger sized touch screen smart phones that can compete with anything on the market by Apple or Android. Or Windows Phone 7, assuming it has true market capabilities when it is released to the public.

BlackBerry could be headed back to the top of the heap again. The next 6 to 8 months will be very interesting.

The link to Chads site is, not Chad was speaking fast, so mistake forgiven. Again, ENJOY!!!!!

The specs on this device are impressive. Can't wait to see what type of third party apps are developed to attract consumers. If the device lives up to performance expectations I'm sure enterprise users will be quick to embrace it.

Ronen's comment was probably the most thought out and useful. He gave a reason for his dislike of OS6, and his reasons for looking forward to the future helped prove he's not just a mindless basher. I think he'd dead on. This move to QNX platform is really going to stir things up for RIM in a good way. I, for one, am excited for what this could mean to me.

thanks for the coverage - giving me the feeling to be some sort of present at the show - and hey Kevin you are in good shape - respect!

Meanwhile the interns were tasked with developing the Torch. ;)

Seriously I can't wait to see the Playbook hands on. Nicely done RIM!

I agree that from a hardware standpoint this tablet is pretty awesome! It has tremendous potential, especially with the QNX OS. However in the tablet market physical features and performance is only half the story. Its all about the APPS!! This is why the ipad is hugely successful! Ive been an avid BB user for years but after a while due to the mediocre apps/selection and same ol OS, I made the switch to an iphone 4 and I love it!! Not only is the hardware supurb so are its app selection. Really awesome. Anyways, tablets are aiming to phase out netbooks and laptops and for that to happen, you need a plethora of app selections. If blackberry can catch up to apple or have some good quality apps, this tablet can really give the tablet market some seroius competition! Kudos BB! So far...

lol, everyone's "cautiously optimistic". And they say that RIM's not disappointed a lot of people in the past. lol

As a side note, I'd like to point out that Kevin has been the first successful candidate for human cloning... i.e. Dave. :p Seriously, it's like there's just a mirror image of each other. ;)

...but for me it looks u both "could" be brothers or at least in some kind related...look pretty similar in some ways :p ....

however...thx to the CrackTeam for all the great coverage of what was going on at the Keynote and afterwards...!!!like everytime for sure!!

...but for me it looks like u both "could" be brothers or at least in some kind related...u look pretty similar in some way :p ....

however...thx to the CrackTeam for all the great coverage of what was going on at the Keynote and afterwards...!!!like everytime for sure!!

Interesting comments from the other BB blogging sites. Great coverage CrackBerry...that's why I read your site first!

RIM is in deep trouble, and this does NOTHING to solve the root cause: their "cash cow" BES is irrelevant and expensive (for corporations and consumers), BlackBerry 6 is late (as compared to people's expectations), the BlackBerry Torch is only on AT&T (screwing Verizon customers who "beta tested" the P.O.S. Storm/Storm2 for the past two years), and the iPad is way ahead.

Developing apps for BBOS is a pain in the ass and this doesn't solve that problem either.


(formerly loyal BB owner - 7200-series, 8700-series, 9530, 9630, 9650)