BlockDrop - Bringing Classic Block Games Back

By Bla1ze on 15 Apr 2010 11:54 am EDT
BlockDrop - Bringing Classic Block Games Back

The other day while waiting in the doctors office I was rather bored, and decided I'd take a look through the CrackBerry Superstore to see what I could find to waste a few minutes while I waited. I happened to come across BlockDrop from Swoosh software. BlockDrop is pretty straight forward as it's a simple "Tetris-esque" game in the fact that blocks drop and you have to move them to create lines. If your screen fills up, that's it and you lose. Three levels of difficluty, auto saving and easy on the eyes graphics make this a quick grab for wasting some spare time.

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BlockDrop - Bringing Classic Block Games Back


I'm gonna say the same thing that I said a few days ago when the same topic was posted about this game.........LAME

RIM better step it up. People want business with pleasure with thier phones. Atari 2600 style games in 2010 is not happening. And it cost $2.99 for that junk..please

we get atari style games, 101 twitter apps, 99999 LED/Blink/Notification apps, YES welcome to the blackberry platform. For anyone that chimes in with "its a business phone"... SHUT UP, I'm willing to bet 1 out of 20 people actually use the security features of the RIM OS, and that includes password lock, encryption, certifications, etc. So if you're just using the BB for texting, and basic emailing you can't claim you're using the phone for secure business use. You can do emailing and texting on any phone and its just as secure.

nice simple game. You guys need to calm down. seriously. Anyways. Nice game and you can listen to your music while you played. I'd much rather get this then pay $5 on app world for tetris

Normally, I won't say or comment anything bad about an app..
But this time I can't take it anymore..
I already tried it, and I think this app is so lame..
The UI is so 80's..
and the worst, it'll cost you $4.99 in normal price!!!
WTF??!!for a game like this??
Hello Swoosh software....are u nuts??
Get back to reality!!
Make a good game..
and it'll make more money than this silly game..
Sorry for offensive words..
I just can't take it anymore..

But so can other phones. I've been a blackberry user since 2001 and while I've been loyal thus far, It's getting increasingly difficult to stay on a platform that is taking it's sweet time catching up to a consumer market. I have a feeling an EVO 4g is in my near future.