Blipsocial - Beta Testers Wanted!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2008 12:28 pm EDT

Blipsocial! Give the Beta a Try

I just received an email from Rish looking for some beta-testing help from all of the CrackBerry Addicts out there...

"We saw some of the great feedback your users have provided other beta products. We recently released a beta version of our BlackBerry product and would love to get some of the users to try it out and provide us with feedback. Can you help us get the word out about our beta?"

What does Blipsocial do you ask? Blipsocial lets you make your every day applications location smart! Download this Blackberry app and with or without GPS, you can find your the next train, nearby stuff or just leave a note right where you are.

They have also launched a developer program that enables developers of web based apps that could benefit from user location without having to deploy a local application (they will manage the user's privacy settings). Visit for more info.

  • Visit on your BlackBerry's web browser to get started and be sure to leave your feedback in the comments!

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Blipsocial - Beta Testers Wanted!


After downloading the app, i launched it. Once launched, you see a button that says "Sync!". I hit the button, and it says "Connecting 0... Synch Failed. Try Again"

"Connecting0" indicates that it isn't able to touch our server. I'm assuming you have no problem connecting using other 3rd party apps. The one other user that we've seen this with had this issue because of incorrect APN settings. Can you send your device/carrier details to me at beta @ and we'll try to get this solved.

I downloaded it allowed it to access my GPS--unfortunatley it is telling me I am in NYC--I am actually about 90 miles south.

We'll try to diagnose what's going on - can you email directly with the little security code you see at the bottom of your screen? We can look up your record and see what happened. If you know your zipcode, that will help us as well.

Sometimes, the blackberry internal GPS reports a good GPS fix but in fact we have seen a surprising amount of error. This happens often in urban canyons and other places where it's hard to see a lot of satellites.

We also use an external service for reverse geocoding and that may just be reporting incorrectly.


Downloaded the software fine. Then when the Sync button was activated it came back with an error message and would not sync.

mine is also failing. i dowloaded it from and followed the icon on my seemed to be working...but then it says sync.....and then fails.
and i was all excited too..... :(

I also downloaded the application just fine. When the screen comes up that says SYNC and I press that it gets to about number 8 and then says sync failed.

While most users have been able to sync, we're getting reports via the feedback feature in the client and the forum that some users are unable to sync. It seems that changing/updating the APN settings fixes the problem for some, but not all users.

First look up your carrier at:

You check to see if your APN settings match by going to:
Options -> Advanced Settings -> TCP

Please email me at feedback @ and let me know if this solves the issue for you.

i got it working with the tcp settings. also, make sure u go into options > security > firewall and enable the firewall from ALL.
hope this helps others.
i have tmobile and with the help of the rep thru emails, have it synced now. :) ill let u know what i think

I downloaded the app to check it out and it runs, but does nothing. A blank screen when I run it and the menu (inside of the program) really doesn't tell you much. I'd like to see what this program can do, but am clueless as to how to.

I download the application fine, but it is telling me that it can't find my location. Is this because of the curve being on the VZW network?

I downloaded the app, however it does not recognize my location and therefore it is pretty worthless. I've sent Feedback to them as well letting them know

I installed it, made it a 'trusted' app. At first it wouldn't sync so I made sure my GPS was hitting a tower and it wasnt, I got the GPS to refresh and its good.
Restarted BlipSocial and voila!!!
It picked up my location, giving me my local movie theater and weather info!
It showed a link for BART (but we dont have that here in Houston metro area, we do have a train line but its just that, 1 line lol!)
Wow, realtime traffic is cool!!!
Gave me the entire Houston area traffic! Good thing I don't have to get in it!

The Gas mileage option seems cool once i figure it out (not doing much travelling this summer)

Yelp is pretty cool
We have 2 airports here, so I'm not sure if it should detect the airports in the area...
Still working with it.

It won't download using Opera mini, my preferred browser but downloaded and installed fine using BB browser.

It synched for me just fine.

When I click on Traffic Map the weather channel pulls up, when I click on Weather the weather channel pulls up.

Local notes: errors out on line 85, 87 and 88 in
array_multisort() argument #1 in the above file that I listed.

Sprint Curve is my device

So now that I finally got the AP working, I'm not really seeing the point of this Ap. I mean, the traffic would be cool, if it actually worked for me. Traffic always says...."traffic information for this location is not available at this time" This is in the town I work and my home town. I change it to other local zips, or even zips in other states that I frequently visit.....same thing. This is useless right now. Maybe that will improve or work for you....i dunno.

U want a review and an opinion on this beta everyone?? Seeing how nobody else is really doing it, I will be the first. Get ready....

Bart???? We have no trains where I live in this just takes up space for me. I don't like that this is even here. I have never even HEARD of bart!

Movie listings--- This is pretty cool, but I can get this easily on yahoo or other sites like it.

Weather--- This is what I like about this. This is the only thing on here I can see myself using. But is it better than weather bug or other weather sites?? (they connect you to the weather channel here) I don't know about that.

Gas mileage--- This is kinda a neat feature. I don't know that it makes it worth taking up memory space on my phone though. It's a novelty

Local notes--- I don't really see the big point here with this. I guess it's cool....but only if u live in a big town. I don't see anyone from the panhandle of florida posting stuff, which makes it useless for me.

Air travel--- Would be cool for most, I suppose. Nice thing to have easy access to, but I don't really travel.

Yelp--- Yelp is pretty cool I guess. It's just a silly novelty. But fun to play with if you are bored or trying to find something to do.

In conclusion::
I don't know that I find this AP worth having. As a trial beat, I find it bland. It would have to do more. What? Not sure. Maybe have some games or something linked to it?? Something more fun. SInce it seems like a novelty AP, make it more fun??
Maybe something news related? Like Cnn or something linked....what about some entertainment gossip??

I don't know. I find this AP boring right now, honestly. Needs more. Not really seeing the point personally. That's my two cents!!! Hope I wasn't too harsh! Hope I was helpful.

Great comments and feedback. That's why we have betas! We'll post back in another day or two with a summary of the first days of our release. In the meantime...

A lot of our links are based on data from other vendors. Unfortunately, not all info is available for all geographies.

We've got a few features that are being launched this week:

* Manual location set: for those without GPS or who are outside of our non-GPS coverage zones, you can now manually set your location. FYI, if you have a blackberry without GPS, you can still use an external bluetooth puck to maximize your experience.

* FACEBOOK: the Blipsocial facebook app is now enabled with manual location as well so you can update your location status while mobile and then share it with your facebook friends. It's also a great way to check your friends' status on your blackberry!

* Location based launchpad: Right now all links are displayed for all users regardless of location. We're adding location filtering right now - transit links outside your area should not show up.

* Individual Control and Links: We will add a control panel so you can select which links you want and don't want and will eventually let you add more links.

* Gas Mileage: Right now, it's just a gas mileage and service log, but we're adding gas price tracking and nearest low-price gas. If you opt in, you can also compare your mileage with others and see how well you drive! You will also be able to export this data.

* Local Search: While Yelp is great in the Bay Area and NYC, we're adding other local search engines to make this a better experience for everybody.

Any and all feedback in terms of functionality and feature requests is welcome. We're adding new links every day but are very interested in the kind of info you (the awesome crackberry community) want to see.

Thanks for the support!

The Blipsocial Team
feedback at

How long does this app take to run? I ran it this morning and got to the Synch page and it ran to 843. I finally got tired of waiting and un-installed it. I thought I woudl give it another try this afternoon. As of now its "connecting...267. No error messages, it just keeps running.What is going on?

It should only need to go upto ~5 and it should be timing out at ~25. Can you contact me at feedback @ and i'll try to help out. Thanks for that feedback.

All it does when I open it and click sync is say "Connecting" and counts, then that's it. Telus has no APN settings so I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not seeing how this app runs in conjunction with facebook? There is no facebbook link in my blipsocial menu, and when I go into facebook, I don't see a differnce in any way as far as location trackers or anything. Maybe I'm missing something??? Not running with facebook at all, that I see.....

(Rish has my email already if u need to contact me)


To get the facebook functionality to show up in your BlipSocial launchpad, you need to first add the BlipSocial FB app. You can do that by going here:

After adding the application and pairing it with your phone, the a new link will appear in the BlipSocial Blackberry application that will let you see how far your friends (that are using BlipSocial) are away from you. It will also let you look at the status messages of your friends that are not using BlipSocial.

If anyone has trouble adding the application or getting it paired with your phone, please email us.