BlingBerry: Gold and Platinum BlackBerry Bold 9900s!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2011 03:52 pm EDT

Gold Plated BlackBerry Bold 9900

To be honest, I think right out of the box the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a pretty bling'n and sexy smartphone. The stainless steel band is rich looking and everything visual about the device just works. In case you missed my BlackBerry Bold 9900 review, let it be known again that I'm seriously in love with this phone - I often catch myself staring at it (for real!).

But even if it looks good out of the box, some people just HAVE to go custom, and nothing screams custom and money to burn more than coating your gadget in precious metal (and I guess gems, but that just feels tacky to me). On the gold plated front, for ~$1500USD you can now pick up 24ct gold plated Bold 9900s off of eBay from a company called TW3NTY. [Update: Looks like the image here is a rip off from Amosu Couture ].

And below we have another picture that was recently sent in by our friend Dave from BBThemes. He was REALLY excited for his Bold 9900 to arrive and wanted to treat himself to something special so decided to take the unique approach of getting it coated in Platinum. He did it through (it was the first BB they did). The platinum is pretty similar looking in the photo to stainless steel, but it's definitely platinum. Subtle, but classy (and apparently easier to smudge).

So if money was no object, what would you do you here? Go Gold? Platinum? Bling it up with diamonds? Or keep it simple and leave it stock?!  Let us know in the comments!

Platinum BlackBerry Bold 9900

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BlingBerry: Gold and Platinum BlackBerry Bold 9900s!


If I had all the money in the world? A different battery door! I hate this new one. I understand the science behind it (mostly), but with NFC not really a factor currently, and with signal strength not obviously improved anyway, I would take the old school textured door in a second. Better yet, my wife's Torch 9850 has a sweet metal door. I dream of a full metal BB someday. Now *that* would be sleek.

Am I the only one who really dislikes the fingerprint magnet they have on there out of the box? Sure it looks sleek when clean...but when exactly is that? I prefer the feel of my old 9780 door, too.

Any chance someone might start making after market doors for the 9900/9930?

Otherwise, I doubt I'd go high priced precious metals. A ColorWare personalization might work, though.

...that came across as much more of a rant than I expected. Heh. Suffice it to say, some third party manufacturer will get my money if they design a nice alternate door for the 9900/9930.

South american or african hardwood IPE, ebony, etc. I used to carry my 8900 in a custom wooden box that was custom routered and then lined with velvet it was an olive burl and I got compliments everywhere that people saw it but I upgraded to the 9700 and I wouldn't fit so when I sold my 8900 it went with it.

Bling bling! Ugh lol. I am not sure why one would wanna spend that money on something like that. Just so it looks different lol. I'd rather spend it on a normal 9900 and get something else useful...

I'd go with Damascus steel...its been used in sword making for thousands of years...BUT that's just ME...I collect swords

Carbon fiber. Not like the skins available but literally the case would be CF. That would just scream performance! Great power to weight ratio :)

Thing is, carbon fibre blocks a lot of signals somewhat. So it would scream performance, but really be like an old man whimpering "you wanna go, sonny?"

yea this would go great with one of those 99$ desktop clocks from appworld.....NOT!! i lol evertime i see them come out. its all about mine is bigger than yours!!!!! And it is hilarious!!

Tungsten Carbide. Its strong and hard to scratch. Not to mention cheap, ha. I'd still get it even if money was no object. Then I'd make RIM make me a unique playbook with all the fixins.

Too bad its stainless. If it were aluminum you could remove it and have it anodized in any color you want for a few dollars.

Not a big fan of the platinum look myself. I am more of a case guy so I wouldn't do anything but purchase a whole bunch of cases for my phone like I do now.

Perfect just the way it is. I put black housings on an 8830 and 8330, changed many a white trackball to black.This is the first BB on which I wouldn't change a single thing aesthetically.

I think the platinum would add even more class to this beatiful 99xxx. I would be more worried about voiding my warranty though, because I'm guessing they dismantle the device and dip the steel band in the metal of choice.

I'd go with a bezel black if anything, stailess steel looks awesome to me already. I'd like to see the leather battery door return like the 9000 had, looked really high class to me. Othersize stainless steel and carbon fiber stock out of the box works for me.

Bold 9000 battery door best ever! I still keep a sim in mine tied to an old prepaid number that I need, no BIS but every time I pick it up I'm reminded how much I loved that phone - keyboard, battery door, 2 convenience keys!

I would be remiss, if I didn't mention my normal response on the 9900 series. Gold plating still doesn't fix the lousy fixed focus camera!

Wouldn't bother with platinum because it doesn't really look much different. Most people wouldn't even know.

Hideous idea, especially the gold. Mine looks better with a $4 gel case on it, and it's protected. To each his own, I guess?

Ok the gold look is BEAUTIFUL

I don't do gold. I do Silver, Platinum, White Gold.

But I think if all places that are steel and chrome looking were golded, it would look amazing

that there is exactly why i did platinum, sure it might not stand out the most like gold would, but it goes with the chrome parts of the phone.

having a gold bezel and chrome bands thru the keyboard would drive me crazy lol

While we are changing our phone to be completely different, why not just wrap it in baby seal skin, or panda skin, since we want it to be rare and all
the money spent on this would be as ridiculous as spending money on a phone designed by Porsche, just for the name, I don't think so. waste is waste and functionality doesn't need to be dressed up, there are a lot of good looking people who are useless as heck............
................but that gold one is pretty though :-)

If i was rich and honestly money being no object, I would make the band brushed titanium so if I dropped it it wouldn't ding. Then make the casing out of something that is super durable but not plastic, not sure what. Then I would go to RIM and give them a ton of money to put QNX on it. Then I would upload the OS files to crackberry for everyone to have!